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Danielson (Black & White)
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Danielson (Black & White)
Danielson (Black & White)
$245 USD

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CLEARANCE | Frontiers: Danielson [Black & White]
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For music and fashion lovers alike, John Fluevog and songwriter Brother Daniel of the Danielson Family have finally released their exciting new collaboration. Complete with crowning cut-outs of dark and baby blues, crimson double stitch, and the Danielson iconic heart on the heel, this Goodyear Welted shoe is sure to be an instant favourite among Danielson fans as it has become part of the stage uniform while on tour. The Danielson shoe is a limited edition unisex shoe, and available only in full sizes.

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Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Worth the Wait

I tried on the blue version of these fabulous shoes in the Haight store last year, somehow managed to walk away from them and then of course my size disappeared. Lesson: if it's limited edition, buy it while you can. Finally got a pair in my size on eBay and got compliments the first time out...of course! As a 7.5 the 8 fit perfectly.
Posted by Sherri from Near Philly:

Got the B&W version, and I had read the reviews including one who said they were "stompy" and BOY do I NOW know what she meant. I LOVE the feel of the sturdy leather and sole - super quality. No tightness for me, got the 10, I am between a 9.5 and 10 woman's, and a 41 European size and these are perfect. Of course, Hurricane Irene came and and left me without a sump-pump, and I thought about returning them since Irene set me back 500.00, but I just can't do it, they are too awesome! My thanks to Alan in the NYC shop for his awesome service and Petrea for her fab blue paper around the box! In summary: My life is now complete; I have Fluevogs on my feet!
Posted by Candie from Burbank, CA:
Very fun!

When I first got them, they pinched my wide feet a bit, but now they are perfectly comfortable and I wear them all the time. I have the blue ones and they are beautiful!
Posted by Heather from Calgary:

My first pair of Fluevogs, and they're incredible. Bright and colourful (I went with the blue) and very stompy. The construction is really great - I can see nails and wood posts (I think?) in the sole, and the stitching is immaculate. Fit seems really good, too - I usually wear a 7 1/2, and the 8 fits me really nicely. The first pair of Fluevogs is the gateway drug, I think?
Posted by Rachel Galloway from San Diego, CA:
From Stage to Street

These shoes are so beautiful and comfortable. Not only do I wear these amazing Danielson shoes while rockin' out on stage but they are extremely versatile and can be worn with any outfit. You will definitely get attention and comments when wearing them! JF has style, comfort, and quality all the way. Thank you John Fluevog for your generosity! Love, Rachel (Smith) Galloway (Danielson)
Posted by Sarah J. from Seattle, WA:
Glad I bought these

I was planning to take a trek over to Seattle today anyway to visit Pike Place Market, and thought I might check out the Fluevog store, and these shoes that I'd been gawking at online for a while. I tried on a pair of these in white and black, and instantly fell in love all over again. They look much cooler in person. I bought and wore them out and around to explore downtown Seattle, and they were quite comfortable and are breaking in nicely. My feet are a wide size, and so leather shoes that will break in are wonderful. They rub a bit on the top of my foot where the toes bend, but that seems to be going away as I break them in. I loved wearing them with my usual gothy frippery but they look good in jeans as well. I work retail and so a good pair of shoes I can stand up all day in is well worth it. I loved catching people looking at my feet, and smiled as I looked at them as well. This is probably the most I've ever spent on one article of clothing but WELL worth the price for such an amazing and comfortable pair of shoes. Once I save up I'll definitely be back for another pair. Thanks, guys! ]:o)
Posted by Jolie from Petaluma:

These shoes turn my little crank. To say I love them is really not enough. I ordered a mens 10 and the fit is perfect, plenty of room in the toe. I normally wear a mens 10, womens 12 so these are true to size. People with wide feet might need them stretched, but they were just right for my ski-type feet. When I get some extra money, I'll be ordering more Fluevogs! Please keep making the womens 12 sizes, it's rare thing. Thanks ever so much!
Posted by Brittney from Toronto:
LOVE+Tiny problem

Really, really comfortable!!! Like having super stylish little pieces of shoe heaven on your feet. Don't even have to break them in!!! Only problem: the soft leather lining stains your light colored socks yellow and pulls up after constant and continued wear :-( I'm getting mine back tomorrow after having em repaired at Fluvog. It's been the longest week of my life! I'm in love @>-
Posted by Steve from Seattle:
Fluevogified Again!!!!

How in the Hell do they continue to make the most radical, The most hip, The most "Got to have them in my wardrobe", shoes time and time again. I put a pair of Frontier Danielsons in black and white on layaway a couple months back and almost forgot about them until I was in Seattle again for business and immediately collected them up. These treads are "Poppin" and both Bro's and Ho's are throwing compliments at me. And I thought the Red Iggy's were tight. :-D
Posted by Mike Moore from Vancouver, BC:
Truly awesome

I got these a few months ago to celebrate my new Art Director promotion, and they are one of the coolest pairs of shoes I've ever owned. They've sparked a lot of comments, even from complete strangers - keep up the awesome designs! (Would love more shoes that played along the edge of 'slightly infernal' though!)

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