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Ease (Camel & Green)
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Ease (Camel & Green)
Ease (Camel & Green)
Ease (Camel & Green)
Ease (Camel & Green)
$149 USD
Reg $309
Hopefuls | Ease [Camel & Green]
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Ease is a Gibson design that grew from a love affair between The Rosy and Promise patterns. This darling sports a Hope rubber sole, a 2.25" leather wrapped heel of The Thanks Family, and soft matte leather of The Prepare Family; a combination that makes for a comfortable and stylish child sure to make Rosy, Promise, and your feet proud. F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

Catherine and Carrie from our Washington DC store says:
These shoes have a nice, wide toe box and the laces allow for a generous fit. They are a little shorter in length, so some Fluevogers find themselves going up a half size.

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Posted by Heather:
I was browsing around while my husband was trying on boots, trying to not talk myself into buying a pair of shoes. I happened upon the last pairs wall, and there were these tan and forest green babies in my normal size. I was told they fit a bit short, but lo and behold, I slipped these on and was instantly in heaven. Mind you, I couldn't wear socks with them, just tights or nylons (or super thin socks). I've always avoided booties because of my thick calves, but the lower, more shoe-like cut of the front works. I wore them yesterday and couldn't stop staring at my feet! My husband picked me up from work, and told me I positively pranced to the car.
Posted by Amanda from Canada:
More awesome than I expected!

These shoes make me want to throw away all my other crappy shoes. They look good with jeans and skirts...have wore them every day since I got them. I ordered online and 1 week later they arrived. It was quick and easy. Possibly the best impulse buy ever.
Posted by Ariana from Portland:
Excuse me, sir. May I have another?

Dear John, Please make these in more colors. I just discovered them and all of the tan ones in my size are gone already, so I just have the black. They are the most perfect shoe ever. My toes have room to roam, but they make my feet look dainty. I can wear them all day every day and not want to rip them off my feet when I get home. I might sleep in them, I think, because I might forget they are on. So far I've tried them with jeans, skirts, leggings, shorts, and ice cream, and they go great with all of them. I want these in burgundy and electric blue, and a nice autumny yellow or orange to start with. Forest green or lime green would be good too. Or purple. Whatever, just surprise me. I'm living in these and my Serenes. For people who are not John, but are thinking about getting these amazing shoes, I'm normally an 8.5 or 9 in most shoes, and on the wider side of normal, and I need a 10 in these (I wear them barefoot or with thin socks) and a 10 1/2 in the boots, to make room for thicker socks.
Posted by Stefanie S. from Buffalo, NY:
This family rocks!

I decided to go for the Ease as my second pair of Vogs (the first being the Rosy boot). I ordered via phone with the NYC store. Styles was awesome and he definitely picked me out a great looking pair. When they arrived at the beginning of the month I was even more pleased by the color. Instead of a tan color as it appeared on my computer screen, it is more of a yellow ochre to burnt sienna....or a mix of the two. It's been a while since I painted and unfortunately I used up what I had of those two colors. The forest green is also a lovely touch. I only had slight discomfort with the right side rubbing where some of the stitching is on the inside of the right shoe (go figure...normally it's my bigger left foot that has issues). I had to wear a bandaid over that part for a week or so, but it got much better every time I wore them and now I'm bandaid-free. They really are amazingly comfortable and just the right size of heel for all day wear at work. I've gotten tons of compliments, although some people still think I'm nuts for spending $149 on a pair of shoes. But after a childhood of having fit issues with shoes; when I find a pair that works, made of time tested materials that will last forever with care...well I go for it and you should too. Oh and for waterproofing these puppies I used my ugg suede spray and it worked great without any discoloration.
Posted by Joanna Vlaming from Cobden, Ontario near Ottawa, Ontario:
Great Shoes

These were may first pair of Fluevog shoes. I had been saving up to purchase a pair for some time. When I tried these on there was no comparison to another brand I tried--these ones took first place. They are so comfortable. I have worn them all day and my feet were not crying take me off. I purchased a size 10 even though I take a size 9. This shoe makes my foot look small. I then went back to the store in Ottawa and purchased the lace up boot in the same style and love the fit. I am hoping to purchase a pair of summer Vogs. It is true they do not require a breaking in time. They are soft, comfortable and a dream to wear. Great shoes!!!
Posted by Jan from Denver:

These are so comfortable! I'm tired of pointy toes and wanted something different, but still stylish, that I could wear to work and for a casual night out. These are perfect! The leather is soft, my feet are happy - and I get compliments wherever I go. I've worn them to work, to play and even while walking around downtown. Love them!
Posted by Maryse from Moncton, NB:
My first pair of Fluevog and it won't be my last. Usually wear a size 9 but purchased a size 10 and they fit perfectly. Love my shoes.
Posted by Veronica from Virginia:
The best shoes ever!

I love these shoes! After staring at them on the website for at least a month I finally took the time to get to the D.C. store to try them on and they were even better than the picture. I have incredibly wide feet and with a little stretching they fit like a glove. They just look beautiful on my feet. I own 8 pair of Fluevogs and they are now my new favorites.
Posted by Barbara Crook from Ottawa, Canada:
These shoes could have been made for me!!!

Bought eight pairs of fabulous Fluevogs in Montreal two years, and made the trek again today. Was specifically looking for something with laces, a low heel, some support and some style for my upcoming trip to China. I have a very wide foot, and it's so hard for me to find fabulous shoes that fit and are comfortable. I bought these in the black suede and they are amazing -- it felt as if they had been molded to my feet. And even though there is a heel, it's lower than those of my other 'Vogs, and I could walk a lot in these. I actually danced in them in the store!!!!!
Posted by Rebecca from Victoria:
Best Little Shoe Ever

Went with my husband and son to the Gastown Store (just to see John's big picture on the wall) and we each came away with a new pair of Vogs! We had the best help ever and our friendly and fabulous Fluevogologist, Wes, picked these babies out of the ocean of shoes -- just for me! (I had wanted to try one the Hopes Promise, but they didn't have my size in the colour I wanted -- lucky me!!) Due to silly, bumpy feet, I take anywhere from a 9.5 (Operettas) to an 11 (Adrianas) in a Fluevog and these sweeties had to be a 10.5 for me (the 10 was a bit short in the toe). I have the black pair and they are sooooo comfy and adorable and flattering and sexy -- the perfect shoe to wear year round. I'm in LOVE! (next up -- Hopeful Serenes!)
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