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Promise (Violet)
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Promise (Violet)
Promise (Violet)
Promise (Violet)
Promise (Violet)
$329 USD
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Hopes | Promise [Violet]
GROUPES:   Chaussure   Décontracté   Femmes  

John continue son mantra « De bonnes semelles laissent des petites empreintes (qu'importe la taille) » avec Promise. Fabriquée d'un cuir souple italien tanné au végétal, avec un motif brodé en «F», elle possède un talon de 4 cm qui est fait 100% en bambou et une semelle moulée qui va jusqu'au talon pour mieux amortir l'impact de la marche. Cette chaussure à lacet promet de garder la flamme allumée. F is for all things hope (F est pour tout ce qui est espoir).

"Promise me, you won't let them put out your fire" (« Promets-moi que tu ne les laisseras pas éteindre ta flamme ») - Slash.

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Amber from our Washington DC store says:
An amazingly comfortable heel and style. The Hopes Promise can fit short in the toe for people with longer toes/foot.

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Posted by Annie from Northern California:
Much better in person

I love these shoes! I was on vacation in Seattle and had a Fluevog credit, so I visited their lovely store. I have a hard time wearing heels and tried on many pairs. This adorable shoe felt like it was made for my feet. However, they are a MUST-SEE in person because the purple color is not captured at all on the website. They fit true-to-size on my feet. I don't know whether to credit or blame my boyfriend for turning me onto Fluevogs, as they have become somewhat of an addiction, this being my third pair in less than a year!
Posted by SK from Edmonton:
Perfect work (and everything else) shoe!

I already own a pair of Hope Promise purple boots (which have been absolutely fabulous). These were an easy choice because I already knew they were going to be comfortable right out of the box for long days at work. They fit 1/2 small (am usually 81/2 and wear 9 in these) because the toe box is quite wide and short, but it means that your toes always have some room to wiggle and breathe after being on them all day . Love them! They go with tights/jeans/skirts... anything... and the heel is just high enough to be elegant but still "all day" comfortable.
Posted by Louise Cantin from Timmins:
I have many Fluevogs but my all time favourite for absolute comfort is the Promise. It has become my only ''working'' shoe as it is the only shoe I can walk for long hours in. I own 2 pairs of these and missed buying the orange/red. If anyone has a size 9, I would gladly buy it!
Posted by Mia Kitty from Washington DC area:
Promise Me You'll Marry Me!

If there was ever a shoe made for my foot this baby is it! This is my second pair of Promise, my first ones are the navy/black and white, which I wear at least twice a week. This time I got the plum brown. I can truly walk miles in these, and up to 16 hours of a day if need be. That's saying something for someone with nerve neuromas and mild foot issues. Having flat feet can be a pain. Fluevog has saved my fashionable, if not painful feet some happiness! Please Mr. Fluevog keep making this style heel and shoe style form forever? Is it possible to marry a shoe? Love, Kitty
Posted by Lisa Reed from Australia:
Want more

Got these in green and tan I wish they would bring the black and red and orange back so I could get them too
Posted by Darcy from Denton, TX:
I've had these in the green/petrol and brown for a while now; they are fantastic. They're a great work shoe and very comfortable, even for Fluevogs. I am normally a 7 or 7 1/2 but got an 8 in these, which worked out perfectly. I wish I had some brown laces for them though, the white is a little off-putting on the dark shoe sometimes. Oh well!
Posted by Romaine from Edmonton:
Another perfect shoe

My, my, my. Just when I think I cannot possibly find another set of Fluevogs that fit and look as good as a previous pair, along comes these. Right out of the box, they are oh-so-perfect. They fit true to size, and as previously mentioned, make my size 10's look more like a graceful 9. Love, love, love. My only complaint...stop making such fantastic shoes!!! I am going to have to get my kids to move out to make room for the collection!!
Posted by Mihan from Vicksburg, MS:
Lovely, comfy

As I have come to expect with Fluevogs, these shoes are positively deligtful. Comfortable straight out of the box, I found them to fit true to my size (a 7 here, 7 in Bellevue Mattie Silks, 7 in Coffee Tenango, 7 in Wearever Obrigada, 7.5 in Mini Lambchop with socks). The rubber sole is nicely shock absorbent, and great for slippery surfaces in the rain. I haven't worn them long enough to experience some of the heel problems mentioned elsewhere, but I have a great relationship with our local cobbler, so I figure I could get them fixed if necessary. One thing surprised me, however. These are not orange shoes. The Coffee Tenango in orange are orange. These are dark copper with brick red saddle, not tangerine orange with candy apple saddle like the colors on the website seem to be. Perfect for fall, so it works out, but for those expecting an orange shoe, this is not.
Posted by Susan:
Insole issues

I have the blue pair (and a pair of the boots). They both fit beautifully and true to size. But I ordered the black shoes and the cushioned insole dug into the ball of my foot. When I returned them and explained the problem I was told that this shoe family didn't suit me, but I already have two pairs that fit perfectly. I'm wondering if during manufacturing some insoles aren't placed properly. I'm glad one reviewer mentioned that she took them to a cobbler and had them fixed. It didn't occur to me to do that, but if this happens again I know what to do!!
Posted by Shannon from Los Angeles:
Love these!

I have these beauties in the sage green and tan, and I adore them. I walk around the city a lot (concrete as far as the eye can see) and they are really comfortable. The rubber soles do a good amount to absorb some of that rough surface. I wear them with anything from jeans to shorts to skirts, and they look fantastic! Also? This is totally vain but whatever - they make my size 10 feet look a good bit smaller. One small challenge, as mentioned above, is that the heel taps are kind of soft. Mine ripped through the second or third time I wore them, but I took my shoes back to the Melrose store and they sent them out immediately for a replacement heel. (<3 the Melrose staff! ]:o) ) Unfortunately they did the same thing again after a few trips around town, so I think I am going to take them out to a cobbler and have something a bit more sturdy put on. That being said? I see they just came out in purple and I am saving my pennies for a second pair.

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