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Caravaggio (Noir)
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Caravaggio (Noir)
Caravaggio (Noir)
Caravaggio (Noir)
Caravaggio (Noir)
$159 USD
Reg $289
Baroques | Caravaggio [Noir]
GROUPES:   Vente   Femmes   Habillé   Talon  

Caravaggio, le fondateur de la période baroque italienne avec ses couleurs somptueuses et un éclairage clair-obscur, est probablement reconnu tant pour son style de vie dramatique que pour ses chefs-d'oeuvre de l'expression humaine reflétés à des niveaux psychologiques, spirituels et émotionnels. Expulsé, exilé, emprisonné et vandalisé, Caravaggio a stupéfié le monde de l'art italien du 16e siècle avec ses portraits réalistes et grotesques représentant des décapitations, de la torture et de la violence. Fidèle à son art, Caravaggio était vulgaire, profane, et cherchait toujours à se battre dans la rue jusqu'au jour où il tua un jeune homme dans une bagarre ce qui mena à un ordre d'exécution émis par le pape. Malgré les nombreuses tentatives sur sa vie par ses nombreux ennemis, c'est plutôt empoisonné par le plomb qui se trouvait dans ses peintures que Caravaggio est mort, ce qui pourrait expliquer son style de vie tumultueux.

Construit sur un talon hexagonal Louis XIV exquis et décadent, la chaussure salomé qu'est la Caravaggio fut inspirée par le portrait de Madame de Pompadour avec des rubans ornant son corsage. Des rubans de satin sont attachés et cousus dans le salomé avec deux courroies à boucles ajustables et le bout est légèrement frotté avec une huile foncée pour lui donner une patine luxurieuse. La chaussure Caravaggio sera votre palette où vous pourrez fusionner vos styles de vie dramatiques et artistiques. There's no fashion like old fashion (il n'y a pas de mode comme l'ancienne mode).

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The Caravaggio runs a bit long and has a generous room around its width.

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Posted by Carissa Parent from Yarmouth, ME:
Love, love, love!

I have been coveting these shoes for a while now, and finally bought them this week. They arrived yesterday and I immediately put them. These are my 5th pair of Fluevogs and true to Fluevog, they are as comfortable as they are stunning. I wear a size 8 and each pair of Fluevogs I own are 8s. I've never had a sizing issue. My only regret was wearing a long pair of jeans that covered too much of the shoe to sufficiently show them off. I love the neutral color of the tan. They are everything I had hoped they would be.
Posted by Katina from California:

I may never take these off. Seriously. I ordered these in tan and am dreaming of all of the places these shoes and I will go! They are sensational -- true to size and absolute perfection. I've got it bad for Fluevogs. Thank you, Boston and the entire Fluevog family!
Posted by Jenn from Minneapolis:
I got these for my wedding shoes in the tan color. I'm planning to change out the bows to match the bridesmaid dresses. After the wedding I plan to wear them with just about every dress I own. The tan color will go with absolutely everything. I wear a 9 in most non-vogs, have a couple of higher heeled vogs in 10 1/2, but ended up getting these in 8 1/2 (which are snug, but not tight) because my foot was pretty loosy goosy in the 9.
Posted by Naoko from Kelowna, BC:
I got a pink pair. I bought a size bigger. I'm usually around 7, but there only size 8 avilable. Even though, it's little big, I have wide feet. it definately fit better. If I had got size 7, it would've been too tight! P.S. I only put '6' for whether I'd recommend Fluevog or not to my friend... Because I don't have many friends who'd love Fluevog style...and it's not cheap so that's why! I LOVE THE SHOES.
Posted by StacyK from Toronto, Ontario:
Gorgeous *and* comfy! What a combo!

The first pair of shoes I've owned that have inspired strangers to stop me on the street to take photos of them! I bought these in the pink, which is an antique, dusty peach-pink with a mature but feminine look. They pair nicely with black, ivory, and lots of autumnal tones of green/brown/blue. I have wide feet with bunions (ugh!) so I got these in a half-size up from my usual Vog sizing of 8.5 and was happy I did, as they fit perfectly with just a little stretching by my cobbler. The only downside is that I now want them in *all* the colors!
Posted by Kitku from United States:

Bought my second pair of Caravaggios (have them in burgundy for fall) at the Minneapolis store. They fit true to size and are adorable.
Posted by Alisa Dwane from New York:
Not really a pink...

Okay this is for those of you ordering online: the pink is more like a muted peachy pink, a very romantic soft shade that's flattering on anyone. I did want to match it with a soft pink purse and it made the shoes look faded. Ugh, no good. If you think of an antique shade, then you're on the money. I love these shoes, yet another pair I fell in love with once they were on my feet. I am between a 9-9.5 and went with the 9 and very glad I did. After wearing them for about 5 times, they've expanded and I can actually slip them on without doing the individual buckles which is convenient, but they didn't expand so much that they're too big. I ordered a lace dress off Zappos in a muted peach shade and these look amazing with them! I'm seriously considering other shades. I did pull on the bow and one of the ribbon inserts came out, which it's supposed to do, but I like this matching color. I just used a chopstick to push it back through, no worries. Maybe I'll switch out the ribbons later, but for now they are perfect as is!
Posted by Paige:
Way cuter in person!

I wanted a pair of statement shoes to go with a little black dress I'll be wearing to a formal wedding. I had been eyeing these and the Nefertitis for days, and I couldn't decide which I liked better. I ended up driving to Georgetown to see them both in person, try them on, and let my feet make the decision for me. It was a no brainer once I put these on. They're a lot cuter in person and really comfortable! I wear between a 9/9.5 and got these in pink in a 9.5. Perfect. I also left with a red pair of the Bartolis. Amazing!
Posted by Lucy from Seattle:
These shoes are incredible! They are a perfect height and fit true to size in Fluevogs. The heel is easier to walk in than I thought it would be (due to the shape) and they fit like a dream. As a note: the ribbons are removable, so be careful when you are tugging the straps around to get them straight, as if you tug on the ribbons they will pull right out! They are very easy to put back in, though, and allow for swapping of colors and styles of ribbon.
Posted by Sarah from Vancouver:
New Addition to My Shoe Museum

I've never been shoe-crazy, but these shoes are -- simply put -- works of art. I'm ashamed to say that in the year I've owned them, I haven't worn them once because I can't bear the idea of them getting scuffed or marked. I will have to suck it up eventually, but I hope this is a shoe that Fluevog will add to its permanent rotation because they are so unbelievably perfect and gorgeous that I want to own them in every color for the rest of my life. I have tried them on and walked around several times, and can vouch for the fact that they are very comfortable, but mostly I just look at them and sigh.

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