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Impel (Cheetah Print)
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Impel (Cheetah Print)
Impel (Cheetah Print)
Impel (Cheetah Print)
Impel (Cheetah Print)
$119 USD
Reg $275
CLEARANCE | Presence: Impel [Cheetah Print]
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Clean and mod, with a distinctive pointy-toe and last shape, leather soles with a rubber tread, The Impel is the ideal flat for cruising the piazza on your Vespa. The slip-on loafer features buttery Argentinian leathers, shiny bronzed leathers, or animal printed bovine leathers, perfect for any trendsetter. I'm not driven to rash behaviour, except when it comes to you. I'm afraid I'm inclined to throw it all away even for, however brief or long, walks in your presence.

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From the fit experts:

Rebecca & Dustin from our Chicago store says:
The pointed toe may tempt some to go up a half size, but this shoe is very true to size in length and pretty accomodating width-wise. Stepping up in size would most likely lead to heel slippage after a bit of wear. This style has a sharp and edgy take on a traditional flat.

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Posted by Petra from Los Angeles:
Need! more! Colors!

In a time long, long ago in a city far, far away (London) I bought my best pair of shoes - in only one of three available colors. The Impel is very similar in style, as comfortable and holds up even better. Please don't make me go through the awful experience of not having them in every color of the rainbow again! Can I pretty please have them in more colors, blue, red, purple, orange, even brown! I hope John hears my plea and heals the scars from my youth. By the way, if you haven't noticed: I really recommend these shoes.
Posted by Susanna from CT:
Hmmm... Loved these until they fell apart

got these in black. Loved them. Broke my ankle and had to put them on the back shelf but after a few months of wearing them the sole split where the rubber sole meets the foot and because of the impossible way to make a complaint to find out who originally shipped them ETC.... I have no recourse. I don't mind paying good money for shoes that are cool. Your shoes have always been of good quality and I am really really disappointed. makes me sad that I will have to think twice
Posted by Simone:
I bought these babies in bronze and loved them. However they fit very tight and returned them for a half size up. I wore them once and thought my toes were going to be destroyed and could barely walk without limping. Of course, because they've been worn I can not return them for another size. so I look at these fabulous shoes that I can never wear. I have tried stretching them and wearing them with socks in the house, but they still pinch my toes so bad.
Posted by Sylvie Thiffault from Montreal:
I went in the Montreal Fluevog store to buy the Black and White Munsters with the orange shoelaces...and I could not resist the Presence Impel! So I bought them too, and ...they are enchanted! I call them my Magic Aladdin shoes, they make me instantly happy, and have the same impact on people who see them- even more people than usual stop me on the street to compliment my shoes! Impel, you bring happiness!! Once more, THANK YOU JOHN! xoxo
Posted by Denise Popoff from Maple Ridge BC:
Black Prescense

I wore my newly purchased Presence shoes on Saturday for a family outing. I originally purchased a size 8 as that is typically what I fit but found these shoes to be bigger than normal and therefore had to go to a 71/2 which fit perfect. They were very comfortable and did not hurt my feet at all. I would recommend a half size smaller on these and I must say they are "Pointy and Fabulous". Very happy I bought these..till my next pair! :)
Posted by Dexkitten from UK:
My Impels are compelling

I love them. I bought size 6 and was warned they come up slightly wide and they do which is perfect as your feet are always slightly wider when in flat shoes and these are shaped perfectly across the widest part of your foot, narrowing in the toe and heel perfectly. I had a good experience with the Haight team and was confident in their judgement, especially as I was buying overseas and would not be able to return them. One happy bunny, currently wearing her new Impels around the house until she can find an excuse to wear them outside as soon as possible! :-)
Posted by Vava from eugene oregon:
revising my review

I wish I would have bought a half size larger for more room in the toes. the copper leather isn't stretching like I thought it would. Although my initial response was favorable, after wearing them a few days, these shoes are just torture.
Posted by Vava from eugene oregon:
the copper color is divine

I received these loafers yesterday and love them! I purchased my usual size 7 and these seem to fit just fine even though they do have the pointy toe. I'll have to break them in a little, but that will be a pleasure! They are very eye-catching!
Posted by claire from Okanagan:
Loved the shoe, and bought it in a size that proved to be too small. I am regularly a 9 so I bought a 9. I couldn't exchange the shoe for another size, and now I have a 275 dollar shoe that I will never wear. I am now thinking I will not spend that much money in the future on foot wear. The store in my town doesn't sell half sizes and I thought the 10 would have been too big. CLEARLY I should have purchased the 10, because now I am just an unhappy camper. (:-&
Posted by Anna from Albuquerque New mexico:
Beatle shoes....

Yes, i said that before in a previous comment...thes look eaxctly like Beatle shoes when worn with skinny jeans, just like the Beatles wore....they also look really good with flared dress pants or high water casual pants....i know...i have tried them with all styles! I love Beatle style shoes! I want to come up with designs of my own and submit them to Fluevog....then we can have more Beatle shoes! YEAH! @>- :-)

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