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Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
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Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
$275 USD

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CLEARANCE | Adrians: Alli Boot [Blue Grey]
GROUPS:   Boot   Casual   Flats   Womens  

Just like sock hops and drag races, John brings you the Alli Boot - a Mary Jane bootie with, not three, four, or five, but six straps and buckles, swing toe lasts, tunite soles, and Portuguese leathers and suedes in a youthful spectator pattern. The Alli Boot is perfect for varsity sweaters and poodle skirts. A thankful person is a happy person.

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Posted by Rebecca from Dallas, TX:
Holy Hell! I got my hands on the last pair in the absolutely amazing red and this is one wicked pair of Fluevogs! They look insanely narrow and as one with wide wide that scared the hell out of me. I usually wear an 8 and these are a 9...I think they might be closer to an 8.5. Thankfully with a little work I got them on and I think they will break in just fine with a little work. The toes are surprisingly narrow as well, much more than I expected for this style of shoe so I think the larger size in this case works just fine for my wide feet. I would love to have these in black and white. Also, I'd love to see a version of these with a rounded more blunt type to too.
Posted by earworm from nwct:
color me crushed

this was to be my very first pair of Fluevogs... disappointed that the red was sold out, but still, thrilled to get these in brown! Until that awkward moment when I literally couldn't fit my toes into the boot. I was full-on Cinderella-step-sistering trying to make it work, but no. My feet are a very wide 10.5 womens OR a narrower 12. The EU sizes on the side of the box says 42, when I saw that, my heart sank. A good 12 is really more like a 43.5. Oh well oh well. For those considering this shoe - the width does NOT go up with the sizing, and this is really like an A/B width. Sad stuff.
Posted by Diane Selesse from Québec:
Ces bottes sont extrêmement comfortable et fait un beau pied. Les gens m'arrêtent sur la rue afin de savoir à quelle endroit où je me les procurer. La game de souliers dans ce magasin est formidable, que ce soit pour femmes ou hommes. Le Service à la clientèle est extraordinaire. Je suis très fier de mes bottes et je vais retourner très bientôt pour d'autres souliers. Je vous invite à vous procurer des souliers/botte, surtout si vous aimez sortir de l'ordinaire.
Posted by Allison from Orange County:
Compliments Galore

Let's put it this way, wore these tonight for a few hours to dinner and got 5 compliments. I think my husband was jealous :-D
Posted by Lorraine Quast from Oakville:
OMG they fit my narrow feet

I can NEVER buy shoes other than from a place that caters to really narrow feet; five A widths i fact. When I found the Alli Adrian boot I fell in love with it at first site and thought I would try it on knowing it would never fit. WRONG> It was perfect! If they had more in my size I would have bought it in more colours. This is a fabulous boot; fabulous. I love the fact that John's footwear are little sculptures for your feet. My husband is a rabid fan now too. LOVE our Fluevogs.
Posted by Krissy from Pennsylvania:

I had never heard of Fluevogs before when I came upon the website. As a former shoe department manager, I can appreciate some good kicks. So here I was, admiring all these lovely shoes that I could never afford to own..and BAM. There's these. In red. Love at first sight. I stewed over them for about a week before I finally caved. Out came the Visa. No regrets at all. A very nice person in the New York store advised that I get these in a size 9 (usually an 8.5-9, my feet are not wide at all) and they fit perfectly. I'm a convert.
Posted by Yvonne from DC:
Love 'em!!!

I do not like the color red, but I just had to have these boots when I saw them. I treated myself by paying full price for these, and am glad I did. They are super comfy (normally size 8-8.5, but bought the last pair in the store ... a 9) and sturdy. A day has not gone by that I have not received a compliment when wearing these. Great with leggings and slacks for a casual or dressy look. ,-)
Posted by rndmgrl:
as cartman says...goddammit. i bought these last year or so and l-o-v-e love them! but i would've killed for red. so it goes...i love these in grey (almost) as much as the red! and yes, i feel badass in 'em too.
Posted by Shannon from Chicago:
Shakespeare in love!

I hate boots usually so in 12 years of living in Chicago I have trudged through the snow in Mary Janes. This boot is PERFECT: Feminine, beautiful detailing, sexy, and above all comfortable and durable. I have a tendency to ruin shoes quickly with the amount I walk and stand daily, not to mention biking the city and these are durable and adorable. These shoes make me feel the same as everyone has said. Plain and simple BUY them. If you have wide feet or a high instep buy 1/2 size up, the toe box is more narrow than the picture.
Posted by Happy feet from US:
great boots, stylish and comfortable

These are not the wildest Fluevogs in the collection, but the SIX straps & buckles and all the fine cutout detailing make them stand out among ordinary shoes. I snapped these up in brown on a great sale, and have been happily wearing them as the weather gets cooler. Usually a 9, the 10 in these fits me well. Although it's early days, they seem to be sturdy and well made.

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