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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

Molly Grundy

Molly Grundy

Molly Grundy is an award winning costume designer, fibre artist and illustrator who graduated from OCAD with a bachelor of Fine Art. Always a prolific and energetic artist, Molly strives to push her materials to their limits while constantly building on her ninja skill set. Working in everything from film and television to fashion styling, puppet building and teaching, Molly approaches every task with a sense of humour and love of bold colour. Her work has been featured in numerous shows, commercials and most recently the with Canadian Opera Company and the MuchMusic Video Awards. Molly is over the moon with her recent Fluevog victory and anticipates another action packed year of stupendous sewing...



Nonas 3' x 2' 2010. (Cotton, Wool, Velour, Sheepskin, Spandex, Leather, Vinyl and Buttons)

What exactly does Molly do?

What don't I do?! I'm a costume designer, art director, stylist, illustrator, fibre artist, prop builder, art teacher and karaoke queen! Life is short - get busy!


The Throw Down

The Throw Down 3' x 3' 2011. (Faux Fur, Leather, Vinyl and Cotton)

Milano Man

Milano Man 5' x 3' 2010. (Velvet, Cotton, Linen, Taffeta, Leather and Vinyl)

On her first pair of Fluevogs:

My first pair were actually Fox and Fluevog. I found them five years ago in a little vintage shop in London England. They were a sort of 'Anne of Green Gables' lace up boot with a big chunky heal. LOVE AT FIRST VOG BABY!



COC Cinderella Outfit Challenge - The Last Waltz 2011. ( Cotton, Leather, Wood and Fabric Paint)

Hand Puppet

Fabric Mural 30' x 5' 2009. ( Velvet, Linen, Corduroy, Cotton, Wool)

On entering the FluevogCreative contest:

My best friend sent me the link and I jumped on it. Fluevog and Grundy together at last.....it just felt right. I suppose picturing the glorious shopping spree that would follow helped a bit too.


Milano Man

Monster Martian 2011. (Paper Mache, Black Light Paint)

Mouth Prop

Big Mouth 2011. ( Paper Mache, Black Light Paint)


Tree Bangles

Tree Trunk Bangles 2009. (Found Wood, Acrylic Paint, Varnish)



Toshiba made an awesome commercial featuring Molly's many skills:


On the inspiration behind her winning ad Steady As She Goes:

It wasn't hard getting inspired by these sleek little numbers! They immediately reminded me of old cruise line and travel posters from the forties and fifties. It took me the entire length of a wuthering heights audio book to complete the creative.


Steady As She Goes


On what the dreams and future hold for Molly Grundy:

Continuing my lifelong love affair with the colour wheel and insatiable thirst for bold pattern, I want to take my new boots on a world tour....perhaps this time I'll travel by boat. THANK YOU PORTSIDE AND A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED!

Keep an eye out in Bust, Juxtapoz, UTNE, Vice, and Wax Poetic magazines for Molly's winning design in print.

mollyfashiondolly.wordpress.com (costume)

gogogrundy.wordpress.com (illustration)

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