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Babycake (Black)
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Babycake (Black)
Babycake (Black)
$425 USD
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Minis | Babycake [Black]
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The Babycake boots feature luscious Aniline leathers in smooth and embossed finishes, decorative buttons, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" Mini hourglass heel for ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Named in honour of our baker friend Babycake who makes the most delicious cupcakes in Canada. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (11"), Size 8-9 (12") and Size 10-11 (13")
Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Babycakes are an excellent, wide fitting boot with a fairly standard fitting calf and length. A fantastic boot for all kinds of feet!

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Posted by Stephanie from Toronto:
I just treated myself to these boots as a birthday present. They are gorgeous! The leather is incredibly soft and supple, and the boots feel fantastic on my feet. It is possible to be in love with a pair of boots? Because seriously, I'm just ga-ga over these.
Posted by Bootchick from Washington, DC:
These shoes are absolutely amazing. I've done walking tours of more than one city in them, and never ended up footsore. I'd rather wear them for a long walk than any pair of flats I've owned. People compliment them all the time, *and* they're holding up brilliantly after more than two years of near-constant wear (which I didn't expect, given how wonderfully soft the leather is). I was also delighted at the calf sizing-- most zip-side boots are way too large for my legs, but these are great.
Posted by kate from montreal:
dangerously beautiful

i got these as a present for myself when they originally came out, in the green/ grey combo (sadly no longer available). i was walking down ste-catherine street and a woman i passed was so distracted looking at them that she walked into a lamp post. is there any higher compliment for footwear?
Posted by Autumn from San Francisco:
My sweet babycakes

I only have these boots because my friend bought them for herself, hoping that the 6 would be small enough for her...lucky for me it wasn't, so I bought them from her. I thought I'd wear them occasionally, but in fact I've been wearing them almost nonstop - even in New York City in the winter! The grippy sole makes them feel good on ice and the thickness of the sole makes them super comfortable and quiet. if only they came in size 5, my friend would be happy too.
Posted by Sheena B. from Brooklyn & Ireland, don't ask!:
Classic Stars of The Show!

These boots are true beauties! Extremely comfortable with a classic look that never goes out of style! The soles are built just like my Mini Sugar's (which I've had for years)- overlaid in rubber to make them sturdy, comfy & quiet. These boots are compliment grabbers. I'm in LOVE!!!! I lusted over these for a year & now they're mine. Just buy them already. :-)
Posted by Kathy from Wyoming:

For a gal from Wyoming-I bought these in Haight Ashbury and from the moment I put these babies on I knew I HAD to have them - everyone is pea green with envy when they see me in these!!! I LOVE LOVE them!!!!
Posted by Amanda Couturier from Vancouver BC:
These are the best shoes ever!!!

]:o) Wow when I first saw these boots I knew that I had to have them. I have never seen any shoes anywhere like these ones. I get comments on them from other Fluvogers all the time. These boots are truely timeless and best of all they are soooo comfortable. For me they were comfortable from the start. What great shoes. These are the greatest boots ever.
Posted by Rebecca from Winnipeg:
The best boots!

These boots were my first pair of fluevogs and I loved them so much that I continued to buy 8 more pairs. I never wear them out without getting at least one compliment,which can make my whole day!
Posted by Cat from Los Angeles:
Just darling

I love these boots, they are indeed quite comfy. I wear them a lot with costumes and for clubbing, but occasionally I do wear them to work, like right now!) The calf was orginally too narrow (I couldn't even zip them up), but after the gentle reassurances of the fluevog store clerk I had it stretched about 2" and they fit great!
Posted by shelley from burlington ontario canada:
my babycakes

be still my heart----the comfort, style and pleasure i receive daily whilst wearing my babycakes! oh, and the compliments too!! from boring old suburbia to the streets of london england, people stop me in my beautiful fluevoged step to inquire about my beloved boots...they are my first fluevogs but they won't be my last!!!! @>-

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