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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley is a professional comic artist, illustrator, teacher and writer. Living in New York, Lucy makes comics about food, people, and ridiculous true events. Quite a lot of her art is online, and can be seen at www.LucyKnisley.com. Her first book, "French Milk," is a graphic novel about traveling to Paris, and is currently available at your local bookstore. Her new book, "Relish," is about growing up with her chef mother and her subsequent lifelong adoration for all things edible, and is due out in early 2013. Also check out Lucy's honest, whimsical webcomic Stop Paying Attention.

Lucy Knisley

On her first pair of Fluevogs:

I first became a Fluevog follower in 2003, when I was in college at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I lived in Wicker Park, not far from the Chicago Fluevog store, which is this gorgeous space right on Milwaukee Ave. I'd pass it on the way to the train to get to school every morning, and every evening on the way home. As an artist, I've never had the dough to spend much on my shoes, especially while I was in school. But Fluevogs were a special love for me, nonetheless. I remember I obsessed about this one pair of men's shoes with bright blue soles for the longest time. Anyway, I had one pair that I bought secondhand that I wore all through college, and after four years of harsh rocksalt/slushy-Chicago-Winter nonsense, they were finally too pooped to party any longer. I feel proud to have given them a short second life, though! So I guess I've been Fluevogin' for about nine years!


New City Cover by Lucy Knisley


On entering the FluevogCreative contest:

As a freelancer, comic-artist/author and teacher, my budget for fun-spending is pretty tiny. As I said, I'd had a lot of freelance work during the weeks leading up to my trying my hand at the Medjugorje ad, and I felt cranky that all my hard would would just go into paying rent this month. I was looking longingly through the Fluevog website at shoes that I wished I could buy myself as a reward for my diligent work, when I stumbled upon the Creative contest, and thought, "Wouldn't it be amazing to make an ad and HAVE to spend my earnings on shoes!?" It's pretty amazing.


Lucy Knisley


On how long it took for Lucy to design her winning creative:

A saturday afternoon! I'd been slogging through a lot of freelance that week, so I felt like doing something fun and pretty. I probably should have taken some time away from the drawing board, but I'm so glad I decided to draw this cute jump-- I was pleased with the result, and I'm thrilled with the win!

Lucy Knisley


On the inspiration behind her winning ad The Miracle Jump:

The inspiration behind "The Miracle Jump" came about when I was reading about the Fluevog 40th Anniversary. I thought that idea leant itself either to a 1970s image tribute, or a 1940s one, to ring in the 40th year.

The Miracle Medjugorjes are such gorgeous, classic heels, with this badass flair. I thought they made a perfect shoe for a modern take on an old 40s pinup. I imagined what sort of miracle could be performed while being rad and also looking swell in these kickers, and I thought about a flamey bike jump on an old yellow cruiser (if you've ever tried to lift one of those onto an elevated train platform, you'll know how much of a miracle it is that it would make a hoop jump!). The colors were inspired by the lovely pop pastel colors of the heels, and the "those who shy away" line just seemed to go perfectly.


Miracle Jump by Lucy Knisley


About Lucy's workspace and growing Vog Collection:

I live (and work) in such a tiny apartment in New York, that I don't have much room for shoes. So I keep some of my shoes in the fireplace, and some in a shelf above my bed, and some on top of my fridge. I am so looking forward to finding more room for new Fluevogs!


Hourly Comic by Lucy Knisley

click to view the entire comic strip


On what the dreams and future hold for Lucy Knisley:

I live on a beautiful, tree-lined street in a great city with my fat orange cat, in a little apartment full of art and pens and plants and cookies. I make comics and art every day, find cheap places to eat, get crushes, discover coincidences, drink wine with friends, drink tea with Mom, drink beer with Dad, and sometimes I win fun contests! It's pretty dreamy already, so I can only hope for more.

Keep an eye out in Vice, Juxtapoz, UTNE and Wax Poetic magazines for Lucy's winning design in print.



Hourly Comic by Lucy Knisley

Results for Medugorje Brief
The Final results for the Medugorje Brief as of noon PST on February 1, 2012

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