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Edwardian Hamburger (Burgundy)
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Edwardian Hamburger (Burgundy)
Edwardian Hamburger (Burgundy)
Edwardian Hamburger (Burgundy)
Edwardian Hamburger (Burgundy)
$169 USD
Reg $349

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Swordfish | Edwardian Hamburger [Burgundy]
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An iconic Fluevog line from the 80s, popularized by its distinctive pointed toe shape, The Swordfish has been re-imagined by John into this killer boot. Using tough, aged Texas leathers, tunite soles, instep zippers, straps and buckles, it's no wonder The Swordfish are cherished and collected by rockstars everywhere. The Edwardian Hamburger also includes a 3.5"  leather-wrapped Cuban heel that brings the Fluevog flair way over-the-top.

When asked to name this wild design, John remarked how the boot could have been worn in the 18th century, but with a modern Americanized glam heel... "it's like it was from the Edwardian Age... but also modernized American.. like Apple Pie or Hamburgers... I know, I'll call it THE EDWARDIAN HAMBURGER!" Stay Sharp!

From the fit experts:

The Gang from our New York store says:
The Edwardian Hamburgers will turn heads! They run small, so you may have to go a size up.

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Posted by Leah B from Seattle, WA:
runs small

These are the 2nd pair of Fluevogs I've ever owned. I tried them on in the Vancouver store but wasn't ready to throw down 360 bones just yet. I'm a women's size 12 in the normal shoe world but discovered that i would need a size 13 in fluevogs (guys... you really need to fix your footlasts >-( ). Once my order arrived I began having second thoughts. These make your feet look soooo long :-( ... I still like the gothy, edgy-ness they bring though. I'll wear them around the house a bit more before I decide if they're keepers
Posted by shellarella from Canada:
@>- my wonderful husband strikes again! the sass, the sexy, the swag of these boots cannot be compared!! i slipped them on and knew i'd be taking these babies home. i adore my 7th pair of fluevogs! fluevog forever
Posted by melly from Virginia:
Oh John, you satan, you saint!

Bought these last weekend at my local Fluevoggery in WashDC and have been waiting for their appearance on the website so I could "SQUEEEEEEE!" a review: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Have wanted a pair of Swordfish since the very beginning, but for one lame reason or another, never took the hook. Well, I have now and I'm never going back! These boots are comfortable, quality, rock with a short skirt or skinny cords, and turn heads wherever I strut. The combination of full front zip with straps, the underslung heel, and the heavenly bizarre toe construction is devilishly divine. My feet love these boots and now I love my feet! Mine are burgundy--love the contrast with the black straps--and are both raw and elegant, something John's designs often accomplish. How does he do it?! No matter: keep 'em coming, sir!

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