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Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
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Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
$349 USD
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F-Shoes | Bondgirl [Rouge Vin]

Cette botte épouse les contours de la jambe qui la porte. Elle est parfaite pour toute espionne britannique, qu'elle soit en jupe courte ou en pantalon ajusté. Les deux petites boucles en haut et la plus large permettent aussi de bien l'ajuster. Toute de cuir, elle est munie de la semelle F-Sole pour le confort et la durabilité. Mais faites attention où vous posez les pieds, car un F laissé au sol pourrait vous dévoiler. La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (13"), pointure 8-9 (14") pointure 10-11 (15"). Hauteur approximative : Pointure 6-7 (14,5"), pointure 8-9 (15") pointure 10-11 (15,5"). Talon : 1.5".

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Raaya from Columbus:
I love these boots, but I was really upset that they didn't fit my calves. I had to take them to my cobbler to be stretched, and, while I can wear them now, they are still so tight that there's no chance of wearing them with skinny jeans. I love Fluevogs, but come on, not everyone has calves the size of pencils!
Posted by Jessica from Berkeley Ca:
These boots are the BOMB! got them a few weeks ago in SF and havent taken them off since! can't wait for the black ones too...
Posted by Lynette from Victoria, BC:
Love them!

I needed black boots for work this winter. I found the Bondgirls at Heart and Sole (here in Victoria). As others have mentioned the calves were a tight fit. At first I was devastated when I couldn't do them up, but the super nice salesman suggested I hang out for a bit and let the leather warm up. Sure enough, after ten minutes (of helping him unpack a box of new arrivals - sweet torture!), the leather was warm and soft and fit like a snuggly glove. I've worn them everyday for over nine hours and still my feet feel great. Now they zip up no problem! Heaven. :-B
Posted by Julie Larsen from Victoria BC:
These boots are fabulous!

These bond girl boots are my 3rd pair of fluevogs and I'm not done yet! They are simply fabulous with both jeans and skirts and I am LOVING them so much. I was a little apprehensive at 48 if they were too young for me, but went for them anyhow, and wear them no less then 3 or 4 times a week now! I had a little issue with a different pair of fluevog boots that I bought initially and I have to say that dealing with the Gastown store, the customer service (Amanda) was above and beyond any expectation I had - bravo Fluevog!!!! With love xo
Posted by Jeannette from Toronto:
Best fit for calves

God answered my prayer. It's about time they made boots for normal slim calves. Now I don't have to stuff thick leg warmers on. Best look and fit and the whole wiiiiiddde world. ,-)
Posted by Jackie from Wellington, New Zealand:

I bought these boots a year ago in San Francisco to wear while scooting around the hills and seasides of Wellington on my Moped. Perfect! Comfortable, warm and stylish, and a great fit. Thanks to the lovely saleswoman in SF for suggesting these to me. Organizing a trip to Melbourne for my next Fluevog fix...
Posted by Lynnie from Chicago:

These are really well made shoes, and cute but ohhh the calves. They are so tight! Being a thin woman I wouldn't expect any problem, but I can't even zipper these. I have 14 inch calves and they are way too big for these shoes. So sadly I have to return them :(
Posted by Jane from Montreal:
Even my Mum loves you guys!!

Everytime I come back over the Atlantic to visit family and friends I pay a visit to the local Fluevog shop - please remedy this with a shop in Glasgow, you'd be recieved with open arms!!! - and this time I fell in love with the wine red Bond Girl. My mum offered to buy them for me as a 'please visit more often' bribe but I've been working hard for my Fluevog fix, so I bought them for me and convinced her to treat her 70 year old feet with a pair of Vogs. She tried on Wearevers Gracias (in Cherry) and was amazed at the comfort and style! Two very happy customers - thank you!!!!
Posted by Annabel from New Zealand:
Squeaky squeaks!

I love these boots and get comments whenever I wear them ... which unfortunately isn't that often, since they developed a really loud and annoying squeak in the sole after just a few wears. I bought them in the US and live in New Zealand so couldn't return them. I've tried everything to fix it, talcum powder and paper towels between the insoles. It seems to be coming from the sole itself. (It's not sweat-related as they squeak as soon as I put them on, even if I haven't worn them in months.) I would wear these a LOT more often in winter as they are toasty warm, but the squeak drives me mental. They look like spy boots, but they're definitely no good for spying! As for fit, they're great for tall girls. I'm 5'9" and they are a little short (about an inch too short) but perfect for a slim calf.
Posted by Terri from Vancouver:
I love these boots! I've had no problem with the interior lining that others have mentioned. They are super comfortable, and I didn't even need to add arch support like I usually have to do. Out of my 5 pairs of Fluevog's these are my favorite pair.

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