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Qtee (Cherry, Black & Orange)
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Qtee (Cherry, Black & Orange)
Qtee (Cherry, Black & Orange)
Qtee (Cherry, Black & Orange)
Qtee (Cherry, Black & Orange)
$159 USD
Reg $285
CLEARANCE | Minis: Qtee [Cherry, Black & Orange]
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Designed and constructed with both comfort and style in mind, this closed-toe double strap pump is made with bold and unique colour combinations with pin-hole details and slender silver buckles. Solid three inch heels with matching leather uppers on a durable and stable rubber F-sole which adds a half inch to your height without looking too chunky. Quality leather uppers, linings and foot sock. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The QTee is true to size in length but fits a little bit wide in the toe box.

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Posted by Katt from Washington, DC area:
The shoe that started it all...

Stopped into the Toronto Fluevog store and it was love at first sight! @>- Tried these on...and they fit perfectly (size 8.5..and that's what I usually wear). These are comfortable, funky, fun and nearly indestructible! (at least I haven't destroyed them yet) These are truly my go to shoe for almost every occasion...jeans, skirts, dresses, dress slacks...you name it! If I only could buy 1 pair of shoes..it would be my Minis!...but alas..I now own 5 pairs of Fluevogs...I think it is becoming a habit!!! :-)
Posted by Hash Dras from New York City:
Virtually Indestructible and Kick Ass

I have 7 pairs (or more – lost count) of the Mini style, several in the Q-Tee style. I’ve worn them in rain and snow in summer and winter. The leather is still tight and they look almost like new. Uncomfortable? Yes, but only after standing or walking for 5 or more hours – really. You can run, jump, play, and fight crime in any Mini/Q-Tee. I have about 30 pairs of Fluevogs – always worth every penny. Purchase in ½ size larger. You’ll have years of “Wow!”
Posted by gruvee from Toronto:
:( I have to return mine

After coveting Fluevogs for 10yrs, finally bought this today. Felt fine in the store, though not as comfortable as the super-cute boots. I walked around in the shoes @ home & unfortunately the bottom of my foot (not the arch/heel) hurt. I cannot wear heels higher than 2" & I was hoping the quality of Fluevog would help change that. Alas, it didn't :(. I may just try the boots though.
Posted by Esther from Dallas:
1st Fluevogs

Picked up these beauties in Boston in 2005. They are still like brand new after 4 years and counting. Love Fluevogs, Love this Shoe!
Posted by Phoebe from Los Angeles:

I now have four pairs of this shoe, in different colors. I get nonstop compliments and questions about them. They are comfortable with or without socks. I bought all of mine a half size larger than what I usually wear.
Posted by Kelly from Los Angeles, CA:
Shoes for me

These shoes set the trend for my new title of the 'Girl with the Cool Shoes' around my office & among my friends. They are all so disappointed when they find out they aren't their size. I perk them up by mentioning they can get their own and give them this website. Comfortable, stylish, and immensely covetable!
Posted by Tanya Rich from Bath. England:
Totally Gorgeous!

These shoes are possibly the most stylish yet most comfortable shoes i have ever bought! They get commented on whenever i wear them.
Posted by Tiara Lynn from Chicago:
Favorite Shoes Ever!

Got these in olive and periwinkle from the Chicago store and they are by far the best, most comfortable heels I've ever owned and the only shoes I'll wear for walking trade shows for work. I get tons of compliments and the olive color is surprisingly neutral, making them go with more than I expected them to. Couldn't possibly recommend these shoes more.
Posted by Laura from Marietta, GA:
Love my Qtee's

My dogs got me the pink and red Qtee's as a mother day's gift a few years ago (very smart dogs I must say!). I can't help but smile every time I put them on as they are so cute (and comfortable).
Posted by MAY from WINNIPEG:
I have these in dark brown and pink, special combination colors from Eveline's in Lockport. The heel is higher but still not bad for comfort. I love the width since I have very wide feet.

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