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Lover (Black)
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Lover (Black)
Lover (Black)
$315 USD
Minis | Lover [Black]
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You're going to fall in love with this 13 eyelet mid-calf heel. Not only does it have an open lacing system that will tie you up tight like a corset and show a bit of skin, it also has an inside zipper so you don't really need to use the laces once you've found your fit. Perched on the Mini heel and rubber F-sole, this is a high heel designed for the woman who doesn't wear heels. Solidly constructed with beautiful leather uppers and linings with contrasting piping and a crown peaked top line makes this lover sexy, stable and timeless. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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Posted by Gwen from Ireland:
I'm smitten

I accidently discovered Fluevog on a holiday in New York a few years ago. I was so excited to find such comfortable shoes and funky too. I'm hooked ever since. I always need a half size bigger in Fluevogs than other brands. :- My latest purchase - mini lovers... i love 'em!!
Posted by Jenaveve from Fresno, Ca:
Unique boot! Fit is a little tricky!

I am a dyed in the wool Voger, but when I ordered these boots I was told I needed to go up a half size. The truth is- these boots run VERY short in the toe, so if you have long toes you'll need to go up an entire size. I unfortunately need to send mine back. Soooo sad....
Posted by MO Perce from Austin, TX:
These boots are incredibly hot on. They are made from supple, form-fitting leather and have excellent squishy heels. I can wear them for hours and hours and my feet never hurt!
Posted by Lily from Ontario:
It's impossible to explain how much I love these shoes. I've only bought 1 (maybe 2?) pair of Vogs since just because I keep on wearing these. All the time, to all kinds of occasions, with all kinda of outfits and they always work. From thick socks in the fall to putting them with cute pink skirts in the summer they always work. They also always attract compliments which makes up for the lack of new Vogs, the lack of which is bordering on the ridiculous at this point.
Posted by Monica from Los Angeles:
I own these and another pair of Mini boots. They are teriffic shoes. I would suggest buying them a half size larger than usual.
Posted by Sara Zimmerman from Philadelphia:
Love Love Love Fluevog

I can't get enough of Fluevog - got these shoes in black years ago - and just snapped them up in sage. They are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn. No matter which pair of Vogs I wear, I end up having to explain where I got them.
Posted by brenda english from nanaimo bc:
I'm a vog-virgin no longer!!!

...these boots freakin' rock!!!! I have wanted a pair of Fluevogs' for years and finally I got 'em! Service was terrific, delivery was fast, came with 2 congratulations cards from staff (cool touch), they fit great and get more comfortable with each wearing. I'm now totally hooked and can hardly wait to visit the Vancouver store. Thanks soooo much you guys for looking after me as well as you did. Great experience all 'round. I love them!!! bren
Posted by rhonda from kelowna:

My first pair of Fluevogs, I was a Fluevog virgin. Amazing boots, mine are red. I have my eye on another pair but I'm limiting myself to one pair per paycheque!
Posted by Stephanie from San Francisco:
my first pair...

these were the first fluevogs i purchased...and now i own 14 pairs. i am not kidding. when i finally met jf in the flesh last year, i started listing off to him all of my different pairs...he told me i had a problem. :-D bottom line is, i bought these because i thought they were cool looking, and it started a love affair with unique, comfortable, AWESOME shoes. buy them. any of them. you won't be disappointed.
Posted by CJ from Toronto:
First Fluevogs, but will not be the last

Since I was a university student in Vancouver hearing everyone talk about Fluevogs amazing shoes, I wanted to own a pair. But I was broke at the time and couldn't imagine paying what it cost to own any pair. This Christmas my sister-in-law lured me into the shop in Vancouver and I was immediately sold on these beautiful sage boots...I've been wearing them in Toronto and getting amazing compliments, and they are SO comfortable, that I can't wait to own more JFs!!! So thank you for starting a new addiction!

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