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Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
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Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
Truth: Pilgrim (Noir)
40th Reissue
$315 USD
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Rééditions 40e anniversaire | Truth: Pilgrim [Noir]
GROUPES:   40th Reissue   Chaussure   Femmes   Spécialisée  

Pour son 40e anniversaire, John réédite ses designs préférés de chaque décennie, et pour les années 70, il vous propose le concept unique de la chaussure Pilgrim. Un mocassin super pointu, doté d'une enchapure salomé avec boucle et un cuir plissé sur le dessus. La Pilgrim est un des premiers designs pour femme de John inspiré à la base par l'époque victorienne. Cette version mise à jour possède une semelle en caoutchouc, un talon enrobé de cuir de 4 cm, une doublure dorée sans oublier le cuir ciré selon une technique qui permettra à la couleur de vieillir avec grâce. La chaussure Pilgrim est un hommage aux humbles débuts de John, aux valeurs qui l'inspirent toujours ainsi qu'un témoin du génie que l'on célèbre. « Vérité et intégrité depuis 1970 (Truth and integrity since 1970) »

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Posted by Pook from Calgary, AB:
Funky & fun, but...

I bought these in the lovely lilac color. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, straight out of the box. The "distressed" color is really unique and so pretty on this funky retro style. The only issue I have is the leather covering the wood-look heel. I drove my car for 15 minutes and in that short time of resting my heel on the car floor mat the back of the heel was all scuffed and the color rubbed off. The heels are very cheaply done IMO and a big disappointment as Fluevogs are usually top quality shoes. `:O (-(
Posted by Joan from saskatoon:
fabulous shoes

I got these shoes 3 days ago. I had worn them for 3 hours and had already had 4 people ask me where I got them. They are very comfortable. I wore them for more than 8 hours continuously with no problem. I love these shoes!! :-)
Posted by R. Toor from Canada:
Fabulous shoes with one small warning

I love, love, love these shoes. Wanted them in the purple but got the black to be practical. Only negative is the heel - if you scrape it against something the covering can come off and you'll see the white heel material beneath and try getting that fixed - not easy. Still love the shoes but am sad that the material covering the heel isn't sturdier.
Posted by Melissa from Alberta:
Thank John for the reissue of these

Well it only took a trip to Toronto to finally get me into a Fluevog store... now I am a fluevogaddict!! Please oh Please say there may someday be an Edmonton Location!!!! I absolutely love my Truth:Pilgrims... I bought a half size larger than normal because of the point... let me say though this is my first pair of pointed wonders; man are they comfy!!!! And even in a 9.5 they don't look like flippers!!!
Posted by Elisabeth from Seattle:

In 1989, when I was just a wee little thing still figuring out my style, I found a pair of shoes in a discount store (ahem) that looked at lot like these. (At the time I'd never even heard of Fluevog.) They were tough, they were rustic, they were dangerous, and yet they are were also somehow feminine and classic and period-style, all at the same time, and they seemed just about perfect for my style. I bought those discount shoes, and wore them until they literally fell to pieces. And now it's a couple of decades later and I don't have to shop at discount shoe stores anymore. So when these appeared, there was no question that I would have to have them, to reflect the style I found all those years ago in a pair of, shall we say, tribute shoes. And I love them even more than I loved that discount pair. They're almost ridiculously comfortable, and I wear them with everything from jeans to pirate outfits to Victorian skirts--they match it all. And I'm really glad I found my way to them.
Posted by Heather from Vancouver:

When I first saw these shoes I KNEW I had to have them. Finally made my way to the Granville store and purchased them in black. They fit like they were custom made for me. I absolutely LOVE these shoes. Because I bought them in the summer, I've been patiently waiting for a 'pant' day to wear them to work. Well, I'm wearing them today, and nothing can go wrong. Now I see they are available in brown, guess I'll have to save up for those.
Posted by Barbara Derrick from North York, Ontario:
The shoe with everything!

I own this shoe in the lavender shade. I love the colour and wasn't sure when I bought it, but it goes with everything! Smashing with brown or black as an accent to a monotone outfit. I own many Fluvog shoes and boots, but this is by far one of the most comfortable pair of those or any other brand I own. The retro style and hot fashion colour make it a stand-by that I go to over and over again. I'd had many compliments on them, all across Canada this summer and would love to add the new brown colour to my collection. @>-
Posted by Sera from Oroville, Washington:
I wear these shoes whenever I know it's going to be a long day...mentally, emotionally, or physically. These are the MOST comfortable shoes ever! Buy them!
Posted by Kristin from Vancouver:
I wanted these shoes the second they appeared on the website. Once my Fluevog Fund (yes, I have one) had been replenished after my last purchase, I went to the Granville store and there they were, pretty as ever. I was relieved to see that the lilac pair were in fact purple, not pinkish like the picture on the website. The black pair were nice, but the lilac pair are really special. As with most Fluevogs, they fit a half size small. They looked narrow, but when I tried them on they fit perfectly on my B-width feet. The pointy toe is surprisingly comfortable and my toes are still happy after a full day of wear. Love them!
Posted by Emmanuelle Fournier from montréal:
pelgrim problem

I bought some black pelgrim shoes in Montreal in May and i got a problem with the heels 3 hours after wearing them the first time! I brought them back to the shore two times to get it fix, to my suprise a employe gave me some sh... because i was complaining after the second repair, who still wasn't done correctly There's still a problem with the shoes but i left the store, i don't want to be scream at when i'm buying some thinks at a store, and i don't care how much i'm paying. But i would like to mention, it's gonna be my 4th pairs in less than a year. I don't think there's that much good custumers in Montreal for 300.00$ shoes. PLease contact me, i don't no what to do anymore, the heels of the shoes look terrible. Drawn in desperation in Montreal.

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