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Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
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Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
$349 USD
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F-Shoes | Bondgirl [Black with White Stitch]
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This is a sleek, pipe line cut boot for a British temptress spy in short skirts or a mod cut stovepipe pant. Full-grain leather uppers and linings with beige contrast stitching, two mini top line buckles and a one inch thick engineer style buckle for security and fit. Signature rubber F-soles for traction and durability but be careful where you stamp that F or you may blow your cover. Approximate Calf Circumference: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5") Heel Height: 1.5"

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Tonyanina from Vancouver:
Life, death and reincarnation

I bought these boots in pink with cherry red stitching 12? years ago. I wore them out of the store as they were the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I had a severe car accident and during my 8 long years of rehabilitation they were the only things I could put on my feet and feel safe walking about. I was distressed when I discovered that there was no matching polish to fix the scuffs made by the black soles and my cane and they went to the closet of death. I was't quite ready to mourn them so brought them to the Gastown store to see if there wasn't a solution. Your lovely staff suggested that I have them dyed. I chose cherry red and I am beyond ecstatic to wear them in this incarnation! Me and my Vogs both have a new lease on life!
Posted by Mandi from Minneapolis:
These boots are stellar! The tread on them is like 4 wheel drive for your feet, which became essential in navigating the ice this season. The winter-guard treatment they did in the store seems to be holding up well against the snow and salt.
Posted by Denise from United States:
Love the boot HATE the quality

So I walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. That is because I live in San Francisco and really the easiest way for me to get around is my bike, which I use sometimes, but I still choose to walk. I am now on my 3rd, yes 3rd pair of BondGirl boots since 2008 and these are just about due for replacement. I was even married in my first pair. The quality of these boots is really poor! They look though but they come no where close to the quality of boots like Frye but then again I LOVE the style and comfort, while they last. The zippers have broke, the lining breaks down quickly, don;t let someone accidentally step on your foot at a concert because you will have a dent in your boot for the rest of it's life...and that dent might just rub on your toe. I really do love my Fluebogs but I have been looking for something else I like to replace them as my go to footwear but I am still looking and I need to find it soon or I will be on my 4th pair. You really do think these boots would last better than they do.
Posted by Katey from Atlanta, GA:
I have big calves. It can be done.

As I said above, I have big calves. (I just got out a tape measure so I can provide actual data, 18", it turns out.) I have loved these boots for years and always wanted a pair. I didn't think that they could be stretched enough to accommodate my lovely shapely calves, and then a friend of mine with even bigger calves did it. As soon as I saw these boots in my size in the color (green) I had really wanted on Fluemarket, I jumped at them. I wear an 10.5 in most shoes, and the 11 fits perfectly (I can wear thicker socks if I like even). I've had them on my feet with the calves sprayed down with 50% rubbing alcohol/50% water now for a couple of hours and I only have an inch or so of stretching left to do. I figure over the next few days, I will get them to where I need them to be. So if you want these and are worried about the calf width, it can be dealt with. You just need a little patience.
Posted by amy c from ithaca:
Love the style, craftsmanship breaks my heart

I love my Bondgirl boots. They look tough but are incredibly delicate. After a few weeks the inner lining was torn. After 6 months the insoles went and needed to be replaced. After a year I needed to have both zippers replaced (grateful to have an old Italian show repair shop nearby who did both for $40). I've had the soles re-glued several times. One of the top leather straps came in suede while the other three were boot leather (manufacturing error?) Don't beat these boots up. They look and feel amazing, but they aren't made to last. In my mind Fleuvog could really improve their craftsmanship and materials. They aren't inexpensive. I still love them though....
Posted by Elize Duggleby from Victoria (Vancouver store):
Super narrow in the foot, No room for arches

So, I love the way these boots look, but they fit super small. I don't have problems with the calf- I have small calves - 13.5", so they pretty much zip up real snug, but I tried the 9 and 9.5 and they're both really hard for me to get my feet in- if you have any kind of arches you can forget it. They're really narrow and have no room for arches. I'm going to see if I can get them stretched, but I'm worried that it won't help and then I'll have $450 boots that I can't return and can't wear.
Posted by Melissa Bischoping from Minot, North Dakota:
Just Your Everyday Superspy...

These were recommended to me when I was perusing the Minneapolis store on vacation a few months back. I had gone in looking at the 7th Heaven Angela's because I work retail and need black, closed-toe, closed-heel shoes that won't kill my feet and back after an 8-hour shift. The Angelas were terribly uncomfortable, stiff, and cut into my ankles, so these were recommended. The calf was a perfect fit on me, though I have notoriously *fluevog calves* (the widest my calves have ever been was 15.5". These loosened up a little bit after a week, but they zip up with ease and don't cut into my leg or anything. The only complaint I had about them was that the ankle leather was very stiff at first, and my Achilles tendon was very sore the first week I wore them from the stiffness and pressure. That's since subsided and these are a pleasure to wear every day!
Posted by Alison Pritchard from Fremantle, Australia:
Awesome happy girl..International Fluevog Day arrived in Oz this week when my Bondgirl boots turned up in the post! Wore them straight out and danced my socks off till 2am..cinderella fit and lots of new Fluevog fans around my neighbourhood. :) Thanks Denny in SF store for all your help.. Love your work....
Posted by gabriel from seattle:
Very disappointed to discover after 4 months of wearing my Bond Girls with care, that the inner lining of the heel on both boots are shot, & the heel structure was not placed correctly, & wiggles. I have holes in the lining, & was told by my cobbler that the leather used to line the boot is "poor", & the heel is wrong. I have to pay to have restructure done to save these boots. Disappointed in the quality considering I've owned my CeCe's far longer, 6 years, with no show of wear until 2 years ago, the craftsmanship has decreased. Sucks to have to take your Vog's to the clobber after 4 months.
Posted by Bren from Waterloo Ontario:
Gondi Girl

I purchased my very first pair of Fluevog's (*Bondi Girl)'s for my birthday 2 years ago. When I wore them, heads turned and I can't even begin to tell you how many people complimented the boots and asked where I got them. I felt like a Rock Star! .... The dream suddenly came to an end this year, almost to the 2 yr anniversary date, the zipper on the left boot came open from the bottom up. I was shocked to say the least, since the zippers & sliders appear to be pretty HEAVY DUTY. It's part of their charm... or so I thought. I contacted the Fluevog store where I purchased them in Toronto Canada, and they said I would have to have them repaired at my own expense, since it is considered regular wear & tear. REALLY??? I can understand if I wore them mountain climbing or fighting third world wars, but I wear them at work (in an insurance office).... Believe it or not, I don't exactly "tear" around in them at the office. I loved the boots so much, that I decided to go ahead and have them repaired... and on the day I was about to take them in, the right boot took a same turn for the worse, and blew it's zipper in the exact same spot (from the bottom up). It is now costing me $96. to have both zippers replaced. WAIT! The story gets worse... the cobbler didn't have the Large zippers or sliders to replace the ones that were on the boots originally, so they have replaced them with run of the mill, average zippers (for $96.!!?? REALLY??) I give up. I learned a lesson though. I won't spend $400. on another pair of Fluevog's (that have a life expectancy of approximately 2 years due to wear and tear around an insurance office), that's for sure. Thanks for 24 months of joy Mr. Fluevog. It was almost worth it..... almost.

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