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Desmond (Noir)
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Desmond (Noir)
Desmond (Noir)
Desmond (Noir)
Desmond (Noir)
$219 USD
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Big Presence | Desmond [Noir]
GROUPES:   Femmes   Talon  

Le 8 novembre 1946, Viola Desmond, propriétaire d'une école et d'un salon de beauté, a été arrêtée pour s'être assise dans la section pour blancs au théâtre ségrégationniste Roseland en Nouvelle-Écosse. Viola a été sortie du théâtre avec force, passa la nuit en prison, et fut déclarée coupable d'évasion fiscale pour ne pas avoir payé la différence pour le prix du siège comparé à celui de la section de sièges du balcon pour les noirs, soit 1 sou. Viola a contesté la décision et après que la cour de la Nouvelle-Écosse ait refusé de renverser la décision et de maintenir le verdict, Viola a fermé son salon de beauté et a éventuellement quitté le Canada. La contestation courageuse de Viola a été le premier pas significatif vers l'égalisé des droits pour tous et à aider à créer le mouvement canadien des droits civiques.

Nous célébrons et honorons Viola en donnant son nom à cet escarpin saisissant et confiant. Il marchera avec vous tout au long de la journée et jusque dans la nuit. Avec une toile cirée et super saturée construite sur une semelle de cuir qui se moule au pied, l'escarpin Desmond utilise des matériaux modernes dans un style classique. John a donné à la forme de la collection Presence un bout très pointu et l'a relevée avec un talon enrobé de toile de 2.75" (7 cm) en forme de losange avec des courbes accentuées donnant à ce simple escarpin un profil très distinct. Si vous collez vos chaussures semelle à semelle et talon à talon, vous découvrirez l'empreinte laissée par le coeur de John. Present yourself well. (Présentez-vous bien).

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From the fit experts:

Chad from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:
These can fit up to a half size large but it's a beautiful shoe and a great heel height.

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Posted by nancy from various:
5 pairs and a spare!

Best style EVER - make my legs look a mile long - and - they are so comfy! I have the black leather, the black fabric (for summer), purple, orange, and blue. And I'm thinking of a 2nd pair of black leather to keep as a spare. Because I practically skip down the path when I wear these! LOVE!
Posted by Lena from Singapore:
Fantastic shoe

I love this shoe so much you have no idea. I am a shoe obsessed (>20 fluevogs) and have size 11 wide feet. The profile is very 60's and pointy which I have never been able to wear without being in excruciating pain. Originally I got the orange canvas in a 11 which I wore to an art opening (so 3 hours of standing). My feet were killing me at the time but the next time I put them on I didn't feel a thing. I also got the bronze in 11.5 (I thought I would put an insert in) but I think they are too big. Now l also have the purple canvas ones. Next time I am stateside, I think maybe the black and red leather!!! Mr Fluevog, Could you make more colors in matt leather pretty please? This shoe is a winner and I want to collect them all.
Posted by DP:

These are some of the most uncomfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I have them in blue and I adore the color. Normally I wear a 7.5 in Fluevogs so bought them in 7.5 as they seemed to fit well in the store - but these are extremely tight when I try to wear them. The front cuts into the top of my foot and is excruciating. Moreover the material of the shoe does not stretch and mold to your foot as would be expected if leather. Unfortunately I will end up giving these away - they are too painful, and make me unhappy.
Posted by Mariloo from Montreal:
It's my 4th pair. They are my work-shopping-go out shoes ! Sooooo comfy. I wish Fluevog could do more heigh heels like those. All my Fluvogs are the same size; own about 15 different styles - from heigh heels to boot.
Posted by SP from Florida:
Disappointed with the floral shoes; one bland, one scratched sole

The Desmond shoe is beautiful, but the pair I received (Floral) were a disappointment. The right shoe is a drab tan on the entire top, with a slight leaf pattern, also in tan. Bland. The patterns starts mid-shoe and goes to the back. The left shoe is not much better, and the sole is scratched, as if it had been worn quite a bit before it was shipped to me! The return policy expects the customer to pay for return shipping, which in this case is patently unfair. My e-mail to the sales rep went out this morning and so far, no response. The shoes are going back, because at this price point, one almost entirely-tan shoe and another with a scratched sole, are unacceptable.
Reply from John Fluevog Shoes at Fluevog:
Hey SP, I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your Desmonds! Please contact us at info at fluevog dot com, we'd love to help make this better.
Posted by Adin from Kamloops:

These were the fourth pair of Vogs I bought, in orange. I love the unconventional heel shape they possess; enough that I 'overlooked' the pointed toe, something I tend to avoid with my rather large feet. They're comfy (as far as I can ever be comfy in heels), stylish, and make any outfit that extra bit more daring. I'll be wearing them to an orange/royal blue wedding this summer, and hopefully they won't outshine the bride.
Posted by Ute Heidenreich from United States:
I love these shoes

professional yet stylish, and so comfortable - these are my favorite shoes in the world
Posted by LB from San Diego:
Finally, a Coffee family lover has another love!

I loved the Coffee family with the unhealthy unholy passion and ever since they were retired I have been a little heartbroken when visiting Fluevog.com, until now! I just got a pair of Big Presence Desmonds and I'm once again twitterpated! I can't wait for more members of the family to join :D Size 8 fits me (as do 8's in Bellevues and Coffees)
Posted by Susan from Baton Rouge, LA:
Great shoes but too small; horrible transaction

These shoes are fine, but I'll probably never be able to wear them thanks to Fluevog's sizing "experts." Based on availability, I ordered a size 9, which is a half size larger than my usual size of 8 1/2, and the order was sent to the San Francisco store for fulfillment. I then got an email from the store insisting that the size I had ordered was too big, and that the shoes ran large and I needed to go down a size. I told the person that in my experience, Fluevogs ran true to my size and that with a pointed toe shoe I was a lot more worried about having enough width in the toe box than about the shoes being too long. He INSISTED that even if I went down to an 8, the shoes would still be too long and I would have a ton of room in the back of the shoe, causing my foot to slip out. At this point, I agreed to go down to a size 8. The order was then sent to the Seattle store, which took two weeks to get my shoes to me (apparently, they could not get a shipping label to print out for my work address, even though I have things shipped here all the time, and I was not willing to waive the signature upon arrival because I have friends whose Fluevogs have gone missing when they did this.) Cut to today, when I decide to wear the shoes - they are excrutiating. Not only do my feet not fit in the toe box, causing actual pain in the front of my foot, but the shoes cut into my feet on all sides, including in the back, because the shoes are WAY TOO SHORT. I checked the size because I couldn't believe how small they were, and they are a 7 1/2 - a full size smaller than I usually wear and definitely at least a half size smaller than I agreed to. Unfortunately, I have already worn them outside and I had already deleted the correspondence with the San Francisco store, so I am assuming I have no recourse. I am livid about this transaction, both with the SF and Seattle stores, and will probably end up giving the shoes to Goodwill.
Posted by Janet from Whitehorse:
A classic!

I have the Desmond's in both bronze leather and cheeta print. I adore the shape of these shoes. The cheeta was comfortable from the get go; the bronze were tight across the top of my foot and needed some breaking in. After a night on the dance floor they feel much better. Both pairs are a bit loose in the heel even after me going down half a size from my regular Vog size but insoles help that. All in all a beautiful retro pump that will never go out of style.

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