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BBC: Men's (Brown)
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BBC: Men's (Brown)
BBC: Men's (Brown)
$255 USD
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The 6 eye lace-up BBC is John's updated version of the 1920's working boot -- and while the BBC is not an actual work boot, it is one of the classic styles that is always at the top of any fashionista's lists. Using soft suede or tough Atlas leathers, the BBC will be the year-round accessory that will complete any rough & ready outfit you might have planned. Featuring a teal/royal blue splash at the tag, an upturned toe, a wide footbed on a Men's last, and a tunite heel & sole, the BBC is the new classic hit from your favourite trusted shoe designer. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

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From the fit experts:

Roland from our Seattle store says:
One of the best fitting boots for all types.

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Posted by Jim Mitchell from Canada:
So Comfy

Perfect fit (I'm a 10 and I ordered 10's), and so comfortable. Just enough of the camo peaks out from below the jeans to get that "second look." Many comments too (though my least favourite was "...get those at Cabella's?"--that person is off my Christmas card list forever). Love these and will get the black BBC's soon enough.
Posted by Mark R from Australia:
Great Boots

I bought these in 2012. I've worn them almost every day for 2 years - regular city wear. I did have some issues with the laces that came with the boots, they shredded in a matter of weeks (I suspect one of the holes for the laces is to blame). I've had them re-soled once. The stitching for the toe panel of the left boot has just come away and requires repair. That said, they're wonderful boots, I'll wear them until they fall off my feet.
Posted by Daniel Roselle from Honolulu Hawaii:
Traveling boots

I bought these boots back in 2011. Since that time they have walked the streets of the world with me: San Francisco France Belgium Holland Vietnam Thailand Singapore Qatar Argentina Chile Uruguay Puerto Rico Hawaii I've had them repaired and resoled in Hanoi, twice in Buenos Aires, and 3 times in Honolulu. They fit like a dream. Today when I picked them up from repair, the cobbler told me, "I have been repairing shoes for 30 years and these are the best boots I have seen. So much conscientiousness went into making these. These are special. When you first gave them to me I couldn't understand why you'd be willing to pay so much for their repair, and then I felt them and understood." So, I'll keep wearing these until they finally disintegrate, which at this rate will probably be years from now.
Posted by Marcus:
What a score!

The camos rock. Top notch as usual...
Posted by MASTER CORPORAL CARTER from Calgary, AB:

Picked up my BBC's at the Calgary store 3 weeks ago. Christian did a nice on line delivery package pick up for me at the Stephen Avenue location in Calgary. I gave that Atlas Leather a nice protection coating of my own special mix, to protect it from Calgary's crazy weather that goes from hot and dry to Artic Vortex Cold in 24 hours or less. DO I ever get the 2nd looks and look downs at these puppies when I am on campus or around town. What a score of a deal to add to my Fluevog arsenal of footwear.
Posted by Blue Orchard from Victoria, BC:
Fantastic Christmas gift

Received a familiar shaped box for Christmas and was super excited to find my BBC's under the tree! After purchasing my Living Malcolms in black, I needed something from John in brown. With much thought I decided on the BBC. Couldn't be happier, incredibly comfy and uber stylish...what else would you expect from Fluevog!!! Now I have a black pair and a brown pair...next is green. Feature Keaton is size 10...here I come! Thanks to the great Fluevog staff for helping my wife out with this fantastic gift!
Posted by Ben Ferguson from Gastown:
Simply the best

I bought my first pair of BBC's in burgundy just under three years ago and they still look and feel amazing. Last month I bought a second pair in black. My love for them is ever-growing - you will not regret this purchase!
Posted by Brendan Smith from Toronto:
Comfortable, Modestly Elegant, and Reliable for Any Outing

I was looking for a casual yet dressy boot as my first pair of Fluevogs, and am extremely satisfied with the quality of this footwear. In black, they come ready to wear and fit true to sizing with little to no 'breaking in' required. While they feel very light, comfortable and look not so flashy that they are inappropriate for consistent long-term wear, they are a pair of boots that deserve the investment of good care and protection to keep them at their best. The heel cap is half an inch thick and will likely require replacement if worn everyday. I would buy them in brown should you desire a more 'rugged' look.
Posted by Paul Treanor from Dallas, TX:
Rugged look for the city

This boot falls right in the sweet spot of a rugged, brown boot that doesn't look like hunting boot and can still be worn with dress slacks. The leather is soft and the more worn they get, the better they look. The fit is perfect and even in the summer don't get too hot.
Posted by Mariana Mendez:
I am in my 50ish and didn't want a chunky or biker boot look, walked by your SF store and saw these boots , they fit true to size and don't feel like they need any breaking in, felt good with stockings and socks, boots unisex but has women's sizes too. Very pleased

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