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Venture (Noir)
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Venture (Noir)
Venture (Noir)
Venture (Noir)
Venture (Noir)
$389 USD
Prepare Hi | Venture [Noir]
GROUPES:   Botte   Femmes   Talon  

Venture possède un style simple embelli par un lacet sur le côté créant une silhouette très séduisante. L'effet corselet est purement image, car c'est la fermeture éclair confortable du côté intérieur qui fait tout le travail aisément. La combinaison du cuir et du lacet, avec le talon courbé de 10 cm (4") et une plateforme de 2,5 cm (1") et le style osé du côté extérieur vous permet d'amener un peu de burlesque à vos pieds. Ils adoreront être sous les projecteurs.

From the fit experts:

Emilie, Dominique, and Samuel from our Quebec City store says:
The Venture is true to size and fits really well at the ankle. So sexy!

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Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Sexy Corset Boots!

I always loved the Grand Nationals, but the heels were too high. Loved the Sugars, but the calves were too narrow. Something about the Lover boot I didn't like (perhaps the tulip-top opening). So when I saw this one released in the fall I began drooling. But I'd been having trouble with my Prepare Hi Rappel, so I kept not-buying this one. Today I finally tried on several sizes at the Seattle store (Brenda was a total champ!) and found that an 8 fit best - which is my non-Vog size. (My Rappels were a 9.) So, I now have my very own Fluevog corset boots, and don't have to worry about calf sizing!
WOWOWOWOWOW!!! A LOVE STORY.................

This is a true love story that began in the front row of AMALUNA (Cirque du Soleils newest touring show). As the show began these female warriors came out on the stage decked out in all red and black down to the boots. Being in the front row I could see the INCREDIBLE black boots with red swirlys and corset lacing up sides!! I lost my mind!! More than once the warrior women jumped off and climbed on the stage right in front of me and I figured if they could do that in those boots - I surely needed a pair! Two days later I met a friend in Union Square - found parking on the street (shocker - It was the week before Christmas). We raced around the corner, down the street and I stopped DEAD IN MY TRACKS! In the window of a shop there were THE CIRQUE BOOTS!!!!!!!!(two styles) I could barely breathe........store was closed. (it was after 8pm) . I figured I must be dreaming - how on earth did I come across THE BOOTS??!! It was the FLUEVOG store on UNION SQUARE??!! (I had seen the store once before on Haight Street). Next day I made a phone call to the store on Haight Street - the guy there had no idea what I was talking about. Called the Union Square store spoke with Eric who told me that they were not for sale - just on display advertising for AMALUNA... BUT they have the boots in black and I could paint them. We had a silly conversation. He was RAD - even humored me when I asked the size of the boots in the window and told him I was going to break the window and steal the boots! ha Longer story longer...I went in and met Eric. He let me try on BOTH STYLES of AMALUNA boots! :D There is LOVE in this world! (we took pics) I tried on the plain black ones and fell in LOOOVE. OH MYYYYYYYY GOD! Soooooo supportive and comfy and SEXXXXY - it was hard to leave without them. :( Several weeks later (after I got some Christmas $$) I got the email about the sale!! I marched right into the store - spent almost 2 hours with Eric trying on lots of sale boots & and these beauties... I was suuuper close to buying the PREPARE RANGER CAMO but my heel slipped out of them (no matter what size I tried) :( I ended up buying the PREPARE VENTURE & Maroon POUCH purse. I could not be happier! I am certain if it wasn't for Eric - his knowledge, patience, fun and wonderful ways this would have never happened! Eric is now my best friend and John Fluevog my hero.......... and YES! I tell EVERYONE about this store and my true love story. (now I've got my eyes on the PREPARE HI SUMMIT - it will never end..) FLUEVOG FOREVER XO
Posted by Athena from Washington DC:
I want to marry these shoes! (or at least never ever let them go)

I recently traveled to Europe with my husband and daughter. On a whim before the trip, I popped into Fluevog to see if there were any comfy looking booties to take with me, along with my Prepare Leaders. I tried on a bunch (absolutely impeccable service in that store, btw!)and fell in love with these. I brought 3 pairs of shoes on the 2 wk trip: these, the Leaders and another pair of booties with skinny heels for dressier nights. As luck would have it, it was freezing over there every day and all the cities we visited were covered in cobblestone. My Leaders were quickly out of the question as they were too snug with socks and I couldn't go sockless in the freezing weather, and the skinny heels were...no way on the cobblestone. Which means I wore these BRILLIANT booties every. single. day. We walked miles every day, half the time carrying my kid in my arms, and only once (day three, was still breaking them in) did I feel a twinge of discomfort for a few hours. After that, I was walking on a cloud for the entire trip. They held up beautifully, no scuffs, no peelage, no problems whatsoever, and I couldn't love them more. They are the most beautiful little creatures on the planet, and I (heart) them so. If you are on the fence about them, BUY THEM. You will not regret it!
Posted by Miss Kitty from Virginia:
Stylish and Sexy

These shoes are great. This is the third pair I own. Great to walk in and goes with everything. I am hooked on these shoes.
Posted by Julie from Edmonton:
Just try them on... you will love them!

I bought these at the Calgary store and they are amazing... I went down a half size in the "Prepare" style. They are easy to walk in, and make me 4 inches taller! So glad you made a rad black boot in this style that has the infamous "grand national" corset detailing.... Just TRY them on... they're a little taller than the "guides" but still easy to wear. ooxx
Posted by Shawna from Victoria:
Love right out of the box

These, much like the other members of my prepare family, do not disappoint. They are comfortable and a breeze to walk in despite the heel. I find they have a similar fit to my guides and took my usual size 8. I cannot wait to pair these up with some funky tights in the fall <3
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