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Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
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Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
Bondgirl (Rouge Vin)
$349 USD
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F-Shoes | Bondgirl [Rouge Vin]

Cette botte épouse les contours de la jambe qui la porte. Elle est parfaite pour toute espionne britannique, qu'elle soit en jupe courte ou en pantalon ajusté. Les deux petites boucles en haut et la plus large permettent aussi de bien l'ajuster. Toute de cuir, elle est munie de la semelle F-Sole pour le confort et la durabilité. Mais faites attention où vous posez les pieds, car un F laissé au sol pourrait vous dévoiler. La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (13"), pointure 8-9 (14") pointure 10-11 (15"). Hauteur approximative : Pointure 6-7 (14,5"), pointure 8-9 (15") pointure 10-11 (15,5"). Talon : 1.5".

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Pipi from D.C.:
Step aside

These boots rock. LURVE them. I can stomp on anything with these beauties. And the red leather is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again, John. And thanks to the crew at the New York store. You are all awesome!
Posted by Michelle English from Portland, OR:
My Favorite Boots!

These boots are the best you can buy. They are wonderfully comfortable and super sexy. My old ones lasted a few years and I am going to buy a new pair this year. The only thing I can think of that isn't so great is the lining getting holes from usage. It is pricey to fix. All in all though.. that one problem is not bad. BEST Fall/Winter shoes EVER!
Posted by Cindy Holt from Providence, RI:
Got married in these boots

I bought these for my wedding, which was 7 years ago this October. I wear these all winter long and they lasted 5 years without needing the zipper fixed. I am getting them resoled this year. Definitely worth the price as they do last forever
Posted by Sherri:
Love them!

It has been a saga; from Toronto to Montreal and back but worth every minute for my Bondgirls. These boots are comfortable, classy, classic and chic. They can be stretched to accommodate the calves of an average gal and look so hot with everything. Many thanks to the professional and dedicated staff of both the Toronto and Montreal stores - they made sure my boots were perfect.
Posted by Tess from NYC:
I really liked these boots, but they needed some work. I had to take mine to a cobbler to have them fitted with a panel of stretchy fabric in order to get them onto my calves (My calves aren't huge, but they're muscular, and I didn't have a prayer of zipping them up without the alteration.) Then I had to find the pair of perfect insoles since there's no arch support, and now the flimsy inner lining is ripping. I have no idea if this can be replaced or not. They're a great boot if you don't have large calves, if you don't need arch support, and if you don't mind the lining falling apart after about a year of heavy use. I might just cut out the lining in the spots where it's tearing and wear heavier socks. I, too, am six feet tall and these boots hit right at midcalf; they're not as tall as I'd like. Otherwise it's a great look, very sturdy and tough and warm.
Posted by esmeraldadesigns from NY:
totally rad

These boots are truly made for walking. Lovely snug and perfect height and serious attitude makes these my fave boots ever, despite three pairs of Vogs in the mix (sorry you guys). Perfect from the first step..what other boots can you wear straight from the store to a concert and the out in the night and have only great memories to share? Anton in the Mulberry NYC store is da bomb!
Posted by Heidi House from Toronto:
Look out JANE BOND

These 'bad girls' made me feel the love - especially after I worked them in perfectly... Fluevogs feel great on the tootsies, don't own a car, so 'these boots' have done some walkin'. ()-) would buy them all over again... p.s. Prereading reviews, helped in my purchase.
Posted by MacNaughty from Toronto:
I can even push a stroller in these

They fit like a lovely glove and you can walk for miles in them. Only after about 8 hours of straight walking in the mud did I finally weaken before these puppies... and my three year old. I'm the coolest Mom around!
Posted by Erica Rogers from St Paul, MN:
...seven my dear, 007

This are rock'n, kick a$$, beautiful, hot, butch, cool, biker/spy girl sexy boots!! These are one of my first two pairs of Fluevogs (along w/ the LA 'Melrose') that my girlfriend bought me for my b-day last weekend in Chicago. I've worn these 3X and they are breaking in nice already. I'm surprised at the narrowness of the calves (15"), but they are nicely snug on me and I just love that feeling of a snug boot hugging my legs... mmmm. This is a nice change since most boots are made w/ huge calves in the SZ12 that I wear, which just makes them sloppy and unsexy...but not these, though I won't be able to wear them w/ my jeans tucked in...so I'll just have to wear them w/ shorts/skirts. I plan to be wearing this still in 10yrs... thanks JF. You have another Fluevogian and devoted follower.
Posted by Miriam from Los Angeles:
Love my Bondgirl boots!

I ride a Harley and my Bondgirls are my official riding boots. After checking out other options at Harley stores the Bondgirl boots were way sturdier and better looking than any other options out there. They are the only thing I wear when I get on my bike--not only because they look rad but for safety as well. I've had them for years now and they continue to keep me safe and make me look like a real biker chick.

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