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Derby Swirl (5 Eye) (Black with Dots)
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Derby Swirl (5 Eye) (Black with Dots)
Derby Swirl (5 Eye) (Black with Dots)
Derby Swirl (5 Eye) (Black with Dots)
Derby Swirl (5 Eye) (Black with Dots)
$109 USD
Reg $265
7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (5 Eye) [Black with Dots]
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Almost 25 years ago John launched the first Angel-soled Fluevogs into the world! Since then Angels have been part of various social and fashion movements, and are often referred to as the most comfortable soles on the planet. The 7th Heaven Angel Soles add rubber to the mix, but you still get that amazing comfort that you're used to and they're still resoleable. To celebrate the new 7th Heaven Angel Soles, John has produced a small run of the classic Derby Swirl Boot now in a 5 hole version for women, complete with leather lining and padded foot socks, in amazing colourways and patterns. Made in Europe, these 7th Heaven Derby Swirls still "resist alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan" and will turn every head along your journey. As it says on the iconic pull tab... DDFT!

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From the fit experts:

Kate from our Los Angeles store says:
True to size, and incredibly comfortable!

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Posted by pam riggan from United States:
these shoes make me happy!!!

I'm in love--they are my 9th? pair of fluevogs and by far my favorites yet.
Posted by julie from Granville St Vancouver:
1st pair of angels

I tried on the lace pair in the summer, delayed buying and on Boxing Day was looking for a comfy pair of casual boots because my son had hijacked my converse sneakers. He can have them! I got the black with white dots, walked all day in them, danced all night and wore them again the next day. i am back in the snowy north and they have stood up to the ice and snow and are my new favourites!
Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Dreamy comfortable

Yes, this red is so brilliantly red...imagine the best red that Jane Russell ever wore, the best lipstick red...that's what this 'red pony' is! Walked into the store for Feature Keaton in olive, but left with these and the Vivs instead. I wear an 8 in most non-Vogs and went to an 8.5 for these. Insanely comfy and supremely eye-catching!
Posted by CleverGirl from Ottawa:
Pony Reds!

I happened to be in Calgary last weekend for a wedding and the groom hooked me up with his Fluevog wearing friend to take me to the Calgary store. The Pony Reds were in the window. I fell immediately in love and just had to try them. They are fabulous! immediately comfy. Although I have very narrow feet, I am hoping that the old sock trick allows me to wear them for years to come. These are my new favourite pair! I do wish I'd asked how to look after them, however, and in-store no advice was volunteered. Do I spray? Can I wear them in the rain? etc. thx.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
We recommend that you use any weather protector, but only spray your pony hair Derbys with a light coat because too much of the product can leave a "gummy" residue on the fine hairs.

Or, you can leave them as is and let them age naturally!

As for cleaning, our Fluevogologists suggest that you treat the pony hair much like you would your own, and clean it with diluted soap and water, brushing it with the grain (backcombing is out).

We hope this helps!
Posted by Phyllis from United States:
The Essential Fluevog

These are my 8th pair of Fluevogs and I wanted a crepe sole that would stand up to Satan and New England winters as advertised. Rachel in the Boston store steered me towards the purple/black rub off and as usual she knows me better than I know myself! This color is SO GREAT - it looks black but it has a depth and richness that really pops. There is a reason why these shoes have been in production for 20 years: they look good on 20 somethings as well as 50+ somethings like me, they feel good, they are the Essential Fluevog and they can be repaired. While I was in the store a woman brought in her much loved and abused vintage Derby's and they will be made as good as new because JF stocks the soles for repairs and partners with reliable local cobblers. Every Fluevoger needs a pair of Derby Swirls.
Posted by Starla from Saskatoon:
7th pair....but favorite!

I am a Fluevog FAN! Love all my Fluevogs but these are my faves (until the next ones...). Bought them, put them on and walked over 5 Km's around town. Good to go shoes. Oh, yes, 3 people commented on them. Said they looked fantastic. Was there any doubt?
Posted by Mary M.(MBA, MSME, BSME & former punk rocker) from Royal Oak, MI:
My favorite

I have many pair of Fluevogs but these are my favorite. They fit my perfect Fluevog size 7.5. I often have trouble with ankle boots because of my outside ankle bone. These don't rub or cause any discomfort. I got the lace and they go with everything. I get compliments from everyone, including my 85 yr old aunt. Thanks John!
Posted by Lynne from Seattle:
These boots make me want to walk all day

I've had my eyes on the acid purple since they were released. Now they are on my feet and they don't want to come off. This is my second pair of Derby Swirls. My three year old blue 10 holes are still going strong. I love Derby Swirls and I'll buy them again. Perfect year round shoe for the PNW. Now please restock the red ones!
Posted by Lizzy from Richmond, VA:
perfect fluevogs for a perfectly wide, long foot!

Stopped by to try on the new Angels on my way from Richmond to Hartford. Came in for the Angela but left with this beautiful baby instead in the lace pattern (which is gorgeous, ftr). Incredible service in the D.C. store as usual :) I have a lot of foot problems and was dealing with a lot of swelling when I came in- all gone now, thanks to my Angels! Went on a weeklong trip to the coast of Maine and these broke in spendidly with a pair of regular athletic socks across beach and mountain terrain alike. On the fit: Ladies with 10+ and/or wide feet! These shoes fit at LEAST one half size small and are quite spacious on my wide feet. Go in to your closest store and give them a shot or order them and try at home- but don't give up before you try them on! You may be surprised, just like I was! Thanks again, Fluevog!
Posted by EN from New york city:
In Love!

I had been eyeing these boots for a while & was thrilled to pick up my pair today. So squishy on my feet--in a good way! And I love the look of the lace. As always, major props to Paul, Styles & the rest of the nyc store--despite it being a busy weekend day, they took lots of time, made great suggestions & made me feel good about shopping there.

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