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Patty Tote (Black)
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Patty Tote (Black)
Patty Tote (Black)
Patty Tote (Black)
Patty Tote (Black)
$199 USD
Reg $399

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Bags | Patty Tote [Black]
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For Fall 2012, John brings back The Soprano Tote as a legacy bag with new twists. The Patty Tote arrives in two different leather options: dry Atlas leathers or soft, supple leathers, both of which will age delightfully. This over-the-shoulder tote can be worn in two different functions: held together by a clip closer to form a smaller everyday purse, or it can be expanded to function as a larger beach bag. The inside of The Patty Tote is cotton twill lined with one zipped pocket, and two pocket sleeves for a phone and wallet.

Inside dimensions: 34cm height, 48cm width, 24cm deep. Inside dimensions: 13.4" height, 19" width, 9.5" deep.

Note: The Patty Tote fits a 15" laptop.

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Posted by Kim:
The trouble with grommets!

Bought these in the Calgary store last year, it was my first Fluevog purchase because I couldn't pull myself away from the bag. I saw it from the street as I was walking by. I barely noticed the shoes, only thought they were really expensive. I bought this even before any shoes. When I got back to Ontario decided to check out the website. OMG! I have some 10 pairs now. Back to the bag now. I used the bag for about a month before I lost two grommets and the straps weren't attached. I put the purse away for several months, knowing I needed to get it fixed. When I finally pulled it out in Sept this past year, I took it to the Toronto Queen St. store for repair. The warranty was 9 months (why not a year which I was barely under) but the cost to repair it was about $5.00. Considering I bought this bad full price, I am a little cheesed that it is on for half price. It is a much better price for the item. The leather is soft. I have only gotten a few compliments but the best one was, "I love that bag, I like bags that are a bit different too." Grab it at this price but watch out for the grommets!
Posted by Liz from Vancouver, Canada:

I am so enamored with this bag! I got the black colourway of this, and John and company ain't kidding when they describe the leather as soft and supple. The leather is softer than my oldest (and softest) leather jacket. It is smooth and buttery and delicious and I can't stop touching it. The bag itself is fabulously lightweight, but the leather isn't thin or fragile in any way. I'm feeling the pull to own the purple one too...
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