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Zaza (Noir & Beige)
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Zaza (Noir & Beige)
Zaza (Noir & Beige)
$285 USD
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Minis | Zaza [Noir & Beige]

C'est dans le cadre du programme Chaussure Source Libre de John que Samantha Zaza, originaire de San Francisco, a conçu cette nouveauté. (Quoi? Vous ne connaissez pas ce programme, mais cliquez sur la source libre Fluevog). Dotée du classique Fluevog qu'est maintenant le talon Mini, cette chaussure fait un clin d'oeil aux guêtres avec ses trois petits boutons attaché par des élastiques qui s'ajusteront à tous les pieds. Le concept de Samantha a attiré l'attention de John qui a décidé d'en faire un design « choisi » du programme CSL. Nous espérons que vous serez aussi enthousiaste que John. ( Pour en savoir plus sur Samantha et sa chaussure Zaza.) Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy from our Boston store says:
The fit of the Zaza is on the long side. The strap is not adjustable, so the fit might be loose if you have a low instep or a very narrow foot. Many go down half a size in this style.

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Posted by Katie from New Mexico:

Zazing for the Zaza! Even cuter in person and fits like a soft, fashionable, super cute glove. I have a wide foot and these fit perfectly. I wear a 9.5 in the Caravaggio and a 10 in the Queen Transcendent Elizabeth (and that was still a bit snug but worth it!) and these fit PERFECTLY in a 9.5 thanks to Monkia's amazing help at the Haight St. store. I want to sleep in these shoes. Get them. Wear them. Love them. Legally adopt them.
Posted by Tawna from Calgary:

I bought these a couple years ago and reviewed them here saying they fit wide but added an insole to take up space. The insole kinda helped but I still found they were sloppy on my feet. Acting on the advice of the fantastic staff at Calgary Fluevog I sent them to the cobbler to have the strap shortened. One week later and 1/2 an inch lost from the strap they fit me like a glove! I live in them now. love!
Posted by Speck:
Most beautiful shoes I own

I love red, red shoes, and funky footwear, but I have a medical condition that swells one foot, so it's very hard to find shoes that fit. The Zazas in red/pink are great - I'm usually a 7 wide and the 7s are perfect. The shoes look fabulous while the paler colour pink on top blends into my legs - meaning people are less likely to notice my swollen ankle. The grippy sole means I walk with confidence in high heels no matter the terrain. I have received such compliments on these shoes - very pleased and so happy to recommend fluevogs to others.
Posted by Dkk:
Tanya at the Calgary store is completely amazing. She has helped size over the phone and when I visited the Calgary store she remembered our conversations and I ended up buying two pairs! Zaza are amazing in the purple orange and fit wonderfully.. I went regular size as I have wide flat feet! I will be back for more shoes!
Posted by Tracy from Salem, OR:
Can I have these in every colorway please?

These are the best minis I own! So comfortable, and the greatest colors. I have these in the brown and lime combo, but would love them in any and all combo. I can wear these all day and my feet don't hate me.
Posted by Klara from Portugal:
My first pair of very unique Zazas!!!!! As I do not like green color I was bit bumped when green & purple combination was released. Then I found out that our favorite distributor/seller of Fluevog in Europe (Poland) Raspberry Heels (www.raspberryheels.com) had the colors inverted (how cool is that!!!) and I happened to love purple. As usually, advice and the assistance of EU seller was excellent. As most of the online buyers I get information about sizing from other reviewers so here it is. I am EU 36.5 and I use CBC Radios in 6.5 and the Hopes and Prepares in size 7 (typically with cotton sock). I have medium wide foot with higher instep. I got Zazas in size 6 and they are just perfect. I am not comfortable on heels but these shoes are so well constructed and I can easily wear them all day. Plus they are so lovely.
Posted by jen from United States:
Adorable and Sassy!

Once again, thank you Pete out of Boston for advising me to go 1/2 size down. He arranged for the last red/pink pair in my size to ship from the new store in Denver. I just received them today and they fit perfectly. I'm an 8 in vogs, so i got a 7 1/2. They are utterly adorable, comfortable, and easy to walk in. I'm wearing them tomorrow to work!
Posted by Megan from Vancouver:
I just got these in the mail after finding them on sale on the website. I was looking for the perfect pair of lime green and purple shoes to wear to a wedding. Victory! I went down to a 6.5 based on comments on the website and my own fit experience with Fluevogs and they fit perfectly.
Posted by Stacey:

I love, love, love these shoes! Stylish and surprisingly comfortable. I get so many compliments when I wear them. Fab shoes!
Posted by Tahnya from Thursday Island, Australia:
I'm still in love

OK - so I bought the Munsters first, really wanted these as well, but waited patiently for my first purchase to arrive so I knew whether I picked the correct size - which I did by following your fit suggestions and also by reading the reviews - which is why I'm leaving this one. I went down half a size as suggested for the purple/green Mini Zazas and they fit beautifully. Again I enjoyed the witty emails advising of their arrival - which I have to say was way earlier than I expected living in a remote location. They are simply stunning, as are the Munsters - I feel like an art gallery every time I put them on - they really are just works of art for your feet. The only problem is every time I go online I see more that I fall in love with - I think I've become a Flueholic. Thanks to all the wonderful sales people for both of my purchases x

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