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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

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Lindsey Sheilds, an illustrator from Chatham Ontario, is the winner of the FC Radio CBC contest with her winning submission "Radio Walk." Lindsey is currently working as a milliner’s assistant at Lilliput Hats in Toronto, learning to make hats the old-school way over wooden blocks.

It is a daily reminder that the old way is always the good way. It is also a great source of inspiration to work with my hands and to learn a new skill. I am lucky enough to work with beautiful materials and beautiful ladies on a daily basis!

Lindsey is currently working on Only in Fields, a line of classic t-shirts and toys (or soft sculptures), each screen-printed by hand. Lindsey will be keeping a blog of inspirations and processes at onlyinfields.blogspot.com as well as posting t-shirt graphics on her website at lindseyshields.com.

I have been Fluevogin’ for 6 years I believe. Although I have admired them from a far since I was a little girl. I remember a store in Chatham carrying a select few pairs which were mostly mary janes and I was so inspired by the detail and images on the soles. It was like nothing I had ever seen. I recently purchased a pair the Earl of Warwick Coventry boots in black last season, and I am sad at the end of the day when I have to remove them.

On finding out about the FluevogCreative contest:

I saw the Juxtapoz advertisement for the contest and as soon as I read it I thought that it was definitely worth a try. I draw so much anyway, why not put some time towards a little bit of exposure and my favorite shoes!

The contest was a great experience. Being an artist can feel lonely at times and while the isolation is nice, I begin the miss response and feedback from others. The support and encouragement from friends and family was really inspiring over the past week. My father was a great campaign leader and often updated me on the status of votes by text while I was at work!

On the inspiration behind his winning submission:

My inspiration for the piece started with the idea of an old radio and sheet music. I had a good time putting the pieces together since we had so much freedom. I would estimate it took me two cups of tea and two albums to put together.

I mostly work through ideas with a collage sensibility. Instead of found images I use my own and then piece them together. I couldn’t resist drawing the Radio CBC shoes in plaid and my love for all things vintage directed me to drawn the old radio. With these elements figured out I began to place them on the sheet music and the radio man came alive!

On winning the contest:

Thanks to everyone for voting, I really appreciate it! For all of you thinking about entering the contest: Do it!

head dress and wall

What the future holds for Lindsey:

I hope to travel and live abroad for a couple years. I am leaving for a month adventure in Mexico in February. I’m not sure where I’ll be exactly, all I know is I’m flying into Mexico City... the rest is a mystery?!

Back home in Ontario, I hope to one day move to the country and have a studio space that I could use as a gallery to support local artists, as well as an art school to further expose children and adolescents to art. Perhaps even open a hostel to help support a community and provide artist retreats.

URL: www.lindseyshields.com

radio walk

The Final results for the Radio CBC Brief as of noon PST on January 25, 2010
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