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Open Source
Elizabeth (Noir)
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Elizabeth (Noir)
Elizabeth (Noir)
Elizabeth (Noir)
Elizabeth (Noir)
$189 USD
Reg $329
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Queen Transcendent | Elizabeth [Noir]
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C'est dans le cadre du programme reconnu mondialement de Chaussure Source Libre de John que la Fluvogeuse Jody Elizabeth a conçu cette chaussure de la collection The Queen Transcendant. Elle est dotée d'un talon unique inspiré des pieds galbés des meubles du 18e siècle de l'époque Louis XV, en particulier du style « pied de griffe ». Utilisant la forme de la collection Bellevue, un talon « pied de griffe » orné de 3.5" (9 cm), une plateforme confortable de 0.75" (2cm) et une semelle en tunite, Elizabeth exige classe et sophistication. Le cuir Polido lisse et brillant et son un fini frotté offrent une apparence antique et intemporelle à la collection The Queen Transcendant.Exceed your own expectations. (Allez au-delà de vos propres attentes.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_elizabeth

From the fit experts:

Jessamy, Peter, and Matthew from our Boston store says:
The Elizabeth is a gorgeous shoe that fits a bit narrow. Unless you have particularly narrow foot, you may have to size up a half size to accommodate the width.

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Posted by Natasha Yelland from Kamloops:

That's the only word to describe these amazing, classy and very comfortable shoes! They are clearly my new love. You ask if one would recommend Fluevog to a friend or college? I said absolutely. I must say however, I will hesitate in doing so, as I want to be the only one in the room wearing these timeless treasures! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Can't wait to add more to my collection!
Posted by LeDawn King from Seattle WA:
Wedding shoes

I wore these shoes at my wedding and loved how beautiful and comfortable they were.
Posted by Robyn from Perth, Australia:
Best birthday present ever................

My brand new PURPLE queen elizabeth's arrived today (with my new Bellvues) and I am sooo happy. The Fluevogian elves were superswift in delivering my new gorgeous shoes - just in time for my birthday. I wondered if a 4th pair of purple Fluevogs would be a bit over the top. I was wrong. They are a necessity. Thank you Fluevog!
Posted by M Redford:
Gorgeous purple heels

Not a heels-type girl, but these, oh my. Tried them on while stopping in Calgary, didn't want to take them off. Jody was super awesome and sized me up a half size: perfect. Feel like an amazonian elizabethan.
Posted by Vera from Czech Republic:
Since the first time I saw these shoes I have fallen in love with them. The heels are so unique. Then I discovered them on European online site Raspberry Heels (www.raspberryheels.com) and I did not wait a minute. Overall, the service of the EU seller was excellent, very professional, with perfect help on sizing. I received my order within few days and enjoyed the lovely postcard that came in the box. About the sizing: I wear 7.5 in Zazas and 8 in others Vogs families (Amandas, Baroques); I have medium wide foot. I agree with other reviewers that this model run small and narrow. I debated going whole size up, but at the end I chose just ½ bigger (8.5) as 9 might be too long. The fit is OK in length but my cobbler had to stretch them quite a bit (and I do not have wide foot). If you have wider foot I recommend going whole size up.
Posted by April V from Washington DC:
Additional colors for the Elizabeth's?

I love my Elizabeth's! Is it possible to also offer them in black with deep dark purple? Colors inspired by a Raven.
Posted by Sunita:
Hotter Than Queen Lizzy Herself!

These shoes are GORGEOUS! I had been looking for a dressy black Mary Jane, and these looked like they would fit the bill. I ordered them online, and the process was surprisingly fast. I ordered them on a Friday morning and got them on Tuesday. And when they arrived, I seriously thought I was going to have an orgasm by just looking at them. Then I tried them on, and my heart broke. My twin sister (who lives in a city with a Fluevog store) tried them on and told me to size up from my regular 6.5 to a 7. That is what I ordered, and they were still too small. I will admit that I have slightly wide feet (I can wear most B width shoes in 6.5). Because the size 7 was too small, I considered returning them and giving up, but I kept looking at them an couldn't tamp down my lust for them, so I got the 7.5, and they fit like a dream! Because they were a whole size bigger than what I normally wear, I was worried that my feet would look huge, but they don't. If you are unsure of these because of size, I would recommend that you order at least 1/2 if not a whole size larger.
Posted by Tina from North Carolina:
I have these on layaway, but I tried them on in the Boston store when I was in the area planning my wedding. Well, I found my wedding shoes, that's for sure! I was going to wear my Mini Lovers, but that quickly changed! I have smaller feet, so I found that the size I typically wear (6) worked just fine, I didn't need to go up a size. Getting them in green and I think they'll look fantastic with my dress paired with black and white striped tights (because I can!). Extremely comfortable (once you put the second shoe on) and I felt incredibly stable. Gorgeous color, amazing design, and lovely all around!
Posted by Jessie from Boston:
Curse you, Boston store, for being so convenient.

I was in the neighborhood and came so close to just walking right by, but I've never been able to quite make it to the end of the block without turning right back around and going in. I was going to just look at the new stuff and go about my merry way like I have a thousand times before, but I walked out with these beauties in black. Dammit. They're definitely quite rigid at first like everyone has said, and they're quite snug right at the edge of my toes. After wearing them of short distances and simply sitting in them while watching TV, they've loosened up considerably. I expected them to be pretty uncomfortable simply because of the height (and I was planning to just suck it up and deal) but the platform mitigates it considerably. Size-wise, I'm usually an 8.5 in most shoes, but a 9 or 9.5 in most Fluevogs, but a 10 in these fits me the best. Definitely expect to go larger in these than you'd expect.
Posted by Stacy from Kalamazoo, MI:
Pretty AND wearable!

When I saw these on the Fluevog website last fall I thought they were beautiful. I also thought they would be horrible to walk in. Boy was I wrong on that last one! With the platform your foot isn't at an impossible angle, so they are oddly comfortable. They are stiff, so they feel like you're walking in clogs, and they sound like it, too. But I can wear them all day at work with no issues. I did have to stretch out the toe box a smidge and I ordered up 1/2 size from my regular shoe size. After being on your feet for a few minutes, your body heat does stretch out the leather a bit, too. Great heels!

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