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Michael: Womens (Black with Dots)
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Michael: Womens (Black with Dots)
Michael: Womens (Black with Dots)
Michael: Womens (Black with Dots)
Michael: Womens (Black with Dots)
$99 USD
Reg $229
7th Heaven | Michael: Womens [Black with Dots]
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Almost 25 years ago John launched the first Angel-soled Fluevogs into the world! Since then Angels have been part of various social and fashion movements, and are often referred to as the most comfortable soles on the planet. The 7th Heaven Angel Soles add rubber to the mix, but you still get that amazing comfort that you're used to and they're still resoleable. To celebrate the new 7th Heaven Angel Soles, John has produced a small run of the classic wing tip Michael Shoes complete with leather lining and padded foot socks, in amazing non-classic colourways. Made in Europe, these 7th Heaven Michaels still "resist alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan" and fit comfortably between everyday and all night.

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From the fit experts:

Victor from our Vancouver (Granville) store says:
True to size, and so comfortable!

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Posted by Nurse Ratched:
These run small! I ordered these online in my usual size and couldn't even squeeze my feet into them. I felt like one of Cinderella's stepsisters. Was able to drive to the local Fluevog store (oh, why did I not do this in the first place?!) and found a pair a half size larger and was told that I should expect them to stretch. Well - they did stretch, but it *did* take a good couple months to get these puppies to the sweet spot of perfect fitness - which they now are. Wore them with socks dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then used a good-old shoe stretcher for a few days - that did the trick. NOW, I can finally say I LOVE THESE SHOES. But I did have a moment of doubt when the leather was slooooooooowly stretching out. Great shoes. I have to wear white shoes for work. No one else has these white shoes. This makes me feel special.
Posted by Pam from Dundas,Ontario:
I knew I was odd

I ordered Michaels, however I have to return as I found shoes too small. I was not going to allow these babies get away so I reordered a Half size larger and they fit..I will have some breaking in time but they are adorable!
Posted by Tammy from PG:
So stinking pretty......

I LOVE the look of these online and even more in person. My only issue is the leather is so hard compared to my other 2 pairs of angels. I will still work them in to my feet but just a heads up if your expecting to just slip in to them and glide away. The size is a true fit however.
Posted by Laura from Atlanta:
Awesome shoes

I was in Chicago for work and of course I was going to stop by Fluevog! These fit great - there was a little breaking in period on the heels, but now that I'm past that, I wear these a lot - and get lots of compliments on them! I agree with an above comment - more colors please!
Posted by Carla from Mission Viejo, CA:
Anxiously waiting

I love-love-love me some Fluevogs! I ordered these in the Black/White polka dot along with 2 other pairs of Fleuvogs. These will be my 6th, 7th, and 8th pair if all goes well! I never imagined I would spend this much money on ONE pair of shoes, let alone 8! The comfort and unique styles are what keep me coming back for more. I left it up my San Fran store to send the right size based on my previous purchases, so crossing my fingers and toes. I should receive this order tomorrow, so will post an update then.
Posted by Pat from Madison, Wis.:
I love my white shoes!

Just got my white Michaels in the mail and they are on my feet today. Very comfortable, and I love, love, love the chunky white sole. My feet are happy. I'd love to see these in more colors -- pink, baby blue, purple -- or the neat acid swirl that's available in the high-top Angels.

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