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Brandenburg Light (Blue)
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Brandenburg Light (Blue)
Brandenburg Light (Blue)
Brandenburg Light (Blue)
Brandenburg Light (Blue)
$99 USD
Reg $249
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CLEARANCE | Gateways: Brandenburg Light [Blue]
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A subtle banker's shoe with a trimmed leather sole, The Brandenburg Light is the unisexy shoe for those seeking to be victorious on the battlefield of bowling alley board meetings and boardwalk barbeques. Produced in our favourite Vietnamese factory, owned by Japanese shoe-makers, who were trained in England using 19th century traditional methods, the Gateway Family as a whole are some of the most classically fabricated shoes we have made in recent years. Featuring Italian leathers and suedes in casual colours that glow of cocktail antiquity, with a classic capped toe pattern, the unlined Brandenburg Light ensures you walk home with your head held high (and hopefully all three points).

Instagram @fluevog #vog_brandenburglight

*Leather soles can be slippery at first, and should not be worn in heavy wet weather, or on salted sidewalks as they may compromise the strength and structure of the sole. Many buyers choose to topy leather soles to remedy this.

Watch the production of The Gateway Angels!

instagram @fluevog #vog_brandenberglight

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit (especially in the women's sizes).

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Posted by aletha from Hong Kong:
my new Fluevog favs!

Bought these yesterday and left them for some overnight stretching. Paul was so awesome. I hope every Fluevog shop has a Paul. He also made my new sandals wearable, and I gad given up hope on those.
Posted by Caro de Québec from Québec City:
Difficile d'y croire

Bonjour à vous, équipe Fluevog Les souliers, les bottes et les sandales sont fantastiques: beaux, originaux, durables et a des prix relativement abordables. Que demander de plus? La qualité du cuir, l'exécution plus qu'impeccable, le travail artisanal de qualité (et pourtant il y a grande production...) sont signes d'une grande rigueur. J'ai tellement aimé le produit que je ne crois pas aller acheter ailleurs un jour, sauf pour des vraies bottes d'hiver (la ville de Québec n'est pas Vancouver, avec nos - 30 degrés Celsius...), ou des petits souliers en toile. J'ai acheté des bottes courtes (Brigid, Burgundy, 7 1/2), ainsi que celles un peu plus longues (Radio, bleues), puis des sandales Janice (vertes flash). Je suis certaine qu'elles survivront peut-être à quelques décennies, parce que la qualité du travail et du produit sont réels. Par contre... je serais fort, fort étonnée que tout ce matériel ait été réalisé... à la main -- tel que présenté dans le vidéo! C'est beaucoup trop de travail et à mon avis, ce ne serait pas rentable: ça vaudrait pas mal plus cher. Enfin, si c'est le cas: chapeau à toute l'équipe (surtout celle asiatique et européenne) pour la qualité du travail, la persévérance et le temps, le temps !!!! que ça doit prendre pour réaliser un seul soulier. Je me demande aussi si chacune des histoires racontées est... vraie? Il y a un même style d'écriture (et des histoires semblables...) qui peut faire croire que c'est une pub pour la compagnie -- des "écrivains" engagés à raconter des histoires liées au produit. À noter: peu (pas?) de français, alors que ce "pays" est pourtant "officiellement" bilingue, même si on sait que c'est faux. Et on le prouve ici, bien sûr. Bref... Difficile d'y croire!!! :) Comme on dit: trop beau pour y croire! Mais j'achète, juste pour le rêve apporté. Au plaisir, Caroline
Posted by Cecily from Vancouver, BC:
Holy CRAP these shoes are great

Though it took me a while to get on (while new, the leathers are quite stiff), once I had them on I knew I'd be walking out of the store with them. I have gigantic lady feet (size 12, and without a doubt, my feet look super long in these shoes, but they also look SUPER COOL. They're perfect for a casual spring/summer look with a floaty skirt, skinny pants, or even with more business casual attire at work. I'll find lots of ways to work them into my wardrobe. As always, Preet at the Granville store is uh-MAZ-ing. Thanks for the help!
Posted by Evan from Victoria, BC:
First Time With Fluevog

Bought my first pair of Fluevogs about a month ago, and haven't looked back. The Brandenburgs in Orange have been wearing admirably and were never in need of breaking in to begin with. They're stylish as all get-out and pair well with just about everything I own - with a little neutral conditioner they've darkened a shade and as such are a little less striking, which is grand. My only concern is that their leather shows every little scuff you give them, but truthfully, I'd rather my shoes have character than look pristine. The staff at the Granville location was helpful and in no way aloof, neither of which I expected from a higher-end store. Tops all around, would definitely recommend Fluevog to my friends.
Posted by Cute Mocha:
In regards to the website not being accurate - the video is showing the production of a shoe from the Gateway family, as stated. The Brandenburg light is indeed from the Gateway family, as is the Brandenburg with the angel sole. Anyways yo I got these shoes in Lilac and they make me smile. I'm currently so giddy about them that I can't sleep. Get them. The colours are great this season. True to size for me. 9W, high arch, narrow foot.
Posted by would like to buy these from North America:
website inaccurate?

Trying to find out more about this shoe family, I clicked on the Gateways link. The description seems consistent with the description of this shoe, the Brandenburg Light, but then the sole is pictured as a chunky rubber sole, almost like a Vibram sole. Yet the text says "Leather soles can be slippery at first, and should not be worn in heavy wet weather, or on salted sidewalks as they may compromise the strength and structure of the sole. Many buyers choose to 'topy' leather soles to remedy this." So . . . what is it? A slippery leather sole, as described in the text, or a grippy rubber sole, as shown in the photograph? The photos for this shoe itself, the Brandenburg Light, do not show the bottom of the sole.
Reply from Jen @ Team Fluevog at Fluevog:
Hello! Thank you for notifying. The page is now updated. The Brandenburg Light sole is leather (not rubber) so the description is correct. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us through our form. Thanks for being Awesome!
Posted by Hysteric Glamour from NYC:
Love 'em

I got these in Orange and Blue and love them. The leather is really soft and supple. The inners are unlined, so the shape is a little flexible. Which is fine since I see them as more of a casual shoe. (I have other non-Fluevog Oxfords that are lined with leather on the inside, which makes the shape very firm. But those are more dressy.) The color is a little more faded than in the pics, and the leather is more matte as opposed to shiny. One weird thing is I ordered both pair in the exact same size, but the blue ones are a lot narrower for some reason. So they're really tight. But I love them and am glad I bought both. I love Fluevogs! :-D
Posted by Nirvana Gayle from Los Angeles:
Great pair of shoes. The leather as as soft as a glove and the shoes are as light as air. The colors are rich and vibrant. I loved them so much that I had to get them in 2 colors; the light blue and the orange. I would have got the white ones also and make it a trifacta except I already have a plethora of white shoes. But for style, comfort , pizaz and that "it" factor, to dress them up or roll on the caz, these can't be beat! P-)
Posted by Edward Skipka from Boston, Ma:
Well made shoes that pop

I fell in love with the preview of these on the site and was torn between the white and blue. On a whim I walked into the Boston store, and as usual, the boston crew was awesome. The colors a little lighter in person but none less vibrant. I settled on the blue and I do not regret it. They look great with jeans or anything else you want to wear them with. You can pretty much just treat them as a gray (only better). What you don't get to see is the fine sole of these. It is painted a dark brown and has brass toe taps in the form of 3 brass tacks. The little details such as the cap toe being and actual cap not just stitching, the soles, the distressing in the colors will set you apart. I have gotten many compliments on these in a very short period of time. All the other manufacturers are making crazy colored shoes for Spring but Fluevog does it the best in my opinion. They are crazy with class, Tact without the tacky. They ran a little narrow for me but after 2 long days of walking in them they are starting to break in quickly. The unlined inner will be great for the hotter weather into the summer I'm sure. Overall just a great shoe :-{
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