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Divine (Black)
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Divine (Black)
Divine (Black)
Divine (Black)
Divine (Black)
$329 USD
Reg $469
Hopefuls | Divine [Black]
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If angels wore boots, they would wear Divines (we asked them). This Hopeful addition creates a heavenly combination of the soft, matte leather of The Prepare Family, the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family, and rubber soles of The Hope Family, with YKK inside zippers and a natural foot shape. These knee-high boots, with a split detail at the top line, will wrap your calves in seraphic comfort and make you exclaim, "holy..... these boots are divine". F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

Catherine and Carrie from our Washington DC store says:
The Divine has a great heel height and allows a nice fit and wear for a wide range of people!

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Posted by Erica:

Okay, so I ordered these online taking the advice of a few others here in the reviews. I ordered 1/2 size up and... perfacto! Beautiful fit. My only cautions are: they are narrow in the calf and the leather is very 'soft'. I LOVE THIS BOOT, but after feeling the leather... it is definitely a fair weather boot. The leather is very soft, easily marked and if you rub it the direction of the grain changes and you can see it. The leather doesn't seem to be suede or new buck just 'soft'. Bottom line... I have no regrets about the boot and it fits amazingly. FANTASTICO!
Posted by Koren Marrufo from United States:
Great boot but not for fat calves

This boot was amazing. I wanted to make it work very badly, however, my calves are fat. My calves are 14.5" at the widest part and there was no way i was going to get this zipper up. I realize I could take them somewhere to have them stretched, but there is no guarantee on that. They fit like my other hope/hopefuls, which was 1/2 small, so my normal 6.5 became a 7. Sadly, since I like cookies and my calves aren't getting skinny anytime soon.. these had to go back
Posted by Joey Josephine from Vancouver, BC:
Team: Love These Boots!!!!!

Wow! These boots are DIVINE. I'm so grateful to my husband for buying the perfect birthday gift, as well, I'm grateful to the Fluevog community, without their input I would've got the wrong size. I ordered size 7.5 or half a size bigger (I wear 7 in the Volunteers and 6.5 in Jolies). They fit perfect and are so comfortable for everyday use. I love the rustic look of them and can't wait to work them in a bit. I was very nervous making my first online Fluevog purchase, not worried about sizing but with the nature of camel nubuck leather I was concerned the boots might be a little over-handled. Not at all, Montreal store sent a perfect pair! Thrilled with the results, would not hesitate to order online again. Thanks Montreal! As for my boots, I solemnly swear to follow "Lizzy's Rules" (see comment below) I sprayed them with protector and keep them in the box and vow to wear my shitty boots in shitty weather. The boots aren't exactly snug on my calf and I have a hard time believing that they would slouch like a sock, when I wear them either with jeans, bare legs or tights, they stay put. Hashtag. Best. Boots. Ever.
Posted by Brandi from Cleveland OH:

These are the most wonderful, fantastic boots I have ever owned! I wish I would have bought 2 pairs since they are now sold out in my size, you will NOT be dissapointed.
Posted by Lizzy from Minneapolis:
I have 6 pairs of Fluevog boots...this is my favorite

I bought this boot in camel a half size larger and they fit perfect. I normally can't walk in heels, but the heel is a nice low height with rubber soles on the bottom so they are still a bit dressy but easy to walk in. I keep them in the box with rolled up plastic inside as forms to keep the upper boot shape, the leather is as soft as a baby's butt so they really should be taken care of to stay looking nice. I have waterproofed them only in case I get stuck in the rain, I would never take a camel colored suede boot deliberately out in bad weather, that is owning camel colored suede boots rule number 1. If you want to go slop around out in bad weather, wear shitty boots. All in all one of the most fantastic boots ever!!
Posted by Marcia Harris:
Love these boots- comfy and stylish !!

I have worn these boots about 4-5 times so far and have not experienced the problems of the two ladies with the above review, mine haven't stretched out like that, scuffed a little but that's normal with wear, I'm sure there is a brush out there to polish up this kind if boot, any suggestions anyone?
Posted by Kristen:
Love Fluevog, hate these boots

When I first saw these boots online, I knew I had to stop by the store and try them on. They were perfect ... hip yet not over the top; comfortable enough to wear for an all day jaunt around the city; dressy yet casual. And they fit my skinny calves! After a couple of wears, the leather looks scuffed and old. The leather has stretched and the boot has become a "slouch" boot of sorts. I have a pair of the Fluevog Shannon boots purchased 11 years ago and they are still going strong. These, on the other hand, are dead to me. Too bad. Such a waster of money.
Posted by Magali from Washington, DC:
Most disappointing fleuvogs ever :-(

With a closet full of fleuvogs, I was looking forward to my first pair of boots. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this boot. 1. Material is last mix of suede leather, asked how it would hold up in inclement weather was told fine. Well, no bad weather yet but just in a few wears, it already looks scuffed and shows no sign of being able to weather winter weather. Have only worn them in dry conditions but material doesn't seem to look like it's going to last. 2. The calf area was tight and I was told it would stretch. It has now begun to slop on my elf and have to pull up the boots like a pair of bad socks that keeps slipping. 3. Probably due to the slipping, the zipper area material has started to pill, possibly from contact? Needless to say I love love love my fleuvogs (all 7 of them!) but hate hate hate this boot.
Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Fabulously made!

Bought these in Camel. My regular fluevog size 6.5 felt too snug, so I went half size larger - I got a 7 which feels right and I imagine it would fit better with warmer socks during the colder months. I'm 5'1" and nvr thought I could wear knee high boots - these are just perfect!! The leather is beautiful, soft and has a rustic feel... slight variation in colour but that's a natural thing. Heads turning and feel like a million bucks! Thanks to generous hubby :)
Posted by Judi from San Francisco:
Lovely Boot

Georgina and Ramona at the SF Union Square store were ever so patient, kind and accommodating while I tried on this amazing boot in every neighboring size as well 2- 3 similar styles. This boot is soooo comfortable and attractive. It is a tall boot and will work with skirts and pants. Size was true--I am typically and 8.5 and purchased and 8.5 boot. Very glad I was able to go into the store and try the boots on. Zips up easily with plenty of room in the calf (I have medium sized calves and a more wide than narrow foot).
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