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Cece (Black)
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Cece (Black)
Cece (Black)
$339 USD
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F-Shoes | Cece [Black]
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Cece is a slim looking knee high boot with a metal zipper on the inside. Wearable on so many occasions, it's comfortable and classic. Leather uppers, linings and foot sock with a low rubber F-sole for wear and tear. Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5") Heel Height: 1.5"

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Cece is a fantastic Fluevog style that fits like a glove!

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Posted by Michelle from Los Angeles:
They don't come off my feet

I bought them for lots of European walking and I have not taken them off in 5 months. I don't know how I lived before
Posted by Holly from Seattle:
Incredibly Versatile & Comfy

I have had two pairs of the Cece Highs. First pair, I wore pretty much every day for... 5 years straight? Needless to say they eventually fell apart- oddly enough not the sole parting from the body (which my friend had a problem with the same style- two pairs did that for her, probably because she was kicking them off like they tell you NOT to do!) but with the uber-soft interior leather lining falling apart. It just tore to shreds. I definitely got my money's worth out of them though! I've always found Fluevogs to be the most incredibly comfortable shoes and boots ever, and these are no exception. Walk all day, stand on your feet for hours, no problem. I love the style of the Ceces - it is basic, but sexy. Striking but still a bit understated (for a Fluevog anyway!) Great with pretty much anything from dressier skirts to jeans. They run a half to a full size small on me (i.e. I usually wear a 6.5 in other shoes, but a 6 in the other Fluevog boots I own, and I wear a 7 in the Ceces). I wish they were still made with the excellent stompy high platform! Oh, and my calves are medium-to-largish, and I had to have the Ceces stretched before they zipped. After stretching they were a perfect fit.
Posted by Melissa from Pullman, WA:
Rockin' boots

I'll admit, that the >$300 price tag was an initial deterrent. But, after literally ten years of drooling over, but convincing myself that I didn't need them, I finally found a reason to buy these awesome boots. They're stylish - not to vamp, but not too dressy and unbelievably comfortable after the not-so-bad 3-day break-in. They look great with skirts, leggings, and will not fail you in rain, snow or very cold weather. They're now my go to winter boot and I'm not sad the sorels have not had much wear this winter. Run pretty much true to size and the leather is initially stiff, but conforms perfectly. I love 'em and thank you Fluevog for literally, the best customer service I've ever received. Kudos.
Posted by TahoeGirl from South Lake Tahoe, CA:
My perfect boots

I own 2 pairs of these - in black and brown. They are fantastic - gorgeous and comfortable, and with a more snow-friendly sole than other 'fashion' boots. While they may seem edgy for a mountain town, I get a lot of compliments on them. I'm a convert, and only wish there was a Fluevog store a bit closer.
Posted by di.audrey from Sydney, Australia:
I bought these in red in Melbourne. The only place you can buy the Cece in red is in Australia. I love them!!! They are the most comfortable. I always feel I can take on the world in them!!! I worship your boots John... xoxox
Posted by alysha from san francisco:
LOVE my Cece's

Mine are the Cece High that I purchased back in 1998. I was in grad school and had to give a big presentation. I was nervous. One day, when walking home, I spotted these shoes in a window. I knew they would give me the confidence I needed to get through the talk. I bought them. I wore them. I rocked the presentation. And I have been wearing them ever since. They're on their third soles, but going strong.
Posted by Tina-Marie from San Francisco:
This is my third pair of Fluevog boots! I have loved his shoes since the eighties when I lived in my native Vancouver. The first day I wore these I felt like I was walking in my slippers all day! They are that comfortable. Of course the are much better looking! I know I will be wearing these lovelies all winter. They also fit my calves perfect with no gapping. I went up a half size bigger and they fit great.
Posted by Ms. Vintage from Midwest, yikes!:
Fluevog is the best, no doubt.

I own a pair of Cece boots.. they were the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. Mine were the Cece Hi but I am assuming they have the same mold. They were worn every day of three disgustingly icy, snowy, and salty (yuck!!) winters. Sadly, some of the color has worn off and no shoe place around here has the guts to try to match the hot pink. I do believe that this is only in the case of my color, and because my heels rub together when I walk (very unfortunate). This is the only reason why I stopped wearing them. Well, that and the 3" black platforms don't really suit me now. :) Even in hot pink and with a 3" platform, these boots were the best ever, and Fluevog is where I recommend all my friends go!
Posted by Ms. M from portland:
I love these boots forever and ever. My previous pair lasted seven years of just about daily use. I've recently signed up for a second pair. The boys... :-{ they like them.
Posted by Lillian Charlotte Huggins from Portland, Oregon U.S.A:
John Fluevog Saved My Sanity

I am a hairdresser. This is the story of how i started my Fluevog lifestyle. I was working too hard in a dead end job, making minuscule profits and being under appreciated. Every day I got up, got dressed, put on my cheap less than comfortable shoes and went to work. Mid April 2007 I visited a friend in Seattle to calm my nerves and clear my head a.k.a go shopping. Walking aimlessly in a town i had never been, I happened by what i thought was a shoe store. As I walked in i found it was a magical place that feet dream of, where style, comfort and fabulousity explode into a room full of shoes. I instantly fell in love with these outstanding boots. My first day back I got up, got dressed,put on my super fantastic new best friends and went to work. As soon as i walked in I realized that if a shoe can make me feel like a rock star my job should too. Two weeks later i had put in my notice and went into business for myself. Six months later, a stunningly dashing man complimented me on my boots and we have been madly in love ever since. I have purchased three more pair of Vog's and have worn nothing else every day since then and have never been happier. These boots fit like a glove after about a week of breaking in and have barely worn down after over a year. Buy these boots right now! They are a definite staple of the collection and my gateway drug to the Fluevog empire. These hi fashion sh*t kickers will change your life.

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