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Streets of Gold
Dionysus (Gold)
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Dionysus (Gold)
Dionysus (Gold)
Dionysus (Gold)
Dionysus (Gold)
Streets of Gold
$189 USD
Reg $499
Queen of the Skies | Dionysus [Gold]
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Dionysus is the Greek god of wine-making, merriment, and all around awesomeness. If he were around today, he'd be the life of the party (and he would definitely wear Fluevogs). That's why this shoe is dedicated to his free-loving nature. His namesake is a flashy, statement ankle boot made from Italian leather uppers, leather soles, and a breath-taking 4" pillar heel. Not recommended for wallflowers.

Every now and then, John designs a shoe that he feels comes from heaven to earth. A shoe that is perfect and amazing -- one that transcends earthly desires and spreads heavenly amazement. When this happens, they become part of his Signature Streets of Gold Collection.

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Posted by Theresa Wells from Fort McMurray AB:
John Strikes Gold Again

These were my Christmas gift to myself. Beautifully made, beautiful fit, a pale gold colour fit for the gods - and as always so striking. The most subtle details are where the true beauty of Fluevogs lies, the details that simply cannot be replicated in a lesser-quality shoe. These are, in a word, amazing.
Posted by Donna Thiessen from Saskatoon:
One word re Dionysus - AWESOME!!
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