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Semelle Angel originale (Noir)
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Semelle Angel originale (Noir)
Semelle Angel originale (Noir)
$20 USD

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Pièce de Remplacement | Semelle Angel originale [Noir]
GROUPES:   Botte   Chaussure   Unisexe  

La semelle originale angélique est une semelle 100% naturelle fabriquée en latex de hévéa. Apportez vos semelles chez votre cordonnier avec vos Angels à ressemeler et demandez-leur de coller les semelles. Les coûts varient, mais devraient varier de 60$ USD à 75$ CAD. Pas si mal pour une nouvelle semelle qui ajoutera de la longévité à vos chaussures. Oui, on vous en donne une paire (droite et gauche)! Les semelles viennent un peu plus large et seront fraisées par votre cordonnier.

Si votre pointure n'est pas disponible, veuillez jeter un coup d'oeil à la nouvelle semelle de remplacement 7th Heaven qui est aussi compatible avec vos chaussures initilament dotées de la semelle Angel originale. Ces semelles sont vendues à l'ensemble - ce qui comprend les semelles et les talons agencés.

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Posted by Joey Carroll from Boston MA:
15 years and still my favorite boots!!

I have had my Angels for about 15 years now and I am still getting compliments on their unique style. Just yesterday I had someone comment on my beautiful wingtip boots. As a working comedian I have had the pleasure of wearing these while entertaining crowds around the world from Afghanistan to Iraq to Ireland to over 20 other countries as well. They are versatile enough to wear in a combat zone or a convent and I've worn them in both. They are the boots to take when I can only take one pair. These are the most comfortable of any footwear I have ever worn with an unmistakable stage presence to boot. I have also worn these to ride my motorcycles over the years. I have had 5 motorcycles over the last 15 years but only one pair of Angels. Thanks for making me and my feet so happy. I'm finally getting new soles now and I'll order 2 pair because I'll have these boots for at least another 15 years and I want to make sure I have a spare set of soles ready to go.
Posted by Rosco from Nanaimo, B.C:
Resilient Soles

I bought a pair of Angel shoes for my first "real" job interview in 1997 and I still wear them to this day and they are in great shape : ). Now that I have found this sight I am going to spread the word and refer others to it so they too can walk in comfort and style @>- Thank you for making heavenly shoes with resilient soles : )!
Posted by ColeRodger from Oxford, N.C.:
Best boots ever!

After 12 years of extensive use my soles are worn down. The leather on the boots is still going strong. I've ordered new soles to add more years to these boots. If I had to pick one pair of shoes to wear only, these would be it. I spent 3 weeks in NY this past winter in them and walked all over the city through rain, snow and sun and my feet never hurt. I highly recommend the Fluevog Angel derby swirl boot.
Posted by mike from carrboro,nc:
14 yrs!!

I've had my angel boots for 14 yrs,and I just now need replacement soles.Amazing!!

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