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Guide (Tomato)
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Guide (Tomato)
Guide (Tomato)
Guide (Tomato)
Guide (Tomato)
$299 USD
Prepares | Guide [Tomato]
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The original inspiration behind the Guide was from when John was walking to the Fluevog Design Studio for a meeting, and was confronted by a Girl Guide selling cookies. John, feeling generous (and hungry), decided to buy many boxes of the tasty delicious cookies (the number was never confirmed) to bring back to his trusty, hard working employees. On his walk, his hunger got the best of him, and he started munching happily. First the box of chocolate mints... then the box of coconut cookies... then another box... By the time John got to the Design Studio, he realized he had eaten all of the cookies. He discarded the boxes and removed any evidence of what is now referred to as 'The Great Cookie Massacre.' Unfortunately for John, his story came out in the meeting when everyone remarked on his cookie crumb tie.

Chuckling to himself at the invaluable lesson he learned from his experience, John drew up a sexy ladies shoe that featured thick, soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern mary jane Guide provides you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead (like not eating the entire box of cookies at once without a glass of milk). Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The angle of the toe swoop makes them fit a half size smaller.

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Posted by Mary Beth from Ottawa:
The Absolute Best Heels EVER

On a warm summer morning, I wasn't expecting to buy a pair of Fluevogs, but alas, the universe has its way of making things happen, and I saw these shoes that I have been coveting for some time now, in black, on SALE, with one left in my size!! So I nabbed them online. I have several pairs of Fluevogs, all of which I love, but for heels, these shoes take the cake. I LOVE THEM. I NEVER want to take them off! They are sooooo comfortable! I usually take an 8.5 in non-Vogs, but took a 9 in these, and they are perfect. I think the platform evens out the heels a lot, so you still look and feel like you are quite high up without all the discomfort. They are solid-soled, soft inside and out, and look like absolute works of art on your feet. I love the big buckle and the angle of the heels. They go with anything, and are so unique, which is what I love about Fluevog. I think my black pair needs some friends, so I'm now coveting the floral pair....
Posted by Joy from New England:
Finally my first pair of Prepare Guides.

I've lusted after those shoes for well over a year, but the price was a little out of my budget. Once these Tomato clogs came out, let's just say my heart beat a lot faster. After I saw there was only 1 pair left in my size, damn it, I'm splurging for I knew I would never get it on sale in my size. I bought the very last pair in my size, and they came yesterday. Stunning, and worth it. I'm a size 9.5 but due to wide feet, always go up to 10, and they are a 10, and fit perfectly. A little snug, but a round with my shoe stretchers and shoe stretching spray is making them more roomy. I'm not shy of ruthlessly stretching my shoes to fit comfortably and go for it. Can't wait to wear them on my next dress up occasion. Since it is summer and hot, I'll have to wait till cooler weather to wear them more often. They are totally worth it.
Posted by bevanstyle from SF, ca:
best Vog evah

I own quite a few pairs of Vogs and these are the most Vogtastic. I strut these pink bad boi's around town, out dancing, and to every single wedding I attend- AS YOU CAN STAND IN THEM FOR HOURS AND HOURS, and still give great leg. They're Vogfection. Comfort, beautiful and who doesn't like being showered with compliments all day. Go Vog Go! xx
Posted by Lorriwt from Minneapolis:
Can't wear these without getting compliments

Every time I wear these tomato-colored lovlies, I get compliments from men, women and children. They all smile and tell me how much they love the color and style. I love how comfortable they are. I can wear these all day and still feel like dancing at night. Perhaps the best shoe I've ever bought (and that's saying something since I'm a shoe-a-holic). Definitely need to get them in additional colors.
Posted by Marvel Maring from Omaha, NE:
Sheer lusciousness!

Denny from the San Francisco store was amazing. I couldn't decide what size (I'm between an 8.5 and a 9) and needed help. He emailed right away and helped me determine that the 9.5 would work best. I had prepared to order the 9 and 9.5 and have them both sent to Nebraska to try on, incurring more expense to ship a pair back. He saved me the hassle and the final decision was perfect. Order up on these girls--they run for me a full size too small. I can't believe how gorgeous they are in person. The color is actually a lot more vibrant and very sassy. I feel so confident in them and already I've received a ton of compliments from both men and women. These are my fourth pair of Fluevogs and they are worth every penny. Thanks for the great shoes and Denny in S.F., you rule!!
Posted by Denise from United States:
Gorgeous shoe but didn't fit.

I have been coveting these shoes for a long time and now that Spring is here and I actually needed a pair of shoes to go with my summer dresses I wanted to splurge. I opted for the navy color because I wear a lot of blue and they would go with everything. I read every single review and most people went up 1/2 size on this shoe so I ordered a 6 1/2. I usually wear a 6 in all my shoes including Fluevogs, but I listened to what most wearers had to say. When I tried them on today they looked fabulous, but sadly they did not feel as fabulous as I had hoped. I wasn't sure if it was a sizing issue and maybe I should have opted for a 6. I called the Seattle store and they had a 6 in Navy and my wonderful husband drove me down to try the 6. It did seem to fit a little better, but it still didn't feel like I would be comfortable walking all day in them. Fortunately, I found a different shoe to replace it. I am now in love with the Luxon! Thank you to the wonderful guys at the Seattle store--great service.
Posted by Cassandra from Calgary, Alta:
New mama shoes!

Bought these ladies about a month ago and they are my first pair of Prepares in my collection and I purchased them in floral! I am utterly in love with how well they fit ! Just wanna say thanks to Kristian at the Calgary store, he was an awesome help! Now to get my footsies in a turquoise pair :D
Posted by Sarit from Los Angeles, CA:
I want to marry these shoes!

Ok, first of all, I coveted the Prepare Guides for over a year. I knew they were the next pair for my Vog collection. I pined over them on a regular basis. I wanted them in every color but eventually realized that I actually needed black shoes that could go with everything and be casual and dressy if I wanted them to be. I finally got them and when they were out of my size in LA, I had a moment of sadness but knew that my beloved guides would be on my doorstep in no time. And they were. And now I don't ever want to take them off. Ever. They feel like heaven on my feet and added bonus? They make me taller than my son. I will take what I can get. I bought an 8, and they fit beautifully. I am usually a 7.5 but I wear an 8 in all of my Vogs. No different here. Now I shall covet the the teal Guides.....
Posted by Shawna from Abbotsford:
New Prepares...

I love, love, love this shoe family and have several wonderful pair in my closet. I rotate through them regularly and I get stopped every time I have them on, by men and women alike!! They are attention getters!!! I bought these in the flowered pattern and I couldn't be happier. They are beautiful and they fit like slippers. I wore them for two days straight and put many miles on them the second day...with ease!! Unfortunately my Fluevog appetite is insatiable and I'm already searching for a new member for my collection!! Keep 'em coming John...
Posted by J.W. from Houston:
Happy day!

I just tried on my new tomato Guides and they are just as comfy as I had hoped, I don't want to take them off.I wear an 8 in most shoes but, after reading the reviews I got an 81/2 and they are perfect. They are definitely brighter than the photos but, that's not a bad thing. Please make these in a green as I will be needing several colors in these. Fluevog Forever!

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