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Dumont (Burgundy and Black)
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Dumont (Burgundy and Black)
Dumont (Burgundy and Black)
Dumont (Burgundy and Black)
Dumont (Burgundy and Black)
$99 USD
Reg $279
CLEARANCE | Bellevues: Dumont [Burgundy and Black]
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Named after her well-groomed facial hair, Gold Rush card cheat and gambler Eleanor Dumont has gone down in the Wild West history books as Madame Mustache. After winning fortunes from slow-witted gamblers in Gold Rush mining towns, Dumont would continue relocating to other unsuspecting towns, cheating her way across the Wild West. As she got older, Dumont would set up Casinos across Nevada, moving onto the next town when the locals would get wind of the fact that all of her games were fixed.

Using smooth Bottero leathers with a perforation pattern that circles and embellishes the shoe, The Dumont captures a slick and trustworthy appearance. This wingtip loafer with a leather tassle on a 2.5" Fellowship-Hi heel and a tunite Bellevue sole, assures you will always walk away a winner. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.

From the fit experts:

Ramona, Zach, Ali, & Paul from our New York store says:
The heel runs a bit large, and a tad wide in the heel cup.

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