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Edwardian Hamburger (Bourgogne)
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Edwardian Hamburger (Bourgogne)
Edwardian Hamburger (Bourgogne)
Edwardian Hamburger (Bourgogne)
Edwardian Hamburger (Bourgogne)
$169 USD
Reg $349
Swordfish | Edwardian Hamburger [Bourgogne]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Femmes   Hommes  

Une collection iconique des années '80 popularisée par la forme distincte de son bout pointu, le Swordfish a été repensé par John pour créer cette superbe botte. Faite d'un cuir Texas vieilli et robuste, avec une semelle en tunite, une fermeture éclair à l'intérieur, des courroies et des boucles, il n'est pas surprenant que les modèles de la famille Swordfish soient collectionnés par les vedettes du rock. Le Edwardian Hamburger comprend aussi un talon cubain enrobé de cuir de 3.5" (9 cm) qui maximise le look Fluevog.

Lorsqu'on lui a demandé le nom de cette nouvelle création, John s'est dit que la botte aurait pu être portée au 18e siècle, mais avec un talon glam américain...« C'est comme s'il datait de l'époque édouardienne, mais aussi d'une Amérique moderne...comme la tarte aux pommes ou les hamburgers. Je sais, on va l'appeler LE EDWARDIAN HAMBURGER!»

Instagram @fluevog #vog_edwardianhamburger

From the fit experts:

The Gang from our New York store says:
The Edwardian Hamburgers will turn heads! They run small, so you may have to go a size up.

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Posted by Billy from Vancouver:
I'm absolutely in love with this shoes!

I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them. Amazingly comfortable, great support, perfect finishes. Manly yet just a little out there. They look amazing with skinny black jeans and a velvet blazer... just an idea. I want more colours!
Posted by Tara from Montréal:
Great shoes!

Love these boots, so cool and comfortable. I wear a woman's size six and the size 5 fit me perfectly. So happy to get them on sale!!
Posted by scott from florida:
Got Real Style? You NEED these

This pair of shoes are fantastic looking. They indicate a person who wears them is confident, an individual with a Real sense of personal style, daring, and likes the attention he gets from feeling great and attractive. The workmanship is excellent, and they are Extremely Comfortable, wearing true to size. As a guy, it is great to find shoes which are not just run-of-the-mill, and which set me apart from the "clone universe" of all things being similar and totally in conformity. The heel height is perfect, easy to walk in and amazing looking on your feet.Thanks John for designing with guys like me in mind. Have been wearing these with everything but shorts!! Fantastic
Posted by Dave from South Jersey:
Sizing runs small...

I am a men's 11, and ordered a men's 11, and they were too small. Order up one size if you want this shoe...
Posted by Aaron:
Fashion Forward and Beautiful

I must admit that I had to pick up a few different outfits to go with these boots after I bought them. Some people are simply not able to pull these boots off, as you need an Aldous Snow-esque attitude to make the proper impression on the world. I love these boots to death, but I have to carefully plan my outfit around them - they define the style of your outfit.
Posted by Lulu from Ireland:

These are truly wicked shoes. Transformative. The sort that shifts a mood. I had to have them. The toe bump is totally necessary at this heel height--it makes room for the toe as it slides forward in the shoe, when walking. Not so sure about the all-day walking in 3.5 inch heels, as others have said. As I sez, I had to have them, and wanted to believe that they were all-day wear. They're more comfortable than most heels, but between the height and the pointy toe, they're not for the faint of foot. <-)
Posted by Elisabeth from Vancouver:
Want to feel like Keith Richards?

Wear these boots! They add the perfect rock n' roll touch. Considering how "out-there" these look in the pictures, they are surprisingly not weird on your feet. They are an awesome combination of stylish, tough, and sexy. The black are cool, but the burgundy ones are even better. They are made to go with denim -- skinnies, bootcuts, straight legs -- it all works. Add a tight tee shirt and a stylish blazer and you're good to go. Plus they make a satisfying click-click-click noise when you walk. Let 'em all know you're coming! Cause they're going to notice. And their eyes will pop a little. As for fit: I found them true to size, both length- and width-wise. They are marked as having a 3.5" heel, but it doesn't feel like it. I can walk all day in these.
Posted by Christophe from Belgium:
Just the way I want them, ...

Got them last week, I first thought that they were lost at customs. My size is a men's 7 1/2 so I ordered on advice a size 8. the first two days they were a bit tight in the front, but after the second day they already settled quite well. I just love the way they look. I like the Gothic / Punk style combined with a heel which for men is over the top. At the office you cannot go unnoticed anymore, though my colleagues are used me seeing on heeled boots very regularly. Combined with skinny trousers they really stand out, ... Keep them coming, and especially with the heels. :-D As for a male it's very hard to find decent high heeled boots to wear on a regular basis. ,-)
Posted by Frederick from Minneapolis!:
The ULTIMATE Rock & Roll Sh*tkickers!

These could be nicknamed "Lemmy". I'd been lusting over the Edwardian Hamburgers..... And then the Mpls store opened! They excitedly had them sent from the Chicago store... I'm a size 11 but they advised me to order a 12- perfect! They came today... SHOEGASM!!! My Edwardian Hamburgers are black. I immediately envisioned these with my Dogpile "Joey Ramone" skinny black jeans. ..........Add a biker jacket, hop on the Harley and turn the Motörhead up to 11... HELL YEAH! >-)
Posted by Ursula mayr from Minnesota:

Got these yesterday and initially thought the wrong size had been sent. Turns out a mans 8 is a woman's 10. I could not get into them. Fast forward overnight: they defrosted (!)!and hey presto, fit perfectly. Moral of story: when living in MN, warm up your shoes before trying on... ]:o) ps I'm usually a standard 9.5

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