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Ronald (Noir)
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Ronald (Noir)
Ronald (Noir)
Ronald (Noir)
Ronald (Noir)
$189 USD
Reg $325
Guardian Angel | Ronald [Noir]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Chaussure   Flats   Hommes  

Depuis plus de vingt ans, la semelle Angel de John marche sur terre, révolutionnaire et 100% biodégradable, épargnant les clients du mal. John revisite cette botte de combat avec une semelle Angel plus légère et mince, sans en perdre aucun de ses merveilleux bienfaits. Construite au Vietnam avec la méthode de fabrication classique de part en part, un cuir Bottero onctueux, un talon bottier en cuir avec un sous-bout Angel, Ronald est une botte qui est solide, mais qui a de la classe. Attention Satan!

From the fit experts:

Greg from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:
The Ronald is a smidge wider than the average foot, but seems to run true to size. The slimmer Angel sole is great for long walks, without being too heavy. The Ronald looks great with loose laces, or pulled tight, especially with cuffed denim.

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Posted by Ori from Israel:
The Ronalds are the ultimate in everything

This is my fourth pair of Fluevogs, and my experience just keeps getting better and better. It begins with Catherine at the DC store, who is a wonder. Her advice is always accurate, even across the Atlantic. And the shoes... Remarkably elegant, roomy yet substantial, carrying my substantial girth with ease and grace. An oasis of beauty and practical comfort in a sea of mediocrity. I can't wait for my next pair.
Posted by Fidelis from Germany:
deficiency in workmanship

I have to agree with my predecessor, those shoes start to delaminate quickly. The top of the rubber sole detaches partially from the leather shoe-body. I like the design & Fluevog shoes generally. But warranty promises make no sense if you live at the other side of the big pond 8-(
Posted by Larry Chin from Seattle:
Beautiful shoe, poor soles

I am on my second pair of these boots after my rubber soles of my first pair began to delaminate. After a repair attempt failed, I received a brand new pair. Unfortunately, my second pair is having the same issue where the toe and heel side part of the soles are detached from the boots. I expect more from a pair of $325 boots.
Posted by Xvat from Toronto:

I love my boots. I wake up next to them and they greet me with my morning coffee. Their bouncy sole keeps my step light. They are helping me not slip on ice and acting a fool whilst keeping my posture high and the most fabulous. Versatile for utilitarian look with the pants tucked in, and contrasted with the pants on the outside for a more sincere, business-shoe look. Check out my full review and endorsement of the amazing staff and designers at Fluevog here: www.xvat-official.blogspot.ca
Posted by labenge from Toronto:
I tried not to buy these...

I saw these online so went to the store to try them on, but immediately fell in love with the Guardian Angel Andrew in orange and brown. Actually, I don't even know why I tried the Andrews on. But I did, then I had to buy them. I still kept walking around the store in the Ronalds, though. But they were neither dress shoes nor casual - I couldn't figure out when I'd wear them. I bought the Andrews and left. That night I dreampt about the Ronald boots (ya, I don't normally admit to this sort of thing). The next day I went back and bought them. I'm wearing them now. I wear them most of the time. I wear them as a dress shoe, I wear them with jeans. They're very comfortable, no real "breaking in" required. They're cut roomy, but entirely ok. I'm glad I went back.
Posted by Marc from Vermont:
Love this shoe:

Clearly custom made to my foot by psychic shoe makers. The first two outings of an hour each and a third for 4 hours were on very happy feet, that clearly ignored that we had reached the destination. The curves correspond to the ball of the foot allowing the foot to center with adequate toe room for the little guy. Most shoes are flatter on the medial side thus push the foot laterally fatiguing the toes. I bought this for daily use, but it is still too dressy. So it is still on dress alert. I like leather souls on dressy shoes, but I am now an angel convert. These shoes can go the extra miles. They can be tightened for more ankle support or loosened for hanging. It could have been my joy beaming, but this shoe has pulled more eyes, and more compliments than others. Thank you Boston team. It is one thing to have a great shoe, and another to have fond memories of the days spent buying them. So now that I've got the fit, I'll pay double for a color:: Deep rich textured multiple shades of RED straddling the bright and the burgundy. Do dreams come true?
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