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Brandenburg (Noir)
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Brandenburg (Noir)
Brandenburg (Noir)
$149 USD
Reg $279
LIQUIDATION | Gateway Angels: Brandenburg [Noir]

Voici une chaussure de banquier avec des semelles Angel taillées et des détails brogue d'un style très JF. Bradenburg est la chaussure pour les victorieux du champ de bataille des réunions du conseil d'administration. Elle a été fabriquée dans une manufacture vietnamienne qui appartient à des fabricants de chaussures japonais, qui eux, ont été formés en Angleterre selon les méthodes traditionnelles du 19e siècle. Cela faisait plusieurs années qu'on avait fabriqué des chaussures selon une méthode aussi classique et à partir d'un endroit aussi international. C'est ainsi qu'on vous présente la série des Gateway Angels. D'un cuir ciré italien reluisant des teintes d'ambre et d'obsidienne avec un embout de forme classique. Avec Bradenburg, vous serez assurés de rentrer chez vous la tête haute.

*Ces semelles de cuir peuvent être très glissantes et ne devraient être portées par un temps très pluvieux, ni sur les trottoirs couverts de sel, car la solidité et structure de la semelle pourraient être compromise. Plusieurs acheteurs choisissent d'ajouter une surface adhérente par mesure de sécurité.

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit.

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Posted by Frederic-Alexandre Decelles from Montreal:
Original shoe

It's an original shoe, I've had tremendous pleasure wearing them and they look fabulous.
Posted by Chap from Edmonton, AB:
Walking on Air

You do feel like you`re floating! I have them in Oyster... very cool colour. Works well casual and dressy. Very unique look.
Posted by andrew from chicago:
love them, tough to lace up though

I love the look of these shoes and think the soles add to the comfort considerably. If you are looking for a psuedo dress shoe that is more stylish than your typical boring black wingtip this is a great shoe. If there was a concern is was that I'm a simple man and always get confused lacing them up. Regardless, i'll overcome that deficit and continue to wear and enjoy them.
Posted by Carlo Wolff from Cleveland, Ohio:
Cushy class

Got my oyster Brandenburgs yesterday, had a hard time getting them on (new stiffness), did it, walked around a bit—and today, the second day in, I don't want to wear anything else. Great shoes: good-looking, finely made, really flexible, and that soft Angel sole makes them bouncy and debonair. I suspect they'll become even more comfortable, as handmade shoes and boots do, too. The off-white color goes with everything, and the bonus is, it's uncommon. Fine footwear indeed.
Posted by Anon from West Virginia:

I received an email from Fluevog about these new shoes through their mailing list. Within a week I was putting on a great pair of the most comfortable brown dress shoes I have ever owned. This is my third pair of Fluevogs, oh wait, they have them in black, soon to be fourth pair of Fluevogs. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Continue the delivery of great and soulful shoes.
Posted by John Mazlish from Brooklyn, NY:
At last!

I've got a down payment on these babies, and can't wait to wear them. I've been waiting for Angel soles on dress shoes for a long time. Now it's time to take it a step further- Angel soles on some more of the funkier, stylish dress shoes and boots. I LOVE the elegant shoe styles at Fluevog, but almost all, especially the nicest coolest ones, have very hard soles, and are difficult to wear in NYC where everything is hard. So please... more angel soles on more styles... thanks John!
Posted by Anonymous:

I just got these, and I have to say, they are bloody amazing. It's like a pair of classic English brogues on top and a party on the bottom. Seriously, hand stitched uppers and a latex sole. Who knew? Thom Browne would approve and my grandpappy too.
Posted by Leo from Vancouver, BC:
Most Comfortable Shoes

These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and I wear them with both dressy and casual clothes. It feels like I'm walking on clouds!

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