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Welcome to FluevogCreative - we're happy to see you (especially you). This is where you can change the future of advertising for the better, one Fluevog Ad at a time. If you're graphically inclined, click on a brief, download the toolkit for that brief and get started creating your stunning Fluevog Ad that will tell the world about your favourite shoe company. If your ad wins, you will receive a gift certificate for $1000 to John Fluevog Shoes, you will have a personal bio on FluevogCreative, and your artwork, name and URL will be put in front of thousands and thousands of people via a selection of superior magazines.

If you're simply a wonderful person with Fluevoging tendencies, browse through the Gallery of submissions and let us know what you like. Once the finalists are chosen for each brief, you can go to the Voting Booths and vote for your favourite. When the votes are in, the winning ad will be printed around the globe, and you will have been a part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.


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