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Luna (Black)
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Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
Luna (Black)
$379 USD
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Adriana | Luna [Black]
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Featuring a men's swing toe last, removable buckled harness, adjustable buckled straps, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Luna is both equestrian and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while looking downright sexy. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Luna boots will look great with age. Drawn as a F-Sole Bondgirl Boot meets The Adrian Heidi Boot with high heels, The Luna is named after our favourite down-to-earth sister who studies Chinese Medicine. A thankful person is a happy person.

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From the fit experts:

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:
Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!

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Posted by stacy from vancouver island:
love them!!!!!

went to the fluvog store on a boot mission ..tried on the luna's in purple and fell in love!!!! tight when I first bought them .broke out in a sweat trying to zip them up..but now after 4 wears they are fitting much better. love them and get compliments wherever I go...my advice check out a few pairs some seem more suede ..some are shiny and more like leather . my hubby found a small flaw on them and they had no issue taking some money off.great service great boot!!! i'm a happy girl!!!only problem is ..now I want more!!!
Posted by Disco:
Wow, this is what the hype was about?

Not impressed with the quality at all. What a disappointment. Zipper came off. $349 and the zipper came off??
Posted by Bethany:
Surprisingly narrow footbed

I was excited to get these boots in purple, because purple leather boots = awesome! I usually wear a 10, and I find that although I don't have what I consider to be "skinny" legs, the calf in most knee high boots is usually too loose. Like, what am I supposed to put in there? A brick of cheese? Is that a holster for meat snacks? Anyway... I read the reviews about how these fit and I was expecting to love them. The calf was snug, but not in a bad way. It was the foot bed and the way the zipper opened that made these nearly impossible to put on. Once I was in there (with tights- no socks would allow my foot entry), I felt like it was pinching my toe knuckles- a very narrow shoe. Toe box seemed ok. I actually returned these because I felt like I MIGHT have been able to stretch them out, but it was too tight for me to risk not being able to wear my $350 boots. The thing with the zipper was that when it was all the way down it goes under the buckle strap, so I actually had to take the strap off to even get these on and off. Beautiful boots though.
Posted by stephanie from United States:
Helloooo 'Vogs!

Buy these boots. They are wonderful! After a few years of floating on Denial River fretting about how my prepregnancy red harness boots no longer fit, I finally gave in and said 'I don't want fryes with that.' I tried the Lunas in store last week and it took two of us to get them zipped. Once zipped it took about five minutes before my left foot was going numb. The footbed was perfect. It only took another day of wearing till I could zip them up all at once as opposed to waiting till the leather warmed up a little to finish zipping. The next day I could get them on with tights and the third day with tights and socks. I can wear these all day now. Very comfortable. I did nothing special to get the calves to break in - no professional stretching at all. I didn't want to risk going to quickly and blowing out the zipper. I just wore them and moved the zipper up a little at at time as the boots warmed up till they were all the way up. Bonus: this beautiful dusty purple goes with everything. Second bonus: they make me feel tall - like, Kurt Whatshisface in Tombstone tall. I'm all leg in these boots and I feel very sexy in them. I wear a US9 or EU40 in other brands and wear a 9.5 in all my other vogs and I took a 10 in these. I have an average width.
Posted by Monika from Nj:
Luna boot is a knockout

I bought this first pair of Fleuvogs and love them more with every wear. They are a little snug on the calf, but once zippered they are easy to wear all day. Beautiful combo of sexy and strong.. And are noticed all the time,
Posted by MJ from Honolulu:
mahalo to Monika

thank you for the awesome shopping experience. Love love my new boots! super comfortable and they fit beautifully =))
Posted by Haide Rose from Canada:
Unbelievable fit!

Ordered them and received them within 2 days. Don't think I will ever take them off. Not kidding. They fit exactly right - 8.5 is 8.5. They are snug in the calves but still leave room for an extra fluffy sock and toe stretches :) Adore them already!
Posted by Lisa from Tornto:
First pair of Fluevogs, quality issue after 3 wears stitching came apart and requires a repair

I bought the beautiful brown pair and had them sent to the queen st store. Buying experience was great, however the seam started to come apart near the ankle on my third wear. I picked up at the end on October when notified that my size was back in stock and its now the 3rd week of November. Considering the price, I expected better quality. Called Fluevog and they said this never happens to the lunas, maybe I got a defective pair (?) and to bring them in and they'd repair as they're still under warranty as they are only 3 weeks old
Posted by Carla Elliott from Vancouver, BC:
Love love love these boots! In the two weeks I've had them I have received so many compliments. I've also walked a ton in them and they are so comfy. It took a few days to stretch out the calf to fit me but they fit like a glove now. Also love how weather resilient they are.
Posted by Bronwen from Halifax, Nova Scotia:
Head Turners

These were my 4th pair of Fluevogs, I have very narrow feet and very narrow calves, so I have a VERY hard time finding knee high boots that don't float around my legs and eventually slide down my calves like old gym socks. In fact these were the second pair I found that I could wear, the first also Vogs (Mattie Silks). There is a little room at the top but they are totally fine with skinny jeans and the leather is so thick and excellent quality that I don't think they will ever sag badly. They hold their own, they are very narrow in the ankle so a bit snug to pull on but not bad. I get lots of compliments on them especially on the elegant lines of the boots, at first glance they look pretty normal for a buckle boot, but people are always stopped by the excellent design. They are not the usual Voggy craziness but they still stand out. I highly recommend them if you want a boot that will last a life time.

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