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Sal (Brun)
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Sal (Brun)
Sal (Brun)
Sal (Brun)
Sal (Brun)
$99 USD
Reg $199
LIQUIDATION | Beats: Sal [Brun]
GROUPES:   Vente   Chaussure   Décontracté   Habillé   Hommes  

Tout simplement perdu dans ses pensées... en rêvant quoi faire ensuite. Cette chaussure confortable est construite sur une semelle Tunite, un talon bottier en cuir avec sa doublure d'un bleu électrique. Du haut des montagnes aux caniveaux des villes, cette chaussure est prête pour l'aventure que vous soyez en train de discuter de métaphysique en partageant une cruche de vin avec des clochards académiques, ou en train de faire du pouce du Mexique au Canada. Cette chaussure classique vous suivra à tous les endroits auxquels vous avez songé et dans ceux où vous vous retrouverez. Pointures d'hommes seulement. Pas de demi-pointure.

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Sal is a fantastic shoe, true to size, that you can dress up or down.

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Posted by James from Vancouver:
I love my Beat Sals! Super sexy, classy, shoe with lovely clean lines and great feel. My ideal shoe would be a slip on version on these with a thin rubber layer over the leather sole for better danceability. See my o.s. submission (The Baldwin Bass Beats)for deets.
Posted by Jon from Pennsylvania:
Beautiful but fragile

I have had these shoes for a little more than three years. They are unquestionably beautiful; I love how I look in them, whether for work or casual wear. I want to be able to wear them all the time. But even with moderate use (only 1-2x/week), they haven't lasted as long as I'd like. My experience has been consistent with an earlier reviewer's: they have always been uncomfortable on my little toe, and now the upper is pulling apart from the sole at the ball of one foot. I just took them to a trusted shoe repair, and they would not take on the job of fixing the tear, as it would be a virtual total rebuild. Maybe my feet are too wide for this shoe; maybe I wore them in the rain when I shouldn't have. Even so, I'm disappointed.
Posted by David from Calgary:
I purchased these shoes just before Christmas 2012 and really like the way they look. When I purchased them, the shoes fit a bit tight but I grabbed them anyways confident that the leather would stretch. After about 3 months of wearing them to the office, rather than stretching out, the front of the show separated from the sole. I returned them to the store and they had them repaired in no time. Within a few weeks, the shoes had developed a crease behind the toe box that began to press firmly enough on my toes that I developed a bruise wearing them. Again, I took them to the store to see what could be done and the staff graciously stretched the toe box out over a couple of days for me. Fast forward another month and the leather tore behind the toe box. Again, the customer support was terrific and they returned looking better than new. I am approaching the 8 month mark with the shoes where the warranty runs out and am now nervous about wearing them too often as they have proven to be a bit fragile for day to day use. The good news is while they were away in the shop I purchased a pair of the Television's and could not be happier, fit perfectly right off the shelf. Great looking shoe, fantastic customer support....a little too fragile for everyday!
Posted by putmeincoach! from Toronto, ON:
best shoes EVER!!!

I bought the tanned pair to wear for my wedding. They are unbelievably comfortable (and stylish) right out of the box. Having gone through numerous dress shoes, these are hands down, the best I've ever owned.
Posted by David from Texas:
I have these in both brown and black and they're beautiful! I wear them all the time. Like most Fluevogs, I buy a half size smaller than usual. My only complaint about the Beat Sals is that the leather gets terribly scuffed on the toes and I don't know why. The leather seems to be really easily damaged. If anyone has any tips as to how to avoid this problem, please let me know. Thanks!
Posted by EH from DC:
Love 'em

wow ... these are beautiful shoes. I bought them in brown and they are perfect. I had to wear them about five times to break them in, but now they fit great. I wouldn't suggest putting them on and going for a long work on day one. Like many other Vogs tho, well worth the pain. I plan to keep these in tip-top shape cuz they really are a perfect blend of business formal and Fleuvog style. I usually wear an 11.5, but these fit me in a an 11.

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