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Bondgirl (Brown)
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Bondgirl (Brown)
Bondgirl (Brown)
$99 USD
Reg $299
CLEARANCE | F-Shoes: Bondgirl [Brown]
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This is a sleek, pipe line cut boot for a British temptress spy in short skirts or a mod cut stovepipe pant. Full-grain leather uppers and linings with beige contrast stitching, two mini top line buckles and a one inch thick engineer style buckle for security and fit. Signature rubber F-soles for traction and durability but be careful where you stamp that F or you may blow your cover. Approximate Calf Circumference: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5") Heel Height: 1.5"

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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Posted by Mel-low from Vancouver:
Not for Athletes

There are super awesome looking. I fell in love, but we were not compatible. They fit perfectly except around my calves. I tried size 9 which fitted fine on the foot, except my around my 16" calves it was almost a 2" gap that would bust the seams if they were stretched. The F-soles would have been awesome. I thought with those buckles at the top, John would have designed them to be accommodating for those with bigger calves by being able to cinch down the buckles or let 'em loose. It almost makes me wish I didn't do backcountry skiing or biking so I'd have slimmer calves to wear these hot boots.
Posted by Sherri from ontario:
Love'em Gigitty!!!

The Bondgirl is a boot I wear when my Fluevog high high heeled boots need a break. Up to now I owned both the black and burgandy Bondgirl. I of course must now order the green, wine and brown. I must because I adore them!!! I own numerous Fluevog boots and I can't wait to send in my new order! To add to a previous post - the Bondgirl boots do indeed squeak after some time. It is a little funny actually because I thought I was the only one .... hehehehe
Posted by Emma Peel from Canada:
Hottest. Boots. Ever.

I have them in red. When I put them on, they mysteriously transform me into Emma Peel (from the original series), the sexiest super spy of all time. Incredible. I don't know how Fluevog does it.
Posted by Cindy from Baltimore:
Love my Bond Girls but they SQUEAK

Have had these boots for years and they are my all time favs. After having them for a few years, however, they started squeaking...LOUD. I bought new soles from the Chicago store and had them completely rebuilt by a cobbler. They were good for another year or so but they are now SQUEAKING again. I'm so sad because they are otherwise perfect but I am hesitant to plunk down another $299 for new pair that may squeak. Why, John Fluevog? Why? Please help! I'm having a boot crisis!
Posted by Kerill from Macau:

>-) Ooooh yer. Bring em on. These boots ARE made for walkin' (and strutting and leaning and sitting and just generally lookin' good and feeling awesome). I am an English speaker living in a Cantonese speaking country and when complete strangers who struggle with English come up to me on the streets and say, 'I like your boots, where can I buy?', I know I have hit a pretty special look that shakes some tail. I love the fact that I can wear these with short or long skirts, short or long pants, tuck the pants in or not...versatile, tough and sexy! Love to wear them with a pretty frock as well just to down-girly those frills! Any wonder these boots are so popular and are a long standing style for John Fluevog! No breaking in time either - just unwrapped the pack and put 'em on! Absolutely painless and abolutely pleasurable purchasing over the internet (Thanks Chad!)Now I'm a-lookin' for my 6th pair of Fluevogs to treat my feet to absolute luxury and my ego to attention!
Posted by Jinete from Mid-America:
Unofficially Unisex

As a guy who prefers boots to shoes, it didn’t take much online shopping to learn that women have many more choices than men for tall boots. Knew I was on the right track when I discovered that the Fluevog site offered an entire Unisex Styles section. Then I browsed on over to the Women’s section and found several other appealing tall boots. My first purchase, the Alexis equestrian, is a beautiful tall black boot but the largest size (Women’s 12) was way too tight for me. So I gave them to a friend who found they fit well with thick socks. Truthfully, they look better on her than they did on me. Then I found the brown Bondgirl model and decided to look past the non-unisex name to the boot itself, and try the size 13. Surprisingly, they are stamped with Size 11, possibly a man’s size (?), inside the shaft. These fabulous “engineer style” boots sport 16 inches of great supple leather rising from the super comfy F Sole built for striding through life. One was a bit snug until I followed the advice of Dustin in the Chicago store to wear them with wet socks, which stretched them at the pressure points. Thanks, Dustin! While I wear them for my own enjoyment, it doesn’t hurt that several ladies have complimented my new boots. Now if only I knew, is it the Vogs, or the guy rocking them...
Posted by LeAnne from Portland, Oregon:
8 months but I found you. <3<3<3

I am so glad I stopped by the site two weeks ago and I was so happy to see that the Bondgirl came in Wine. I have wanted a pair of red boots since the tail end of last winter. I bought the boots in my average size 9.5 and they fit so well! I have a calf that is about a half inch bigger than the calf of the boot but Leah at the Seattle store was so kind and told me to just wear them rather than taking them to be stretched! She was spot on with her statement and my boots have stretched to accommodate my calf size! This is my first pair of Fluevog shoes but I always peek at the site when I get the desire to look at boots. I doubt these will be my last. I have only worn these boots three times since I got them last week but each day I got stopped and complimented over my Bondgirls and asked where they came from. Go John!
Posted by Epiphany Stone from richmond va:
tough and sweet

These boots saved my life at Burning Man. All my other (more expensive)boots fell apart & died on the playa (non fluevogs mind you),but the bond girls had my back. I wore them most of the the week and they were like new when I got home and cleaned them. Thank you Fluevog for making a boot that is cute and quality. They are so worth the money & I will only wear fluevogs from now on.
Posted by Ali from NYC:
License to Chill

I'm a somewhat of a regular at the NYC store, and there was a bit of a kerfuffle when I admitted that I didn't have the Bondgirls yet. Despite assurances that they would quickly become one of my favorite pairs of Vogs, I put this staple boot to the side in favor of other styles. It wasn't until they appeared in green that I realized the staff had been right all along. From the moment I zipped them up, I felt like they had been made for me. I usually take an 8.5 in Fleuvogs, but the 8 fit my feet and calves like a glove. A big, tough, stompy glove. They're not quite office-wear, but I wish I could wear them every day!
Posted by Heather Patel from England:
any hints?

I bought these boots in SF in about 2001. I loved them like they were my first born and they were worn in well and fit great. However, I moved to England in 2003 and it appears being in the baggage hold for 12 hours did something bad to them, and now they are too tight! (I'm the same weight, so it's not having fatter feet!) Yes it is 7 years later and I can't wear them but can't part with them either. Any help to make them fit again?? :-(

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