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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

Kate Church

Combining the line and form of sculpture with the playful animation of puppetry has been Kate Church’s primary work for more than twenty years. Kate is a talented artist, designer and figurine maker, who often describes her work as ‘sculptural puppetry’.

Originally from Ontario, Kate studied at Rhode Island School of Art and Design and currently resides in Nova Scotia and Mexico. While working at the renowned Mermaid Theatre in Nova Scotia, a desire to do more than clothe the puppets and puppeteers led her to sculptural puppetry. Kate proudly created figures for Cirque du Soleil that were sold in their stores and shows across the world. Her first creation still sits in her studio, charming her to this day.

I now create a much smaller number of pieces and savour a combination of practice and challenge that engage the tender and emotional place I create from. Along with a depth of experience and a lightness of touch, I am always looking to find something new and, hopefully for my audience, something delightful.


Kate Church

Kate Church


What Kate Does:

I'm a puppet sculptor. On the side, I express my artistic ideas through drawing, sketching and painting. I'm also experimenting with creating ceramic vessels using porcelain and print-making techniques. When time allows, you’ll find me working in a print-making studio! Other than practicing art, I love teaching (art), gardening and enjoying a glass of wine.

Kate's Fluevog encounters:

I was first introduced to 'Vogs by a friend ten years ago. He raved about the comfort of the shoes and their unique design! At that time, he would only wear Fluevogs because they fit him perfectly (he has wider feet)!


Kate Church

Kate Church


On the entering the FluevogCreative contest & inspiration behind her winning ad, ‘Queeny in her Tutu':

A model in my life painting class came in for the final day wearing a t-shirt, tutu, boxer shorts and a pair of yellow Fluevogs. We loved her and her style. Her painting became my first Fluevog shoe-d character and her shoes inspired me to explore Fluevog further. I visited the website, hoping to find other inspirational shoes, and found the FluevogCreative!

I fell in love with the FluevogCreative concept and the Queen Transcendent Victoria. I was enchanted by the boots and the idea of making a piece wearing them... and then it just happened!

The Final result: Queeny poses on an antique shoe last in her tutu, gracefully holding on to her laces.


Kate Church


On the length of time designing her winning creative ad, 'Queeny in her Tutu', took:

I didn't record the time I took to create ‘Queeny in her Tutu’. I worked on it over a period of three to four weeks. I don't usually like to work on one piece constantly; I make sure I spend enough time to observe my work and make appropriate adjustments before I finalize it.

On Dreams and What the Future Holds For Kate:

In my 'free time', I explore art in other mediums and practices. Each day, I live my day to the fullest – I live my dreams everyday as an artist and figurine sculptor with my loved ones by my side.

Keep an eye out in Vice, Applied Arts, and Bust magazines for Kate's winning design in print.

Kate's Blog & Portfolio

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