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Bohlin (Brown)
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Bohlin (Brown)
Bohlin (Brown)
Bohlin (Brown)
Bohlin (Brown)
$139 USD
Reg $299

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760 Turbo | Bohlin [Brown]
GROUPS:   Sale   Boot   Casual   Mens  

Following in line with the rest of The 760 Turbo Family, The Bohlin's namesake is a Swedish inventor who, while working for Volvo, just so happened to develop the three-point seat belt that has become a safety staple for every modern vehicle. This hiker style boot is durable and rugged in its 760 Turbo construction and perfected with a rubber F-Sole and heel that retains heat when needed to keep your toes toasty in smooth Portuguese calf leather. The boots are washed in dye and finished with wax after assembly,  resulting in a boot that is uniquely dyed and distinctly yours. Strap them on and hold tight; your feet are safely tucked in and ready for any road you travel. Remember, wherever you go, leave nothing but footprints... awesome, Fluevog footprints. A class act is hard to follow.

From the fit experts:

Tiffany and Anthony from our Montréal store says:
The 760 Turbo Bohlins are average in length and a touch snug on the sides.

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Posted by Gareth:
Excellent blend of style and performance

Material quality is superb, boots fit me slightly on the snug side. The soles are excellent and as a result I wear these in the field, occasionally, because I want to wear outstanding shoes on days that end in Y. Styling cues rival some of the best Volvos out there.
Posted by Tycho from Florida, USA:
My 2nd F-Sole! Love this boot...

Just picked this up for stomping around Austin, Texas in... needed something a bit les dressy than my Soros banker boot. It has the same F-Sole, so I knew that size 11 would be a brilliant fit for me. The squared leather laces are classic.. very hot! I did a modified hash tag lace pattern & I'd say these boots now look the perfect blend of form & function.
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