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Charles (Black)
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Charles (Black)
Charles (Black)
$175 USD
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Future Angels | Charles [Black]
GROUPS:   Casual   Mens   Shoes  

The Charles is styled with classic brogue details and is made with scratch leathers and contrast stitching. The custom made molded sole brings you forward to the future and still protects you from the elements and most of all, Satan. "Your sole will direct your future". Not resolable.

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
Fluevogers love the Future Angel Charles because they run true to size and are ready to rock.

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Posted by Pearce from Vancouver:
So good....but

I've been wearing Fluevogs on and off since the mid-80's (Foxe & Fluevog). I had a brown pair of Future Angels that felt like heaven and wore very well. I am still wearing the black scratch/orange ones I got when the first pair wore out after a long life. But this pair looks pretty crappy and got that way alarmingly quickly. I'm only wearing them because they're so darn comfortable.
Posted by Melissa Dallas from Alameda, CA:

My husband LOVE these and have ad several pair til he wares them out. I want to get him another pair and you have everything but his size.
Posted by Robin Brun from Pittsburgh:
Not Happy

I bought the Future Angels black shoes earlier this year. I've hardly worn them at all because the "cross-hatched" texture is actually cuts in the leather, which causes the leather to wear away very easily. Not sure if that was the intention but it looks terrible. I bought them while visiting Boston so I can't easily return them. :-(
Posted by alex from vancouver:
great looking shoes with comfort and style. one HUGE problem are the soles. they wear out quite quickly and after just 1 year, water is getting in from the bottom. unfortunately, they do not re-sole these like they do with other fluvog shoes.
Posted by Brett J from Dallas:
Angels Forever

I have been wearing Angels for 20+ years. I love the comfort and style of these shoes. Worth every penny and more.
Posted by Scott Mader from Seattle, WA:
First Fluevog's, Favorite Shoe

I have never bought a premium show before. I was always in the $60 price range. However this last summer I went to Manhattan and told my friend that I needed a pair of shoes that were styling AND that I could wear around all day long without hurting my back. I was planning to do a ton of walking as it was my first visit to NY. Well, my friend took me to your Lower Manhattan store and when I tried on a pair with the angel sole, I was in love. As soon as I got back to Seattle I bought a pair and now I wear them all the time. I can't wait until I can get a second pair!
Posted by George from Michigan:
This shoe got me a job

For real. Wore these to an interview b/c my dressier shoes needed resoling and I wasn't wearing a suit anyway. Waiting for the elevator after the interview and the interviewer says,"Hey, I like your shoes." Got a call back a few days later with an offer, coincidence?
Posted by Jason:
BEST shoe...EVER! I love it!
Posted by Howard from Hollywood CA:
More Future Angel choices!!

I have 3 pairs of Future Angels, in black, white, and green/tan. Love that Blutcher vamp and boxy toe. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, and consistently elicit admiring comments. So what's my problem? They can't be re-soled and my two-tones are beginning to wear down in the heel, after who knows how many years of hard wear. PLEASE start making those two-tones once again, or...well, I don't know what I'll do with myself, but life will be less worth living without those particular Fluevogs! Howard Hesseman
Posted by Chuck Palmer from Columbus Ohio:
Fluevogs & a Haircut

A great addition to my collection of wingtips. I purchased these at the Melrose store on a business trip. I'm lucky enough to have experience audits (visit and analyze stores) as part of my job. I have been familiar with Fluevog for many years but these were my first purchase. After a long day of audits, my colleague and I met up to compare our experiences. While she has great taste and took copious notes, we decided these shoes won the day. I still love them.

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