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Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
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Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
Bondgirl (Black with White Stitch)
$349 USD
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F-Shoes | Bondgirl [Black with White Stitch]
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This is a sleek, pipe line cut boot for a British temptress spy in short skirts or a mod cut stovepipe pant. Full-grain leather uppers and linings with beige contrast stitching, two mini top line buckles and a one inch thick engineer style buckle for security and fit. Signature rubber F-soles for traction and durability but be careful where you stamp that F or you may blow your cover. Approximate Calf Circumference: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5") Heel Height: 1.5"

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Christi Sobel from Ithaca, NY:
skinny legs and all

Well, all of these reviews are not kidding on two counts: 1) these are totally hot boots, and 2) they are very, very slim in the calf. I'm quite petite and have slender-yet-athletic legs, and had to have them stretched before I could even dream of zipping them completely. I'm still in the phase where I'm wearing them around the house for a few more minutes every day. I continue to have faith that the rest of these reviews are true and I'll be able to wear them without feeling my pulse eventually, and I look forward to that. The things we do for beauty....
Posted by olivia from dover:
simply great

]:o) I saw these on a girl in Philadelphia l o v e d them..., was in Boston a few months later and just had to get them and others...have been in love with them ever since the purchase...and they look and wear great as I have had them a number of years and have worn them everywhere and with everything...i am sad as my daughter has since left Boston where I shopped for them and others I just need to try on boots to see comfort for me...
Posted by Sandra from Small Town Redneck Alberta:
Love em!

I bought myself the burgandy Bond Girls for my birthday last summer, and a better present could not be had! They fit my calves like a dream, and look fantastic with jeans, short plaid schoolgirl skirts, and dresses. I just got back from a week in NYC, and walked miles in them everyday, always comfortable, and always envied by my girlfriends. I even wore them with a fancy dress to the theatre and they looked great! Love em, love em, love em! (and I'm 45, btw...)
Posted by Margaret from NY:
Bought these at a thrift shop in Brooklyn for $20...A STEAL! They were exactly my size and already broken in, just beautiful. I wear them constantly. Never gonna give 'em up!
Posted by Betsy from Kentucky:
Still going strong

I bought my Bondgirls in 2005 and have worn them at least twice a week ever since. They are still the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and they fit like a glove. I've kept them well-polished, and after 6 years of solid wear, all they need are some in-soles and a minor repair on the buckle. I love these boots! Just be honest with yourself about your calf/foot size. I've got medium width feet and fairly muscular calves, and these babies hug my legs like a second skin. Note the calf measurements on the description and measure before you buy.
Posted by zarawzara@hotmail.com from Edmonton:
tall and black

Just bought these in a size 8. Lovely and look awesome on. Warning: these boots are only for those with narrow feet and small calfs. I have a very narrow foot, A or double A (it's been a while since I had them measured) and I have a tough time getting my foot in the boot and the boot is snug around my calfs which are 33cm at the thickest. So these tall beauties are perfect for me but not for everyone.
Posted by Lisa Walsh:
The color green is fantastic & I can wear them with skinny jeans or any sweet skirt.... Love the way the buckles clink clink clink as I walk.
Posted by LL from Vancouver:
Not everything I'd hoped for

After reading so many fabulous reviews, and my friend who swears by her own pair I bought myself a pair last February. I have "athletic calves" (read: large) so I had to get the boot stretched to fit comfortably. My problem is the zipper on one of the boots bursts open every so often about 3 months into owning the boot (randomly but not always) -- I later put them into storage for the summer and brought them back out this winter, and the issue became worse because the zipper would burst the moment I put the boot on and stood. I'm guessing the leather has also tightened up without use over the summer is what made the situation worse. I did bring the boots in for warranty, and unfortunately it has not solved the issue. So not only am I out $390 (tax), I had the worse experience with the rep who I dropped off and picked my shoes up from. It's nice to know you're only a valued customer when you are buying. While I still think the shoes look great, they don't do me much good sitting on the rack. My advice, unless the boot fits you perfectly with little stretching required, I would consider getting a shorter boot if you won't be wearing it all year round to keep them soft. While I won't be shopping with Fluevog anymore, my friend still loves her pair, so that's got to be something right?
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi LL, sorry to hear about your circumstance. We don't have a contact for you, so please give us a shout, we'd like to talk with you and see if we can't help out.
Posted by Chris from Vancouver:
I was on a quest for a pair of boots that could handle my busy schedule of biking, walking, and generally being awesome without falling apart. These boots seemed perfect--but they wouldn't zip up. Taking a long leap of faith, I trusted the salesperson who told me she could stretch them. When I came back to the store, the zippers were still about half an inch from the top. She told me to wear them around, and as the leather warmed up, that last half an inch succumbed and the boots were mine! I didn't find these comfortable to wear for about three weeks, but now they're perfect. Every time I put them on I feel like a superhero.
Posted by AT from Ottawa:
Stretch `em

I found a pair of Bond girl boots in a resale shop for under $100. They hadn`t even been broken in. I could barely get the zipper over my calves, so I resolved to eat more salad, because I wasn`t leaving without them. The salad thing didn`t work out and I felt like I was going to end up with major circulatory issues so I caved and reluctantly brought them to be stretched. I was afraid the boots were going to be ruined, but they are perfect. My message ... even if you can`t get the zipper to the top don`t hesitate to have them stretched by a reputable shoe repair person. My boots were stretched a whole inch in the calves and they are fine.

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