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CBC: Mens (Black Leather)
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CBC: Mens (Black Leather)
CBC: Mens (Black Leather)
$215 USD
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Radios | CBC: Mens [Black Leather]
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True to his Canadian roots, John broadcasts the first style in the updated Radio family. Featuring colorways of aged Atlas leathers or burnished suedes, an upturned toe, a wider footbed built on a Men's last, and a tunite heel & sole, the CBC is the new feelgood hit of the summer. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

From the fit experts:

Roland from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The CBC fits well. The leather soften up in all the right places pretty quickly.

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Posted by sean from United States:
Old fashioned meets fashion-forward

Got a pair of these in the tan suede. I love the worn look of the suede, and the cut is so unique. We were on a family vacation in Whistler and had to visit the Gastown store, as Fluevogs are my wife's and my favorite shoes....we left with a couple bags! :-) Love this pair!
Posted by Harsh:
Purchased a pair of the brown Radio CBC's from the Queen St. location in Toronto. Best shoes I've ever worn!! A big 'thank you' to the staff who were very very helpful!
Posted by yolanda from australia:

I have a broad foot withb a high instep so it was recommended I get the male pair. They fit perfectly and are very comfy. I use them to dance to elvis!
Posted by Jeffery from Chicago:
my camo winners!

I got these as a updated fashion basic to black shoes. the camouflage looks amazing and constantly gets constant double takes from people. their amazingly comfortable. the suede is luxurious. great first pair of cbcs. more I'm getting the red& the bbc boot
Posted by Douglas from Newfoundland, Canada:

I was given a pair of CBC Radios in Brown as a gift, little did I know it was the gift that keeps on giving! I don't go a day without receiving compliments on them (the teal laces don't hurt) and/or people wearing their own vogs nodding in approval as they pass by. Initally the 12 and 1/2 was too big but the exchange process was pleasant and painless! I was treated like a rockstar by the staff and I'm greeted like one by people on the street. And for those wondering about stretch for wider feet, I take an E width and after 2 days of wearing the shoes around the house they fit like gloves. I wear them daily to work and anytime I don't wear shorts. I rock them with blazer/dress shirts, casually with jeans, a cap and a plaid, or the sensible semi-casual for work and I get the same results every time: compliments (and questions on where to get a pair)! This is my first pair but certainly won't be the last. Thanks!!! Douglas
Posted by Bill Hudgins from St. Louis, MO:
Great Shoes, but weak soles

These shoes look great, but the soles wear out too fast for the cost. I ordered them online and after the original had to be exchanged due to bad stitching on the inside, fluevog made it right. After walking in the shoes for two weeks the soles had all but fallen apart. I stopped in the Soho, NY store and they suggested that I go to a cobbler and have them put vibram soles on the shoes. Seems like a bad idea after only owning the shoes for a few months at that point. any other ideas?
Posted by Bad Monkey from seattle:
I have four pair of radios, CBC's in black and also in purple. The leather used on the black pair is terrific, the only care needed is a little mink paste rubbed into the uppers once in a while. after a year, they still look brand new. The purple are not quite as easy to maintain, but still, a little time with a brush is nothing to cry about. Like all radio's, the fit is perfect for me; I have dead on "normal" size 9 paws without any problems. Radios fit like they were made for me. Unfortunately, the uppers on all four pair of radios I have have, or have begun, to separate from the soles. This makes me very sad. I expect to replace the rubber soles at least once a year, I am disappointed that I have two pair returned already (bought 'em this summer) to have the uppers re-glued. When those are ready to pick up I'll have to have the other two pair repaired as well; I just can't be without all four at once. I'm spoiled that way, what can I say? Going to have to hold back on any more radios or other glued up soles for now. (-(
Posted by Carl from Waukesha,Wisconsin:

I was browsing online and saw this these shoes on a new website for shoes to have for fall. I knew right away I needed them. I had to order my size out of Seattle, a tad too big due to no half sizes, but still fit well enough. I love these shoes. I have several pair of cole haans, a pair of to boot new yorks, and john vs. These are by far my favorite shoes I own. Ive spent 1500 on shoes in the last year, and these are by far my favorite. I have them in purple, I wear them to work or going out. Fluevog is who im going to look to the next time I want a fun pair of comfortable shoes.
Posted by Jay from Saskatoon:
More gorgeous than I'd realized

I have the green pair, and I thought they were beautiful from the moment I put them on. It was months later, though, when I finally understood just how gorgeous they are. I was walking across Saskatoon's Broadway Bridge on a summer Saturday, admiring the classically stylish cut of the shoes on a guy walking ahead of me. It took me a few minutes to realize they were CBC's. I'd had no idea MY shoes looked that good, but they do. (I didn't say anything to the guy on the bridge. We're Canadian and very reserved.)
Posted by Andrew from Toronto:

Like slippers - stylish, modern, unique (especially the green)and an amazing fit. Perfect shoe :)

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