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Caravaggio (Black)
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Caravaggio (Black)
Caravaggio (Black)
Caravaggio (Black)
Caravaggio (Black)
$159 USD
Reg $289
Baroques | Caravaggio [Black]
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The Caravaggio is a heel as lavish as the Italian Baroque painter it was named after. He was famous not just for his dramatic work and use of chiaroscuro lighting, but also for his tumultuous life that included jail, murder, and exile. True to his art, Caravaggio was vulgar, sacrilegious, and always looking for a decent fight - ultimately leading to a murder charge and death warrant on his head by the Pope. Now that is drama. The Caravaggio you see here is built on an exquisite Louis the 14th hexagonal 3" heel with luscious satin bows threaded into the t-strap, and two adjustable buckled straps. This extravagant heel will be your palette on which to merge your dramatic artistic lifestyle. There's no fashion like old fashion. There's no fashion like old fashion.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The Caravaggio runs a bit long and has a generous room around its width.

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Posted by Kristyn from Boston:
Gorgeous, yet comfortable

I could wax poetically about how gorgeous these are. Between the heels, the bow, that burgundy color... what is not to love? I could mention how many compliments I have received since putting them on this morning - three before I got to my desk. But, what I really want to mention/thank you for is the comfort. I was nervous about these due to my wide feet. Once I slipped them on, my worries erased. They fit like a dream and I could walk around in them all day and forget I was wearing shoes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such a gorgeous and comfortable shoe!!! @>-
Posted by Kweli Walker from Long Beach, CA:
Dear John, Thank you for two pair of the finest, most well-fitted, and beautiful shoes I have ever owned. I'm sure I could have paid more for a shoe, but it wouldn't have been a better shoe. I'm grateful for my health, my job, my home, my car, and my family and friends are my LOTTO. I am grateful for my shoes and that you exist to design them. A hug and a kiss for you and those who work for you, Kweli Walker
Posted by Kimiko from Beverly Hills:
Baby Fluevogger

I purchased a pair of Baroque Caravaggios in burgundy. The best compliment I received so far (and I received many) was when a guest (I work for a hotel) flagged me down and immediately pointed to my shoes and said in Japanese, "Your shoes are so cute!" - and he's just three years old!
Posted by Wendy from Minneapolis, MN:
Party like it's 1632

Dude... Even the souls of these shoes are gorgeous! I have a wide foot, and I wore a pair of socks with them around the house to break them in for a day... and now I can dance all night in these supple leather beauties. The compliments, the looks! The way it looks amazing with a black dress! The Burgundy ones are mine, because who doesn't like a sexy red kick? I just adore these shoes so much that I came up with excuses to wear them at work... Now if Fluevog would only make this in a pastel color... I could get my Marie Antoinette on!
Posted by NicoleW:
Gorgeous, unusual, and comfortable!

I have a pair in burgundy, and they may be my favorite Fluevogs yet. I love them so much that I finally did something I've never before had the guts to do with heels, and wore them all day at work. I stuffed a pair of flats in my bag just in case, but I never needed them. I got compliments and people checking out my shoes all day. I don't know how Fluevog manages to make such comfortable heels, but I'm glad they do! These are too pretty to save for special occasions.
Posted by MizzMo from Tri-Cities, WA:
Yummy - Perfect Shoe Candy!!!

OMG!!! I LOVE these shoes!!!! They are what I believe walking in Heaven will be like. I went to the Portland store for the first time and Gerry was an absolute doll - doting and fun. I went in thinking I would be purchasing the Amazing boots - however, these sang a siren song beautiful I had to try them on. Very true to size (I am a 10 and normally wear 10.5 in Vogs) and so lovely to walk in. I cannot stop smiling these make me so happy :-) Go out and get these for yourself - right now!
Posted by Meaux from Denver:
They Made me Swoon

So when a business trip had me cruising to LA for a day I KNEW I had to work a stop into the Fluevog store!!!! So much to see, so much to love but I zoomed in on these babies in the burgandy. Comfy stable heel, comfy roomy toe and just the right height to keep too much pressure off the ball of my foot. The t-strap offers enough flexibility with fit that I think I can rock these with socks, tights or just hose. They looked suprising cool with skinny jeans whihc I didn't expect when I was trying them on. As a bonus, if I was feeling crafty I could switch out the ribbons. Seriously love these so much I may have to get them in black - despite my repeated claims to having enough black shoes- just for more options to dress them up. (BTW - Keith was super friendly and helpful!)
Posted by Shannon from Portlandia:
While I was trying these on a guy said "those are amazing shoes" and my response of "oh YES they ARE" was so lusty he actually laughed. How can shoes this fun, unusual, beautiful and heeled be so comfortable? It's the magic.
Posted by Natasha from Los Angeles:
Love at First Sight!

I fell in love with these on the Flueblog and have been anxiously awaiting their appearance at my local store. I already owned the Rubans which ran really big for me and these ran even bigger. I normally wear a 7.5 in regular shoes, 7 in most Fluevogs. My Rubans I bought in size 6.5 and these I bought in a 6! YMMV, however. In lots of shoes on here where people mentioned sizing up, I've sized down. This are gorgeous, comfy, and as well made as always!

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