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Erika (Black & Ivory)
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Erika (Black & Ivory)
Erika (Black & Ivory)
$295 USD
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Fellowships | Erika [Black & Ivory]
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Inspired by the pure, early days of his childhood helping his father with his ice cream shoppe, John brings you his modernized idea of a saddle shoe. Designed upon the popular Fellowship sole and aniline leather wrapped heel of soft comfortable rubber, this design is sure to be an instant favourite. After all these years, now is the time to bring out those poodle skirts, bobby sox, and Jerry Lee Lewis records.Old Friends are Good Friends.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Anthony from our Montréal store says:
The Erika fits perfectly (it's true to size)!

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Posted by Jo from Seattle:
awesome, but the heels are too soft

I have the Erikas, a mary-jane that isn't the Kathy's, and a mid-calf boot that's not listed here. In all three cases, the rubber on the heel is too soft and tends to disconnect from the rest of the heel, which causes damage to the leather wrap. My shoe repair man at UVillage in Seattle put a harder kind of heel on all 3 that looks great and solves the problem--but at $19.95 a pair it kinda sucks.
Posted by Gladys from southern California:
These are darling!

These are my go-to shoes: easy to slip on, comfortable for driving, and absolutely adorable. I have them in cobalt-and-brown (though the cobalt verges on turquoise, which I love). I went up half a size (from 5 to 5 1/2) because they run a bit narrow, but now that they've been broken in they feel a tad loose even with socks. While they are still comfy, I would suggest sticking with your true size and trusting the soft leather to give way after they break in.
Posted by Natalie from Chicago:

I have a wide foot and, because of this, sizes in Fluevogs vary significantly. I typically wear a six, got these in a 6.5 and there is a little (but not too much) room at the toe. The width is just dandy. For reference I wear a 6 in the Wearever style and a 7 in Soprano. I would say if you have an odd foot go to the store. One of the sizes will fit you perfectly!
Posted by Montserrat from New York:
Feeling younger again

Looooooooooooooooove those shoes too. I wore yesterday and i was feeling i was going to school again :-B . Are so cute and the most important so comfortable. :-D
Posted by K from Edmonton:
I likie

These Vogs are instantly comfortable, fit true to size, have a really comfortable low heel height without being flat...and they are funky without being too heavy. My only wish is that the toe wasn't so square. Otherwise, they are perfect!
Posted by gwen from new zealand:
i looked around the world

I searched everywhere for the perfect saddle shoe...I finally found it in NYC at Fluevog...I don't want to take them off
Posted by Charlotte from Seattle:
I have owned at least 15 pairs of Fluevogs, and I have two pairs of Fellowships including the Ericas. So far, my opinion of the Fellowships is that they fit nice and look pretty, but they are not as sturdy as I would like.
Posted by Michele Menard Ferazzutti from Toronto:
What's old is new - and much better!

I used to think that saddle shoes were ugly,and heavy, and clunky.. did I mention ugly? But oh .. THESE saddle shoes, in the blue/brown combo, are light and lithe, and fun!! I catch people eyeing them on the subway - and when they make eye contact and smile or nod - I know it's another Fluevogger. They look fantastic with jeans, with a straight skirt and tights, and I only wish I could still fit into my school uniform kilt!
Posted by Linda from Colorado:
. . . and my friend said, "Well, they are nice. But that is an awful lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes." And I knew at that moment that we couldn't be friends anymore. John, thanks for being my friend. Sometimes, I think you are the only one who understands me. @>-
Posted by Alida from Calgary, Alberta:
Sexy, sexy saddle shoes...

These blue saddle shoes are the BEST for comfort and for looking fabulous. I always feel ultra slick when I wear these and plus they fit well into my musician lifestyle! (cute with jeans or capris!)Thanks for the coolest shoes on the planet.

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