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Danielson (Noir & Blanc)
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Danielson (Noir & Blanc)
Danielson (Noir & Blanc)
$245 USD

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LIQUIDATION | Frontiers: Danielson [Noir & Blanc]
GROUPES:   Chaussure   Décontracté   Femmes   Hommes   Spécialisée   Unisexe  

Autant pour les passionnés de musique que de mode, John Fluevog et le frère Daniel, parolier du groupe de la famille Danielson, ont finalement lancé le fruit de leur collaboration. On y retrouve une découpe en couronne dans des tons de bleu marin et bleu ciel, une double couture rouge pourpre et l'icône en coeur de Danielson apposé sur le talon. De fabrication cousu trépointe, elle promet de devenir populaire parmi les admirateurs de Danielson et fait déjà partie de l'uniforme du groupe lors des tournées. La Danielson est une chaussure unisexe à production limitée. Il n'y a pas de demi-pointure.

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Posted by Garnet from New Westminster, BC, Canada:
Definitely my favourite Fluevogs!

I love the color, shape, style of these shoes. They are fun! I get lots of compliments when I wear these shoes, but often asked if they are boots because I wear them with jeans. I call them my Howdy-Doody shoes!
Posted by Kacey from Vancouver:
Super Versatile

I think these are some of the most versatile vogs I own. I generally wear them with knee highs and skirts at school when going for the librarian look, but have dressed them down with jeans. My most recent foray out with them was wearing them as flats as a bridesmaid after the ceremony.... for a red white and black themed wedding. There is nothing quite like a pair of Danielsons paired with a cocktail dress. They have the perfect combination of gender ambiguity and flash that make them perfect for any event.
Posted by Caroline from Canada:

I love these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable. They fit true to size. They are beautiful. BTW the next pair of Frontiers you design should be called Final (too geeky?)
Posted by Sarah from Massachusetts:

So excited to finally have my blue and red Danielsons! I had lost hope a while ago that I would never be able to have the pair I had longed for; the Boston store had said that that a 38/39 in blue/red was no longer available. Lo and behold, the skies opened above your Montreal store last weekend and Anthony walked out from the storeroom with a pair in his hands. He never got them back 'cause they went home with meeeeeeeee! ]:o)
Posted by bren from nanaimo:
thank you Greg and your staff!!!

thank you Greg for taking the time to e mail me as you knew I was dissapointed. The customer service that I receive each and every time I deal with your staff at any store is unequalled and really appreciated. I can hardly wait to come in and start trying on your fabulous creations again. I know there will be another pair that will send me over the moon. thank you again for fabulous customer service....for a customer that isn't lucky enough to have one of your stores in her town...yet!
Posted by bren from nanaimo:
quaulity control sizing standards?

I went into the Gastown store a few months ago to try on the Danielsons(blue/red)that I have been lusting after for about 4 years, so I could be sure that when I bought them, on line as I don't live in Vancouver, I would know the exact size I would need to order. The shoes I tried on fit like a custom made glove!I was so excited! Imagine my absolute dismay and disapointment when I finally got to where I could afford to buy the shoes,(I chose the purple/grey), on-line---ordered them in the size I had tried on--mens size 9---only to have them arrive and they are so freakin' tight there is no way I can wear them! As I had in the past ordered a pair of boots on line, they were too small, I had to pay shipping to and fro, ended up not being able to get a larger size so had to take a store credit -learned my lesson, came from Vancouver Island to try on the shoes this time...waited 'til I could afford them, ordered on line- only to have these shoes be waaaay smaller...what up???? The shoes are now on their way back to the Granville Store (on my dime-again) and I am left feeling completely like I can't ever get another pair of Vog's as the sizing is not consistant enough to trust. I am soooo upset about this. I think that with the quality of Vog's, that we should be able to count on the shoes being sized in a consistant manor.
Posted by Jennifer from Cleveland:
Great New Colorway!

I've had my eye on this style for a couple of years, but found the blue and black/white ones too loud. The grey/purple ones are interesting enough for me! They look extra great with outfits in various shades of black/grey/purple. Also, it's a muted purple -- not Crayola bright. ,-)
Posted by Kim Clifton from Chicago:

I love these shoes!!! I was in Portland for vacation in August and checked out the new Fluevog store - gorgeous store, btw, and very helpful salespeople - saw the black and white bad boys, red laces, OMG, tried them on and of course, HAD to have them. They are so cute and actually make my feet look a little smaller, which is saying something, size 12!!! Thank you Fluevog!! :-D
Posted by Sarah from Canada:
Greatest shoes ever!

I bought these shoes over 6 months ago and they might be my favorite pair ever. I get compliments all the time and they look fabulous! They are also super comfortable right away which is awesome. The only criticism I have is that the inside sole is starting to come apart so I will have to contact Fluevog to get that dealt with. I don't anticipate any problems though...
Posted by Pat Miller from Wisconsin:
Coolest shoes EVER

So, I just got my black-and-white Danielsons, and they are seriously the coolest shoes ever. The embossed Fluevog logo on the side! The "Ditch your car" graphic on the rubber soles! The double-rows of white stitching into the wood! The nails! The red laces! Plus, they are comfortable and fit completely true to size. And, your funny emails kept the ordering and shipping process fun. Wow! I'll even say it backwards. Wow!

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