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Larson (Brown)
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Larson (Brown)
Larson (Brown)
Larson (Brown)
Larson (Brown)
$159 USD
Reg $249
760 Turbo | Larson [Brown]
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Revamping his 240 Wagon series, after providing the stylish and sturdy style for 20 years, John decided an upgrade was necessary and set his mind to redesign an already time-proven shoe family. Reminiscent of the reliable Volvo John bought for his young family many years ago, John sought inspiration in the boxy and geometrically designed Volvo 760 with inter-cooled turbo.

Erik Gustaf Larson, a Swedish Mechanical Engineer and co-founder of Volvo Automobiles, was responsible for the technical design of the first Volvo model ÖV 4, introduced in 1927. Using the same tough leathers from The 240s, a square toed last for a wider foot, and 100% vulcanized rubber soles, The Larson is an all-purpose shoe excellent on ice, snow, and slush. The 760 Turbo F-Sole even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight. they will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter (don't get us wrong, they're wonderful in milder climates as well). These re-soleable, tough shoes will cover many miles for many years to come.

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From the fit experts:

Samuel, Emilie, Genevieve and Dominique from our Quebec City store says:
The Larsons are an amazing fit; true to size!

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Posted by chirag tiwari from Canada:
Posted by Josh Fuller from nanaimo:
Excellent shoes

I spent an evening walking around in Vancouver after having purchased these at the downtown store. Even pre-break-in they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've owned in a long time. The soles are nice and warm and the leather breathes enough to keep the feet warm but not sweaty. Pair with a good pair of socks and these will work well for jeans, slacks or casual pants. I'd draw the line at trying to pair them with a suit as I own a nice pair of Florsheims (which might end up replaced by another pair of Fluevogs that I saw) that I keep tucked away for occasions like that. The shoes are a bit snug across the width of the foot when you first put them on but after about two hours your feet start to stretch the leather just right. By the second day they fit like they were made for you. Just don't break them in with too bulky socks like I did or it will be a hard break-in those first two hours. All in all an excellent dress-up or dress-down shoe. I prefer the black to the brown but I saw the brown in-store and they would look fantastic with a pair of blue jeans.
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