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Promise (Black)
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Promise (Black)
Promise (Black)
Promise (Black)
Promise (Black)
$329 USD
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Hopes | Promise [Black]
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John continues on the mantra of "Good Soles leave Small Prints (no matter what the shoe size)" by bringing us the Promise. Featuring soft Italian, veggie-tanned leathers, complete with 'f' pattern etchings, on a 1.5" 100% bamboo heel and a molded sole that extends to the heel for extra shock absorption, the lace-up Promise keeps the fire alight. F is for all things Hope.

"Promise me, you won't let them put out your fire" - Slash

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Amber from our Washington DC store says:
An amazingly comfortable heel and style. The Hopes Promise can fit short in the toe for people with longer toes/foot.

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Posted by Marietta from Boston:
Finally made it to the Boston store after lots of nudging by my s-i-l who can't believe I live so close to a Fluevog store and never went there... Johnny Blaze was wonderful, and I walked out with the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever put on! Of course, the weather immediately went up to 90 and I haven't been able to actually wear them to work yet, but soon! And yes, I'll be back. :)
Posted by Tawna from Calgary:

I currently own 16 pairs of Fluevogs and all have 3-4 inch heels, I am on my feet most days at work and while I habitually wear a 2 inch heel I just can't pull off a full day in anything higher so am not often able to wear my precious 'Vogs except on evenings and weekends. Every year on International Fluevog day I purchase a new pair of shoes or two and this year (2014) I decided to buy a practical pair of shoes I can wear to work. I intended to buy these in purple (which is more of a brownish-plum) but fell in love with the blue and cream. I absolutely LOVE them!! While they look stupid with scrubs (don't feel bad, pretty much everything does) they have provided reason to keep my scrub uniform drawer closed and wear normal clothes to work instead which thrills my husband as I now feel the need to shop for more clothes I can wear to work (insert guilty grin here). These babies required little break in period, although I did experience a little pinky toe rub by end of the first day but no blisters- a little stretch worked that out fine. I wear a 9 regularly in other brands but generally a 9.5-10 in fluevogs, these I did find most comfortable in a 10-and that was for length comfort as I tend to have normal to slightly narrow feet.
Posted by Louise Cantin from Timmins:
Hope Promise

I own 3 pairs of Hope/Promise which are the only shoes I work in. I am on feet a lot as I am in the restaurant business and these shoes are SUPER comfortable. My only regret is I did not buy the red ones two years ago so if anyone has a size 9 they would like to sell me, please let me know!
Posted by Susan M. from Seattle, WA:
All-day shoes

Some people claim they can wear heels all day and still feel comfy, but that's not me. Even my Liz shoes (which I love) have to come off after a day at the office. But I just wore these all day and I feel like I've been wearing flats. Crazy-comfortable heel and all-around shoe. The 8's (my usual size) fit with nylons on, but the 8.5's (which I bought) fit me great with socks, and I think I'm gonna be glad I went up half a size.
Posted by Lynn Lehnert from Grand Rapids, MI:
A Shoe I Would Never Pick Myself

I discovered these Shoes on a Fluevog shopping expedition to the Chicago store with my sister. I told the saleslady I wanted something comfortable and she brought these out. Instant True Love. These shoes fit my feet like a glove and I cannot remember ever having such a comfortable shoe. I swallowed hard and plunked down my credit card. Thanks Fluevog!
Posted by Brooke from Whistler, BC:
Stuck with a squeaker.

These shoes are beautiful and fit great, but the left shoe squeaks with every step I take. I returned them to the store to try and repair them in the spring. They were returned to me looking more worn but I was unable to wear them for several months due to pregnancy. Now that I can wear them again, the shoe still squeaks and I noticed a gouge in the heel. The squeak drives me crazy and I can hardly stand to wear them. I don't think $300+ shoes should squeak and my warranty has ended. Disappointing.
Posted by Koren from United States:

I love these shoes. No, really, I do. As soon as I put them on they fit my foot perfectly. I am normally a 6.5, a 7 in these fit wonderfully.
Posted by stacey from Australia:
size up by half

Just received my new Hope Promise's and i am over the moon with them. A few years ago i broke my ankle in many places an was unsure whether i could handle a little heel height. I am wearing these now and i feel totally supported in the heel area. I normally take a 10 but took a 10.5 in these and they fit perfectly! Thanks again Fluevog i heart u.
Posted by Helen from Toronto:
Another Hit

I was a sworn Bellevue/Fellowship gal until these shoes came into my life. The foot bed fits true to my usual Vog size of 7.5. I'd be about a 7.25 if that actually existed. And by "fits", I mean "allows my foot to completely and utterly relax in a happy cloud of arch support". The low heel gives a bit of shape but isn't too stumbly-high. The brogue styling and little punched out Fs literally turn heads in the street. Kinda the perfect everyday city shoe. Dare I say classy, yet casual?
Posted by Vanessa from Chicago:
Show Stoppers

I have these in the navy and taupe and get comments every single time. One elderly woman even stopped me on the street and told me that she "could tell they are excellent shoes because they have quality leather". These are my 9th pair, and the ones I get asked about the most. And they are so comfortable! Glad I gave them a try in the Chicago store, because they hadn't really caught my eye online.

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