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Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
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Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
40th Reissue
$315 USD
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Rééditions 40e anniversaire | Truth: Pilgrim [Noir]
GROUPES:   40th Reissue   Chaussure   Femmes   Spécialisée  

Pour son 40e anniversaire, John réédite ses designs préférés de chaque décennie, et pour les années 70, il vous propose le concept unique de la chaussure Pilgrim. Un mocassin super pointu, doté d'une enchapure salomé avec boucle et un cuir plissé sur le dessus. La Pilgrim est un des premiers designs pour femme de John inspiré à la base par l'époque victorienne. Cette version mise à jour possède une semelle en caoutchouc, un talon enrobé de cuir de 4 cm, une doublure dorée sans oublier le cuir ciré selon une technique qui permettra à la couleur de vieillir avec grâce. La chaussure Pilgrim est un hommage aux humbles débuts de John, aux valeurs qui l'inspirent toujours ainsi qu'un témoin du génie que l'on célèbre. « Vérité et intégrité depuis 1970 (Truth and integrity since 1970) »

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Posted by Marestir from Kohler:
Hot AND Sweet

My gosh, where do I begin. These kick hiney. SUPER comfortable and stylin. I'm a true 8, and this 8 is great, I do state. Speaking of fit...because I like to fit in (I'm lying): these are my 5th pair. Go, JF! Go!
Posted by A. Brisebois from Redmond, WA:
LOVE these shoes

I bought the grey pair of these last summer and I wear them more than all my other Fluevogs combined. They are so incredibly comfortable, I don't think there is high enough praise for these lovelies. Now that a red pair has been issued I think I'm going to have to acquire them as well, can't get enough of the Truth: Pilgrims. :-B
Posted by Cynthia from Vancouver:
Love 'em

These are my 9th pair of Vogs and the ones that I wear the most. I'm on my feet all day (hairstylist) and never have sore/tired feet at end of day when wearing these. Went looking for brown flats and instead came home with Pilgrims in black... now that they come in brown I'll have to get them as well. Fit well - I normally wear a 6 or 6.5 and got these in a 6.5. I did blister a bit on the sides the first couple of wears but then they stretched out a bit and haven't had any more issues.
Posted by Tam from Mansfield, VT:
Buying Online..

If you've only seen Fluvogs online (forum member recommendation) it is essential you develop a relationship with one of the stores and a staffer. Pete in Boston? Fantastic. Nailed the fit of these shoes perfectly.. my first Vog purchase the shoes went back and forth 3x before I gave up. As for these shoes specifically? To get your hands on them you will have to tear them off my cold dead feet. They are shockingly comfortable.. full support if you're on your feet all day. And as Pete said "just a bit Witchy." He described the sole as non-skid, and he was right. I feel solid and stable in these shoes, look like a million bucks, and can say with authority to Mr. Gunn.. fashion does not have to be uncomfortable. Mr. Gunn is obviously walking around in the wrong shoes.
Posted by Stephanie from Pennsylvania:
Love These!

These arrived today (my fourth pair of Fluevogs), I put them on, didn't even need to be broken in! Ordered half a size larger than my normal 8 1/2 due to the pointed toe, the size 9 was a perfect fit! Wore them for about eight hours straight without any issue. I love the worn in look of the brown leather, they looked great with jeans and less casual work attire. Might have to get these in a second color. :-D Thank you to the Boston store for once again sending me an amazing pair of shoes!
Posted by Theresa Shelton from Fort Worth, TX:
A friend recommended your shoes for their durability and I blindly listened and purchased a pair of the pilgrims.I want to thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson, the hard way. The heel lasted 4 months. Next time may I recommend a true wood heel on a Victorian boot shoe. I should have paid more attention but I won’t make the mistake twice (with your company). There it is, plain as day, leather wrapped (plastic) heel. Thankfully, Victorians didn't use plastic for their shoes.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Bummer you feel this way. please contact a Fluevog store and they can send you a heel replacement quite easily. Wooden heels split and chip rather quickly, especially in wet and dramatic climates.
Posted by Crystal from North Las Vegas:
wicked shoes

With jeans, they're like cowboy boots. With skirts they're pilgrim shoes. They're magick! I call these my Wicked shoes because I bought them in San Francisco on a trip to see Wicked. In fact, I walked about a mile in them on my way to the show, and another mile on the way back. They are comfortable and beautiful. I like the way the heels sound on the floor. And I have noticed that the more I wear them, the more I love these shoes. They get softer and the creases become more purple. If you are thinking about buying these shoes, you should. I saved up for these for my birthday, and they are worth every penny.
Posted by Kami from Austin, TX:
Buying pair two!

I bought the lilac pilgrims and absolutely adore them. Comfy, sleek, totally unusual - I get tons of compliments! I usually wear a 9.5 or 10 - got these in a 10 due to the pointy toe. I've just ordered them in black and can't wait!
Posted by Risa Gardner from Tampa:
love Fluevogs

I just got these shoes in yellow & grey. I also have the original swordfish shoes and the short swordfish boot! They must be 18 years old and inside it says "patent pending" ]:o)
Posted by Victoria Weinstein from Boston Area:
Beautiful Shoe

I saw these at the Fluevog store in Chicago and saved up for them, squealing with glee when I purchased them a few months later at the Newbury Street store in Boston. I got the mauve/purple color with is just smashing; a really lovely neutral and not at all like the pinky color depicted on the web site. The shoes did require some breaking in. I wore them with moleskin to protect myself from blisters a few times and now they're totally comfortable and perfect. It's just getting chilly now and I'm looking forward to wearing these with tights. My third pair of 'Vogs. I love his work so much.

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